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David Bartley has had his share of tragedy in his life. His father died when David was just seven years old. Later in life, he was abused by a Boy Scout Leader.  As an adult, he had feelings of self-hatred and no longer wanted to live. He wats ready to jump off a bridge to his death when a police officer had words of compassion and love for him. David was admitted to a hospital and has since learned that he is a worthwhile person.David now is a motivational speaker. He has been on Ted Talks twice with his important message of hope and love. This is an episode that will bring you hope.Please help support those who sacrificed so much by donating to The Wounded Warrior Project.
Allen Steven Lycka was diagnosed with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. This ALS has no known cure and is most certainly a death sentence. Dr. Lycka did not give up on life. He kept looking for answers and was able to appeal his death sentence. He now is a motivational speaker and inspires millions of people on how to live a fantastic life!Help support those who sacrificed so much, Wounded Warrior Project
In this episode, you will hear the story of Jeff Johnston who dealt with his own addictions as well as those of family members. It was an addiction that ended the life of one of his children. Jeff tells how he learned to cope and use the loss of his son to help and inspire people. Welcome to another episode of the Miracles of Tragedy.As always here is the link to The Wounded Warrior Project. Please follow the link to help those who sacrificed so much for their country.
Rachelle Darling has faced many difficulties in her life.  From an automobile accident, a drug-addicted husband, and many other trials that caused her great anxiety. Her anxiety became so bad she was afraid to leave her own home.  Being trapped in her home by agoraphobia she often looked out her windows wondering what life could be like if she left the comfort of her house. She had a choice to make, she could either live her life in fear or become a stronger person and live life to its fullest.  Listen and download to be inspired by Rachelle Darling.This is a link to the Wounded Warriors Project. I hope that you could find it in your hearts to follow the link and donate to help those who have sacrificed so much for our country.
Darren Dickson tells his story of how he and others in his group were ambushed and had to push through heavy gunfire to make their way to a safe place. Darren was badly wounded in this battle but kept on fighting. This is his story of how he saved his life and the lives of the other men and women in his group single-handedly.Also, here is a link to the Wounded Warriors Project. Please find it in your heart to donate to those who have sacrificed so much for our country
Collin is a man of many talents. He grew up with three dreams in life. He wanted to be a cowboy, a pilot and an actor. He has been able to live out all three dreams. He rode bulls as a member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and competed against some of the greatest legends in the sport of professional rodeo.  He is a retired airline pilot and he is now a voice actor. He has overcome many challenges in life. He grew up in an abusive home. He suffered great loss of close family members as well. In 2015 his oldest daughter died due to cancer. One of his grandchildren ended her own life on June 10, 2022.  He has learned how to get the best out of life even when many people would have given up. Follow Collin not only as he tells his own story, but as he interviews other people who have overcome adversities in their lives.Wounded Warrior Project
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