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Friendship in your 20s

Friendship in your 20s


In the age of social media, non-verbal communication, and long distance relations, some of us can’t remember how to make or keep a real friend. But what is friendship? Really? In this episode I explore what I've learned in long distance friendships, barriers to friendship in adulthood and how to know it's time to break up. Freedom App CODE: CAGELESS:  Support Cageless on Patreon:
Can identifying as religious really affect your relationships? I'm deconstructing how your beliefs about God, Church, love can be both harmful and helpful in learning to love another person (yourself included.) Freedom App CODE: CAGELESS:  Support Cageless on Patreon:
Creating Routines

Creating Routines


How can you be an active participate in your life? How do we find freedom from traditional jobs, relationships and viewpoints? And why do we feel the need to conform to normal routines? Ideas of who you are supposed to be shouldn't keep you from who you're becoming. I'm talking all about anti-American ideals, French cooking and learning how to cultivate relationships with others, God and myself. Freedom App CODE: CAGELESS: Culinary Week in Uzes with Let's Eat The World: Women and Money blog post:    Support Cageless on Patreon: 
Meet the mastermind behind the podcast the Earful Tower: Oliver Gee is an Australian living Paris since 2015 and runs one of the biggest travel pods in the world. Consider him the Indiana Jones of Paris, discovering hidden secrets, culture and history. :) You can find The Earful Tower on: Instagram Spotify Website For more from Jenni Johnson's Cageless, support the show on Patreon here.
love and control

love and control


Unlearning what it looks like to be patient with my relationships, especially the one with myself. Also let's talk about Jo March, controlling your body and the satisfaction formula. What does it look like for women to trust themselves and trust our ability to create a life that we deserve to live? Support us on Patreon ! Follow on TikTok: Follow on instagram: Resources: Little Women (2019) Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 Arthur C. Brooks: “Three Equations for a Happy Life” article
I’m exploring American diet culture and how French create the most basic yet intricate carbs. What would it look like to chew instead of spit? To embrace instead of avoid? What does it take to create food that feeds not only our bodies, but our souls? Support us on Patreon  Follow on TikTok: Follow on instagram: French Bread and American Women article:
We moved ! (me and my dog) to Paris ! Talking about turning 27, Ernest Hemingway, canceled plans, making my younger self proud and my Grandma. Support us on Patreon  Follow on instagram: @jennijohnson  Travel Blog: Resources: Selena + Chef on Apple TV Shakespeare and Company bookstore Le Procope restaurant
Talking with Attorney Jefferson Fisher on how to argue with those you love, finding your purpose and the influence of family.   Follow Jenni:   Follow Jefferson:   Jefferson Fisher is an attorney in Beaumont, Texas managing his own firm, Fisher Firm. He also sometimes makes short videos on social media.
how to forgive

how to forgive


What, exactly, is forgiveness, and is honest forgiveness even possible? What we feel and what we think are two different things. How do we find it in ourselves to let God have the last word? I wasn't aware that I struggled with forgiving because it was never named. It was always expected in my Christian community. But now that I'm in the community of the world... I'm learning that I have to find out how to mean the words I choose to pray. In every language. The Future Self Template Support on Patreon  Instagram: @jennijohnson  TikTok: @thejennijohnson  Articles:  
It is hard to eat. I know this statement seems vile and sad but that doesn't change its vouching. It is hard to eat because I am twenty-six and because I am a woman in western society. This is an episode about Taylor Swift and eating disorders. The Future Self Template Support on Patreon  Instagram: @jennijohnson  TikTok: @thejennijohnson  Resources: The Taylor Swift Effect by Jenni Johnson How to be Beautiful by Jenni Johnson



