DiscoverMovie Queers - Personal stories embedded in film history
Movie Queers - Personal stories embedded in film history
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Movie Queers - Personal stories embedded in film history

Author: Mateo Sancho Cardiel

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Movies have always been a shelter for non-normative people. Different lives on the screen help to dream higher or just to escape your reality. By asking LGBT older adults which was their favorite movie when they were young, this podcast will explore those magical connections that, sometimes, a straight narrative could spark on a queer kid.
4 Episodes
What is the movie that you know almost by heart? That you use as a coded language with some of your friends? Since he watched it on TV when he was a sick kid in bed, Paolo included the memorable lines of "All About Eve" (1950) as part of his social repertoire and now he shares that with us in this delightful pre-holiday episode. Bette Davis and Anne Baxter are leading the slide, with George Sanders, Celeste Holm and Marilyn Monroe following. Fasten your seatbelts!
All the possible combinations of love and all the layers of nudity are exposed in "Women in Love", the movie that merged D.H Lawrence, Ken Russell and Larry Kramer in 1969. Spider had a turning point in his life by following the discursive approach to feelings that earned Glenda Jackson her first Oscar and offered global audiences the first male full frontal ever,  an ex aequo honor shared by Alan Bates and Oliver Reed. 
In its combination of blaxploitation and melodrama, "Mahogany" empowered Rayman to pursue his dreams as a black artist from Indiana back in 1975. Directed by Motown's producer Berry Gordy Jr. and with a stellar and very campy performance by Diana Ross, this today problematic movie has a lot of emotional value for the now successful interior designer based in New York.
What made "Tiger Bay" (Jack Lee Thompson, 1959) so shocking for little Paul when he was in a farm town in Wisconsin in the 60s? He fell in love with Hayley Mills for sure, but, what else?  
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