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Author: UNITY Caucus

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“Those Who Can,” is a podcast focusing on the issues that matter to all of our rank-and-file UFT members who do the work every day. “Those Who Can” is brought to you by the UNITY Caucus of the UFT.
4 Episodes
In this episode of THOSE WHO CAN, Diamond and Greg get a chance to sit down with two of the UFT's Vice Presidents and four of the amazing candidates that are running for High School Executive Board seats with UNITY Caucus.First, we get to hear from Janella Hinds and Leo Gordon. Janella is the UFT VP for Academic High Schools and Leo is the new UFT VP for Career and Technical Education. Each of these dedicated unionists share their history with teaching, unionism, and the UFT as well as share ...
With the UFT's current collective bargaining agreements for Public School members ending this fall, this episode of THOSE WHO CAN focuses on the importance of contract negotiations. Your hosts, Diamond and Greg, dive deeply into the subject with UFT VP Anne Goldman as well as school-based members Arthur Goldstein and John Perez.Anne Goldman, the UFT Vice-President for non-DOE members discusses how the UFT-represented nurses dealt with the strains and struggles being on the front lines of the ...
In our first episode, Diamond and Greg discussed the surprises and frustrations of having to work during the Spring Break of 2020 with Leah Lin, the Chapter Leader of PS85 in Queens.Part 2 of the episode, Repairing A Broken Spring Break, gives UFT members a look at the immense efforts of the UFT to get our members adequate compensation for the loss of the 2020 Spring Break vacation. Diamond and Greg have an in-depth and honest conversation with David Campbell, the Director of the UFT Grievanc...
A Broken Spring Break

A Broken Spring Break


In the first episode of THOSE WHO CAN, your hosts Diamond and Greg discuss the surprises and frustrations of having to work during the Spring Break of 2020. Diamond and Greg welcome Leah Lin, the Chapter Leader of PS85 in Queens who sheds light on her experience with not only having to work during a scheduled vacation but how her UFT chapter in her school felt about this unwelcome demand from Mayor de Blasio. Diamond, Greg, and Leah also share their thoughts about their expectation around app...