How do we find courage to move towards growth? How do we take the risk... how do we leave behind?   Support Jenni on Patreon ! (New Ebook) Instagram: @jennijohnson  TikTok: @thejennijohnson  Blog: Resources: Culture and Codependency by Jenni Johnson The Art of Happiness podcast: E9. Managing Transitions in Life with Arthur Brooks  Hallow app The Myth of Multitasking: NPR article
families and holidays

families and holidays


how to overcome expectations and be present with the people you love (or hate). resources mentioned: ESV Illuminated Bible, Art Journaling Edition Arthur Brooks "The Cure for Holiday Blues"   Support Jenni Johnson on Patreon <3 Subscribe to the Cageless Newsletter Instagram @jennijohnson TikTok @thejennijohnson
How does the music we grew up listening to taint our view of love? I critique the influence of 2000s pop music on and recite my essay "culture and codependency" . What does it look like not to live in past stories we’ve told ourselves? Or others have told us? Support Jenni Johnson on Patreon <3 Subscribe to the Cageless Newsletter Connect over on Instagram @jennijohnson TikTok @thejennijohnson Twitter @thejennijohnson
This week we are talking with Love Island Season 4 alumnus Deb Chubb! Listen in as we talk about the secret sauce of being yourself, working for what you want to achieve and life after the villa. Oh. And beans at the airport.   Follow Jenni: Follow Deb:
Talking with the beautiful magical MJ Renshaw this week about science, spirituality and how they're kinda the same thing. Listen as we discuss 12-Step programs/EDA, healing, lifestyle design and the Being Method. Follow MJ on Follow me on
chatting with my pen pal, miss Maggie Harrison: writer and wellness renegade. join us this week as we discuss keeping a notebook, joan didion, grief, what makes a good writer, control and the distraction of the internet. Maggie and I discuss:  keeping a notebook grief what makes a good writer control outside of love the distraction of the internet Connect with Jenni:  Subscribe to the Cageless Newsletter Instagram @jennijohnson  TikTok @thejennijohnson  Connect with Maggie: Gotta question? Leave me a voicemail or text 903-871-5092
design experiments

design experiments


the Harvard Business Review says work, home, community and self balance is possible... if you're willing to risk some failed experiments. this week's episode is my take on the cycle of change, learning to let go and why charts are so helpful Resources mentioned: HBR Assessment The Benefits of Being Cold Send me your experiments to:
What if you got the chance to pull off your dream life? Leave your hometown? Start from scratch? That’s what happened to Candice Rukes, who put herself in the position to create a career traveling around the world for over 18 years. This week, we hear about how her experiences of working with world-wide acts such as Justin Bieber, John Legend and Will Smith changed her approach to success, risk-taking, and helping others. Connect with Jenni: Support Jenni Johnson on Patreon <3  IG: @jennijohnson  TikTok: @thejennijohnson  Connect with Candice:  Instagram: @candicerukes
dining alone

dining alone


this week I'm in Paris and talking about turning off your phone, being present and talking to strangers. Let's talk about un-hurrying, American culture and learning how to eat alone... one croissant at a time. TW: Eating Disorders Resources mentioned: Ted Lasso Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon Subscribe to Cageless Newsletter:  Support Jenni Johnson on Patreon <3  Instagram: @jennijohnson  TikTok: @thejennijohnson 
As a freelancer, I've learned a lot of things the hard way. In this episode, writer and expert freelancer Katie Dalebout shares her top takeaways and experiences in successfully running a podcast, blog, and creative life. Come along as we dive into how we approach making money, prioritizing relationships and starting where you are. Katie Dalebout is an interviewer and writer. Her weekly interview podcast Let It Out began in 2013 and now has nearly 400 episodes with over 4 million downloads. In 2019 she started Spiraling, a co-hosted podcast about anxiety. Her first book published in 2016, is an interactive guide to journaling. She now teaches workshops, an online class for independent podcasters, runs a digital group for creatives called: In-Process, consults, and writes a weekly newsletter. Resources mentioned:  Katie's Instagram: @katiedalebout  @letitouttt  Katie's Website  Let it Out Podcast  Spiraling Podcast  In Process Creative Community  Asana  Kind Bars 
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