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Humans as Media

Humans as Media


Dr. bird (she/they/Dr.) begins discussing their critical media ecological work on "humans as media". Unpacking some basics of the colonially-founded, capitalist-funded, ongoing-Present-COVID-19 denying, anti-intellectual, U.S. envirusment as a Christmas Eve gift.The first Triple A of the COVID-19 Era-------------------------------------Academic: Bowen humans as media; Weber rationality into irrationality; Ritzer McDonaldization; Artz neoliberalism; Dr. Sharma & Singh ReUnderstanding Media; Towns Black Media Philosophy Activism: standpoint theory, arguably every form of activism that has ever existed arguing that our lived experiences inform us as embodied forms of knowledgeArt: forthcoming poetic inquiry article entitled "Requirement Politics" (open access)(Google also: Dowd's suggestion in Educational Ecologies for a critical media ecology) 
How Do We Learn?

How Do We Learn?


Unpacking: “Do you live in a nation that has disinformed citizens since it’s start?” ----------------------------------------------Reminders: You don’t have to have any degrees to do what I do. Everyone has a perspective to tell that can enhance and/or reveal our understanding of the world. Everything is connected. We only know what we know. Everything becomes normal in repetition. ----------------------------------------------Breakdown: In this episode I will be describing some communication basics from my Dr. bird’s eye view. Specifically, the ways I’ve learned about how we all come to learn about ourselves, each other, and everything else. While you listen, I invite you to recollect on your own lived experiences. Consider how and where you learned about how the world is, what you’re capable of, and potentials of what can (or cannot) happen in the future...There is no shame in admitting we have been miseducated. And when we learn better, we can begin to do better. Everyone deserves better than this harmful world that was built long before any of us were born. After this discussion, I introduce the basic format for remaining episodes: the critical media ecological AAA of the present-COVID-19 and monkeypox context.
Short Intro

Short Intro


Dr. bird’s eye view explains how everything is connected, we only know what we know, and anything becomes normal in repetition. Full episodes coming very soon.Support the show ( and keep an eye out for forthcoming episodes.
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