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The Garden Church is a new church for west valley starting this Fall. Are you new to the West Valley and looking for new friendships? Are curious about Christianity and looking for hope? Are you a follower of Jesus looking for deep discipleship? We'd love to meet you!This podcast will help you join the exciting new community of The Garden Church.

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All of us have met people not marked by kindness. Maybe you've encountered Christians marked, in fact, by unkindness. But the Church, from day one, has grown and advanced globally in part through the power through distinct Christian kindness. How does the Bible define and compel us with this unique kind of kindness? When we believe and cling to the Gospel, we will 
Stop Being A JERK

Stop Being A JERK


Today we're going to look at the importance and power of Christian kindness to change our city and reflect the beauty of Jesus in our own lives so people see just how good He is. Listen to this episode to see the power of kindness in a world of darkness.
Everything in our culture tells us that the best life is one where you are served and comfortable. But Jesus envisions the opposite. According to Jesus, the easy life is an empty and unfulfilling life. In the mind of Jesus, it's only when you give up your will, surrender your wants, and forsake your comfort for Him that you will get your soul back. While the American dream promises joy through enhancing your comfort, in the Kingdom, only stepping out of our comfort zones leads to the truest joy. Listen to this talk to hear why.Also! 👉JOIN the Launch Team HERE
This episode of the podcast will make you want to pray. Have you ever wondered: What is prayer? How does it work? Maybe you actually have philosophical questions as to whether it even really matters. If you do think it matters, you may feel guilty even thinking about prayer because most of us are so bad at it. But in this episode you'll see that prayer should be our priority because there is real power in prayer to change things. You'll get a vision for how to pray more powerfully than you've prayed before, and hopefully, really want to pray.
Money is merely a means by which we assign value to things. But when God gets a hold of our hearts, it becomes a tool for worship and warfare. In this episode, we'll dive into a biblical exploration on investing money for the Kingdom of God and see the joy of leveraging lesser treasures for the greatest One. Ready to invest? Use THIS LINK to get started.
In our culture, serving is often seen as weakness. But that's a mistake. Because when you serve you're doing something that has the power to make a massive difference in the world, it actually advances the glorious will of God Himself into our dark reality through our humble activity. What a gift! Today's episode is called serve, and to see that you are NEVER more powerful than when you kneel down to serve. To understand this there need to know why two men named Johann and David were WILLINGLY chained up.Are you ready to serve? Join our launch team now using THIS LINK!
This is the first of a four part series for those interested in getting involved with the Garden. We're asking everyone joining out launch team to gather, serve, invest, and give. Already close to 70 people have joined the team--which means these are things you do too. These aren't commitments of varsity level Christians but everyday the ordinary steps of a normal Christian. We hope these episodes help you turn your convictions into action and give you a biblical framework for living out your faith in Jesus.
An Eternal Army

An Eternal Army


The mission of God is too big for the Gospel to be advanced by a personality on a platform. To impact eternity we need an army. The mission demands a multitude of servant leaders to roll their sleeves up. This isn't our idea, it's the vision of Scripture. The Bible paints this picture of an army of servants ALL being filled and equipped for God's mission. In this Episode, you'll hear the biblical bases for an army of God's people to advance the mission in West Valley.
Did you miss the Interest Party this week? Want to share the content from Thursday? This is a recap of the content from that Interest Party. For those who are excited about the vision there's some important ways you can get involved!
What Church planting networks are officially moving forward with? There's at least one we're decided on. As well: we're responding to Q&A we received (mostly from you AZ folk!)Lastly we'll share how you can get involved!Use this link to learn more!
What will the vision of the Garden Church be? In this episode we begin to describe and explore the three ideas that are going to shape the church. There's much more to share than what we explore in one episode, but this is start. What kind of church are you interested in being a part of? What kind of church is Jesus after? We talk through the kind of church we think the Lord is calling us to plant.
Assessment Recap!

Assessment Recap!


Last week we went to a Church Planting assessment with Acts 29 and boy was it something! In this episode we share some of the key takeaways and interesting highlights from that experience. There is something so important about being evaluated and we want to share the things we took away. 
What is a church planting network? Why would we work with one. Also! We talk about unique aspects of being on mission in Arizona! As well: this week we answer questions from the instagram account. Lastly, if you've been watching our stories there is a pretty crazy big update for us to share! Listen to this week's episode to learn more!
Hey! We're the Tjaden's and we plan to plant a church in Phoenix Arizona, and we want you to be part of the Story. But why would anyone plant a new church in Phoenix? Aren't there already churches there? And what about Scorpions and lizards?! Church planting is God's idea and the main way that people come to know Jesus and grow in Jesus. We're going to do the deep dive on church planting and the story of this church plant in this podcast! Join us for the journey!
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