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Author: Xavier Aniton, Chris Raudez, and Cory Henderson

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What's Out Media Group started in December of 2017 when a group of college students decided to showcase creators they were fans of in their area, through developing relationships with these creators the organization has been able to set up interviews and working relationships with the creators they were fond of. What's Out is now focusing on producing original content while still showcasing
and interviewing our Favorite Creators while branching out to other forms of content like Movies, Shows, Music and Documentaries.
36 Episodes
The Ananto Interview

The Ananto Interview


Cory and X sitdown with Musician and Engineer Ananto, follow Ananto on instagram @ananto_ and his band @72spectrum. Follow What's Out on Instagram @whatsoutmedia
Cory and X sit down with Rowing Coach and Designer Jalen Baldwin. To follow Jalen's Journey, follow him on Instagram @_xxvl_ and @designed_by.jaylen and follow What's Out on Instagram @whatsoutmedia. We Thank Jalen for his time!
The Tommy G Interview

The Tommy G Interview


Cory and X Sit-Down with Content Creator and Real Estate Investor Tommy G, (@TommyGMcGee)They talk wrestling, Corporate Life, entrepreneurship and the interworking of creating weekly documentaries on Youtube and Patreon. Follow Him on Instagram @tommygmcgee . Check Out His Merch
Cory and X sit-down with artist Tre Ro$ean fresh after his single "2016". check us out on Instagram @whatsoutmedia and follow our guest @trerosean on Instagram.
@WhatisOut follow us on Instagram @whatsoutmedia Follow Chris Hullett @nappynapps and Xavier Aniton @xaniton2024
X sits with artist Johan Lenox after What’s Out visited 070 Shake’s performance at House of Blues Dallas where Lenox opened, in this episode they discuss his start from playing symphonies on the piano as a child to working with artists like Travis Scott and Kanye along with his debut album.
Chrizzo, Cory, and X, talk to Musician Marcellina Villarreal, Villarreal out of California is the lead singer in Marcellina and The Monarchs and Her new album 4M Drops May 22nd. Follow @Marcellina Villarreal l on Instagram @marce1lina and her band @marcellinnaandthemonarchsFollow us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms
The Elijah Wallace

The Elijah Wallace


Cory, Chrizzo and X, Speak with Entrepreneur and Content Creator Elijah Wallace. Wallace is well traveled and has had many experiences in his youth already, listen out for his gems, to keep up with Elijah follow him and his business on Instagram and TikTok @iamelijahwallace and @wallacewhiteco , shoutout @Elijah WallaceFollow us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms



Cam and X Sit-down with Trilla, A former artist turned Audio Engineer and Record Producer, Cam X and Trilla have a great time talking about different music styles along with a lot of solid gems throughout. Follow Trilla on Instagram @trillavelliFollow us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms
Van and X sit-down with music engineer and producer Sean Solymar. Sean a California native went from playing percussion in his 8th grade Jazz Band to being a critically acclaimed Engineer and Producer working with artist like Kanye West, Nas, Travis Scott, Migos, and many more. Sean just recently snagged a Grammy Win for his part in bringing the song "Jail" together off of Ye's 10th studio album Donda. To Check out Sean's Portfolio you can follow him on Instagram @seansolymar.Follow us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms
The Eric Dunn Interview

The Eric Dunn Interview


Eric Dunn, The Godfather of the late platform Vine at 3.1 million followers used his success from the initial platform to help create the foundation of his current media career. He has made his presence through modeling, marketing, advertising, podcasting, and Voice Acting, Follow Eric on Instagram @ericvdunn_ . GO JAGS!!!!Follow us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms
What's Out reviews the Jeen Yuhs Documentary and talk all things Kanye with Independent Writer Zach Schwartz And Producer Distrolord. You Can Follow them on Instagram, Distrolord ( @producerpluguni & @distrolord ) and Zach Schwartz (@zachgram)Follow us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms
Xavier interviews Brooklyn Native Heshy Tischler, a community and political activist and leader, building consultant, and radio host of The Just Enough Heshy Show. we thank him for his time and hope to have him on in the near future. Follow the people's champ on Instagram @heshy_tischlerFollow us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms
Xavier Sits down with Pranav Iyer, an Indian American whose passion for football lead him to play college ball at Chapman University but more importantly giving Iyer the opportunity to lead as an example for Asian American succeeding in collegiate sports. Iyers, new mission is to spotlight Asian American Athletes of a variety of different sports and levels of competition, mainly Basketball and Football, so that athletes can be championed by their community and so that opportunities arise for these athletes, that may not have been the case Prior to them being showcased.Follow us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms
NFL Lingo

NFL Lingo


Cam, KJ and Xavier Talk the 2021-22 NFL Season, The Upcoming Super Bowl and Tom Brady's retirement announcement. Please Like, Share and Subscribe!!! Follow us @whatsoutmedia and @whatsoutsports
The Arshay Cooper Interview

The Arshay Cooper Interview


As part of our programming for Black History Month, Jaylen, Cory, and Xavier sit-down and get the blueprint of how Arshay Cooper was able to transform his life through Sport, Entrepreneurship and Writing. Arshay is currently working on his inclusion fund A Most Beautiful Thing as well as a new book Arshay is living black history. To keep up with Arshay follow him on Instagram @arshaycooper or his website https://www.arshaycooper.comFollow us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms
Chrizzo, Cory and Xavier sit down with Distrolord an accomplished high school athlete turned music mogul, Distrolord has been working in the music industry since the lat 90's and has worked with notable artist like Wu-Tang Clan, Mike Dean, Kanye West and many more. Thanks to Distrolord for his time. to keep up with Distrolord follow him on Instagram @distrolord.Follow us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms
Cory and X catch up with What's Out's Official Fighting Correspondent and Guest Host FairPlay (@FairPlay_2496) Pryor to his Fight on January 29th, 2022 against Kyle "The Best" Wright for Fight Night Challenge.Follow us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms
Chrizzo and X sitdown with Writer Zach Schwartz Follow Zach on Instagram @zachgram Check Out His Most Recent Article with Countere Random America: UFO Burgers at the Roswell McDonald’s us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms
Xavier interviews Dallas food critic Carlie Lara follow her @findyouryummFollow us @whatsoutmedia on all platforms