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The YouTuber's Guide to the Galaxy
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The YouTuber's Guide to the Galaxy

Author: Dillan Taylor

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Dive into the worlds and channels of professional YouTubers. Creators on this show deconstruct what works so you can get inspired, make better content, and grow your audience.
11 Episodes
New to YouTube or thinking about starting a channel?Here are 10 tips for getting started and getting going.
My guest today is Jake from Rattlesnake TV. On his channel, he analyzes interviews and debates of well-known thinkers like Jordan Peterson, Russell Brand, and Ben Shapiro, just to name a few. He takes these figures and breaks down their charisma, debate tactics, and conversational skills so that we can learn from them and have better disagreements and build better arguments.As of this recording, Rattlesnake TV has 67k subscribers, and his channel is only four months old.Jake and I cover: which YouTuber he would fight in a boxing match, how Jake started getting his act together, the principles of a great reaction channel, how Jake's channel blew up so quickly, how you can improve your argumentative skills, what people get wrong about masculinity, and much more.——————————Here are Jake's links...YouTube——————————————Get in touch with me!YouTube———
Jon Barr is the host of "Here Be Barr," a travel, lifestyle, and vlogging YouTube channel showing you everything you need to know about New York City.Jon started his career in media as a sportscaster. But after burning out and reading about another NYC vlogger, Casey Neistat, he thought he'd give the YouTube thing a try. So he started making videos on his trips to different countries. He eventually settled on the niche of the city of New York.As of this recording, his channel has 335k subscribers. There's no other channel out there that depicts the beauty, chaos, and variety that New York City has to the level of Jon's channel.Jon and I cover: what it’s like to be a full-time content creator with a newborn baby, how Jon went from sportscaster to YouTuber, how Casey Neistat changed the YouTube space, Jon's protocol for when homeless people approach him, what stereotypes of New Yorkers are untrue, how long it can take for a video to go viral, and much more.——————————Here are Jon links...YouTube—————————————Get in touch with me!YouTube———
Meghan Murphy is the editor of Feminist Current, a website and podcast dedicated to women’s issues and protecting female spaces. She also hosts The Same Drugs where she and her guests tackle topics like third-wave feminism, gender ideology, and cencorship. Many people know Meghan as the woman who got banned from Twitter in 2018. She’s been on The Joe Rogan Experience a few times to tell her story. And she just got let back on the platform after Elon Musk bought the company.As of this recording, her channel has 22k subscribers. Despite going through online cancellation, libel, and death threats, she manages to just have a great sense of humor about everything. She speaks her mind always and inspires others to do the same. Meghan and I cover: the 3 tweets that got her banned from Twitter, what feminism really is, the overprescription of anti-depressants and ADHD medication, the pros and cons of being an independent creator, what it’s like to be “cancelled” and lose friends because of that, and finally, Meghan tells me what a woman is.——————————Here are Meghan's links...——————————Get in touch with me!YouTube——
Since February 2021, Ryan Twomey has been living out of his van—traveling around the United States and making videos full-time. As of this recording he has 86k subscribers. But his content creation career started on TikTok as he began posting videos of him building his van. Since then, Ryan's focused on securing brand deals, staying true to himself, and balancing van life with the relationships he holds dear.Ryan and I cover: what it takes to customize your own van, how to go viral on TikTok, what the algorithms want, what you shouldn't sacrifice when pursuing your dreams, how to get brand deals, why more followers won't make you happy, and much more.——————————Here are Ryan's links...YouTube—————————————Get in touch with me!YouTube——
Welcome to the first episode of the Feedback Series!Colby Ryan is a life coach and professional explorer. He's also an avid listener of this show. In this conversation, he gives me feedback on how I can make it better for all of you.We cover: the importance of receiving open and honest feedback when creating, what I can do more and less of as an interviewer, why I should make these episodes shorter, Colby's Apple Podcasts review, and much more.——————————Get in touch with me!YouTube——
Nick "Chewy" Albin runs the Chewjitsu YouTube channel, where he guides people along their journeys in Brazilian jiujitsu. He also hosts the Chewjitsu Podcast.As of this recording he has 317k subscribers. He goes over specific moves and techniques. But most of his videos are him answering specific jiujitsu questions from the internet. As a long-time black belt, Chewy usually responds with his philosophies on life and relevant experiences he’s had in his 20 years of BJJ.Chewy and I cover: why you shouldn’t let goals motivate you, the importance of sticking with something you suck at, why Chewy doesn’t look at his analytics, why beginners are like baby sea turtles, and much more.——————————Here are Chewy's links...Website—— Podcast————————————Get in touch with me!YouTube——
Courtland Allen is the founder of Indie Hackers—a community of people building profitable online businesses.He and his brother Channing host the Indie Hackers podcast, which is huge in the tech and entrepreneurship space. Their show digs into case studies of creators who’ve taken their ideas and side projects and turned them into lucrative businesses. Since graduating from MIT, Courtland’s had a passion for building things with the people he loves. He spent a decade in the Silicon Valley startup world and found it to be kind of a popularity contest. Who can raise the most money...who can sell their company first…According to Courtland, he’s just “a nerd who loves computers.” So he’s dedicated his work to standing up for the lesser-known creators building useful products and services.We cover: the power of not being financially dependent on someone else, why the saying “don’t work with friends or family” is bullshit, how Courtland sold Indie Hackers to a billion-dollar company, why he and his girlfriend turned their Airbnb into a garden, the biggest mistakes beginner entrepreneurs make, and much more.——————————Here are Courtland's links...Indie Hackers— Hackers Podcast————————————Get in touch with me!YouTube——
Joe is an educational Call of Duty streamer who started during the pandemic. It wasn't long before he realized he wanted to quit his full-time job to create content. His YouTube and TikTok channels have skyrocketed in the past year. And Joe attributes his success to posting every day and using analytics to make better videos.We cover: quality vs. quantity, the importance of good thumbnails and titles, what the algorithm wants, how Joe works so hard, the different types of streamers, how Joe balances a 9 to 5 job and posting every day, why his wife shot him with a rocket, and much more.——————————Here are Joe's links...YouTube (main)— channel——————————————Get in touch with me!YouTube——
Eric Rosen is one of the most popular chess content creators today. An International Master in chess, he combines tricky gambits, instructional play, and dry humor to make for fun and educational content.Eric started streaming consistently in 2017, just after graduating with a degree in interactive digital media. Since then, he's leveled up as a creator and has been able to play against some of the best chess players in the world.We cover: going from 0 to 1000 viewers, the value of repetitions, how Eric diversifies his revenue streams, his favorite games against strong opponents, the importance of passion when creating, why Eric hired his mom, and much more.——————————Here are his links...YouTube (main)— channel— channel——————————————Get in touch with me!YouTube——
James and Anthony Deveney are twin brothers who host Raiders of the Lost Podcast, the fastest-growing TV/film podcast. They started recording during the COVID lockdown in June 2020. And in late 2021, James quit his 9-5 to join Anthony in running the show full-time. They sacrificed the present for the future, built strong connections with their audience, and never lost their passion for cinema.We cover: creating what you would want to consume, what to do if you don't have a defined passion, how to push through when you're not seeing results, what it's like to build an audience, the perks of being uncomfortable, the beauty of sacrifice, and much more.Here are their links...YouTube— Podcasts———— in touch with me!YouTube——
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