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Author: Pastor John Thomas

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“Let your light shine before all people.”
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It was a glorious, incredible final  day Of worship at Carroll Springs! Father in Heaven, keep the church together, keep your body together, and most importantly help us remember our commitment is to you! Worthy is the Lamb! Notes: Rhiannon and John sing Karaoke version of Agnus Dei at the start of the recording. 
We are kicking off the final two weeks of worship for the Thomas family in Carroll Springs UMC! As I told the church this morning, when I am speechless I read about Christ crucified. Which is never a bad way to go. He is the heart! And with Him we have no cause to be afraid (John 14:27). 
It’s been a long 11 weeks! How appropriate that we are opening worship on the day according to tradition the Holy Spirit poured out on the disciples committed to Jesus. Listen, share, and glory to God who gave birth to his church in the midst of chaos!
It’s been a long 10 weeks of drive in and internet worship. Local conditions are strongly dictating how the body of Christ handles in person worship. For us, it’s fitting that we celebrate Ascension and Aldersgate  Sunday. Christ is more personal and powerful than He could have been staying on earth (otherwise He would have stayed!) If so, can we be patient, gentle, and bold  as a way to honor Christ as we open back up? I hope so! Let it be so! In Christ’s name we pray and whom we give glory! Remember to like and share! 
The New Birth: Respect and the truth.”- Acts 17:22-31. It was a good day today! It takes a lot of energy to be respectful, but the Gospel of Jesus makes respect not only worth pursuing, but also teaching others the truth in a respectful way! For only “He bore the blame!” Remember to like, share, have a blessed week!!
“Rejected and chosen: the Christian identity.”- 1 Peter 2:1-10. Losses are starting to mount for Christians in the world right now. Rejection, being told no is running rampant, do we have a resource to handle that? The Bible says we do! “Declare His light, for you are chosen” Peter says. Good news worth sharing in our era!!! Remember to like and share!Closing Hymn “Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing”
What should believers be paying attention to in our current environment? In the shadow of the Roman Empire and Jerusalem government  that at the time deemed Christianity illegal : Believers focused on the death and Ressurection of Jesus, not alone, but together! And were happy to do so! Like, share, and pay attention to what lifts up Christ this week! Who can do more than what we ask! Closing hymn: Blessed Assurance. 
Some good memories in the message today! Even remembering that Methodists believe that my children who were baptized by Dad are all others who are as well, are under the atonement! Remain the same, and life is over. But change? That’s the way of truth, it’s the way of Jesus. We hope you are blessed by listening today! I apologize for not recording on the phone today. I had to dump the YouTube audio into an MP3 converter. So the audio will sound a bit different, and I left in the final hymn. 
I love Easter season, because that means we don’t focus on Jesus rising from the dead on just one day. It also means, because Jesus has risen ,examining why we should be different because of this world changing event. If Christ is not a priority or your hope after raising from the dead, you are lost. If He is your priority, then hope is a good thing! Even the best of things! And a good thing never dies!- Shawshank Redemption. Remember to like and share our hope in Jesus this week!
Christ is Risen! He has Risen Indeed! Almighty God give me strength to testify what your Mighty Son has done for me! #Like #Share #Testify #DevotedtoHim 
It’s Holy Week for a people in desperate need of Good news! It’s simple, we can’t save ourselves physically and spiritually! Yet! The Bible talks about the God who can do both. Listen, share, and give glory for the Christ who saves! Before the message: Rhiannon and John sing Casting Crowns Karaoke track  “Glorious Day.” 
The awesome imagery of Ezekiel 37 begs two questions from us. 1. How does God bring life and change? 2. What odds is God willing to work with? In week two of Corona Virus worship, the answers are profoundly comforting! Remember to like and share! 
A different recording today! Straight from the YouTube audio! I’ll remember to turn on audio on my phone next week! Father in Heaven, move in the homes of your people! May we have a deep appreciation not only for your Word, but for your people on earth that we have taken for granted far to long! Break this curse on the earth, through your Son who gives life to the dead (2 Timothy 1:10). Amen. 
In an unprecedented time, we have assurance we are not alone. We have a relationship with the Lord! So did the Samaritan woman in John 4. We aren’t alone folks. Christ’s Cross makes sure of it. 
Christian life is not for copy cats! Our righteousness and goodness comes from one source. We hope you are blessed by listening today! Like, share, and remember the God who has suffered for you!!
The message of Lent is believers in Christ are sinners, but we have a guide to help us remember who we are! And the guide has a name..... Remember to like and share! 
Ash Wednesday is the most nerve wracking message for me. Mainly because it’s a reflection on the reality of our fallen  state, and the hope we have to get out of it in Jesus. Listen, share, and remember that dust is your legacy, but repentance to Christ is the only legacy worth having, a legacy that is validated by Easter.... 
In an uncertain time, Christ is the certain way! Why? The Transfiguration is a good place to start. We hope you are blessed by listening today! Remember to like and share!  
Great day of worship today! We aren’t alone folks. Christ has made sure of that!!! Remember to like, share, and give glory to God we are not alone!
I am a sinner, Christ is a great Savior, and I know nothing without him. It was a blessed time today!! Remember to like, share, and lift up the Christ who won for you with thorns and a cross. Have a blessed week! 
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