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THE Duquesne Sports Podcast with the best name in the business hosted by Duquesne Alumni Nick Frost and Alec Forcina
3 Episodes
Nick and Alec are back discussing their reactions to a busy third week of the season. Women are on a winning streak, guys had a tough loss to a very good Princeton game and two dominant wins before that. Unfortunately this episode does not include reactions to the Nebraska Screwjob or the City game as it was recorded last week and just recently been saved! Alec and Nick will try to cover those two games and more this upcoming weekend!
Nick and Alec recap the men's win in the home opener against a dangerous Cleveland State team, talk about the differences they saw in this team compared to last year, the importance of Tre Clark taking on the Point Clark role, Rozier's importance, how the new guys played, and how incredibly difficult Dambrot's task of figuring out the minutes for the bigs will be. Nick also touched on the Women's opening game at Princeton and the boys congratulated the football team on another NEC title!
Nick Frost and Alec Forcina do their best to preview the seasons for the men's and women's basketball teams. How many losses does Nick see in the schedules? Who will the starting lineups be? What is the expectation for both teams this year?
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