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Saratoga Lights

Author: Dual Tape Deck

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Saratoga Lights is a noir-western tale of crime and vengeance in rural Texas. Created by Randall LaRue and Matthew David Rudd.

21 Episodes
"The barmaid always kept a shotgun behind the bar."
"He's not in a good way."
Episode 103: Alief

Episode 103: Alief


"Is there a meteor shower tonight?"
"Goodness wasn't always readily at hand."
"People have a funny way of making peace with their destruction."
"Serious Sam was known as a serious man."
"If the brakeman don't want us to go, then we don't go."
"The clock on the wall reads half-past midnight."
Welcome to Season 2

Welcome to Season 2


In 1980s rural Texas, two small-time crooks are coerced into doing a dangerous job by a ruthless criminal. As they strike a tenuous new partnership, they must choose where their loyalties lie and how far they're willing to go for money. Season 2 of SARATOGA LIGHTS premieres October 2, 2023. Created by Randall LaRue and Matthew David Rudd, produced by Dual Tape Deck.
Episode 201: Prologue

Episode 201: Prologue


"We're just passing through."
Episode 203: Pulpit

Episode 203: Pulpit


"Most outlaws either get caught or killed."
"Keep the cornbread warm for me."
"You first, cowboy."
"Not everyone is so lucky...especially after midnight."
"Why do you have a gun?"
"Tell that preacher I'll be seeing him soon."
"There's an evil spirit in him."
"I believe this is hell."
"Evil takes many forms."