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Metaverse Summit is set to explore and build the future of Metaverse together. The summit will gather builders, entrepreneurs, investors and experts from 3D, VFXGaming, VR, AR, Web3 and beyond.

We believe that sharing and transmitting knowledge is the most sustainable way to develop the decentralized, fertile future of Metaverse.
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Metaverse Summit sat down with 3 female project owner, researcher and entrepreneur to talk about how to build a sustainable, positive and decentralized metaverse. Facing the current « far-west » state of art of metaverse, how to protect children from violence, how to project female from harassement, how to link virtual with reality, those are the topics entrepreneurs and gouvernements need to bot think through.    Diana Derval, PhD, EMBA, Chair of DervalResearch.   Shea Richburg, Co-founder of Future Wise Group.  Paula Palermo, Architect, urban planner, and economist.    00:00 intro  01:03 What focusing on right now in the Metaverse sector?  04:08 What is the key learning in the real-life connection of Metaverse?  06:42 What should we pay project attention to when building a metaverse project?  10:51 What recent research about the human behavior in or out for the metaverse?  15:37 How to make everything more accessible and have a positive sense for the creators?  25:14 What can happen within the five years to come? Watch on YouTube On the blog
With the deployment of metaverse in our daily lives, there will be new opportunities for people and firms to extend their activities. At the same time, these activities touch  various legal and compliance aspects. In this panel, we'll focus on two topics : Identity and Ownership.   IDENTITY: As the next generation of the Internet, the Metaverse should first have the function of carrying the effective identity of users. What are the different approaches and forms of digital identities in the metaverse? What would be the potential opportunities and risks of blockchain-based identity ecosystem?  What would the future cross-metaverse decentralized identity ideally be like? (case and examples: ONCHAINID, Crucible)  OWNERSHIP: The bearing function of user property refers to Metaverse’s recognition of user property ownership. How to judge that someone has ownership of something? Own a movable or immovable property? Metaverse is not only a new form of entertainment, it will also have real world impact and functionality. How to bridge digital identity, virtual ownership and real-life?  How can consumers be protected? (Utrust)  NFTs, IP ownership and Financial regulation: In response to “right-clicker mentality”  -- how to balance the 'perception of ownership' and the true 'on-chain ownership' when it comes to virtual assets? From a regulatory point of view, is it crucial to determine the nature of NFTs. eg. a means of access/proof of ownership (utility tokens) or rather be considered as securities (security tokens)? What's the regulatory state of art and future of NFTs in these regards?  Although NFTs are not (yet) specifically regulated, what are the regulatory and compliance obligations that the businesses should take into account?   00:00 intro of four panelists.   04:06 What are the different approaches and forms of digital identity in the metaverses?  11:15 What will be the trust metaverse identity regarding user data?  15:09 How to judge that someone has real ownership of something?  21:32 What is the regulatory state of the art?  29:22 What kind of elements should entrepreneurs take into consideration?  31:15 What type of legal framework is there for the current state of art decentralized autonomous organization?  38:38 How can we bridge the virtual world of virtual life with real life?  45:19 How can the user's rights be protected in the current state of the art? Watch on YouTube On the blog
In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, We had a chat with Asa Bailey, we highly praise him as “the geeky filmmaker” and “the artistic geek” — you’ll understand the titles better after listening to this episode. We talked about game engines in filmmaking, the role of linear content, IP, and computing in the Metaverse.    Asa was an early adopter of avant-garde technology in filmmaking including real-time pre-visualization and in-camera VFX, with tracked cameras, motion-capture, simulcams, and LED dynamic lighting, as well as game engine technology on-set.   00:00 intro  03:28  Did you see the Metaverse trend coming up this year?  12:14  Why is this so revolutionary to have real-time filmmaking  15:41  Democratization of 3D tools  17:46 How to make high-quality content and encourage new filmmakers?  24:01 The interoperability issue in Metaverse  32:06 who owns the future right: Unity, Unreal, NVIDIA comparison   33:01 Instantly thinking about how our linear production compatible?  37:44 IP houses in the new era   41:28 You said exactly the tools only empower?  44:52 Interaction with the virtual environment or other users   47:15 What are your upcoming projects or expectation for 2022?  51:46 Digital twins? 54:52 2022: looking forward to big news announcements  55:32 Well thank you for sharing creative expect  56:48 spoiler of metaverse summit Watch on YouTube On the blog
In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, we sat down with Luc, the co-founder, and CTO of DNABLOCK. Luc has been a creative director navigating cutting-edge technology and its use cases in the creative process. Avatars, as an incarnation of our virtual selves in the Metaverse, are essential in experiences. Looking back, technology such as computer graphics and AI to create photorealistic virtual avatars with realistic movements and expressions has leapfrogged since the last few years. Luc has witnessed this change and innovation and combined it with Web 3 elements in terms of the monetization model.    00:00 intro  02:16 behind DNABLOCK: four years key learnings  04:32 In comparison what we have today with the news?  07:17 What we see is there are game publishers?  09:41 Innovation of virtual production  12:31 Instead of going to Disneyland in a couple of spots in the world.  15:28 About tooling right the tool easy to use plug and play.  17:18 What kind of game will come out in the future?  26:52 Single player or multiplayer?   31:48 Just don't think the best kind of idea personally?  33:07 point of view on crypto   34:46 roadmap around development in 2022 Watch on YouTube Read the blogpost
We’re honored to have invited the “Father” of JPEG format, professor Touradj Ebrahimi as our guest speaker. He talked about how JPEG standard has innovated since its creation, and how Metaverse will innovate itself and has its own standards in the future. We talked about the NFT x JPEG phenomenon and his view on the long term impact on the industry.    00:00 intro  00:44 What's your current occupation? And what's your plan for this upcoming year of 2022?  03:51 What's your point of view of the current NFT phenomenon?  14:54 What do you think about the standard? 22:18 What do you think of the current NFT development around the jpeg?  28:52 How to fight against fake media?  34:21 How OpenSea work hand in hand with researchers?  39:52 What would you imagine in the metaverse in five to ten years? or even more than 20 years Read the blogpost Watch on YouTube
Mohammed El Amine IDMOUSSI and Andy Koh from presented Synchrony Labs defi and on-chain data visualization approach.   00:00 intro  00:30 What brought you to create Synchrony?  06:38 Can you show some demos of your current app and platform?  16:11 What's the plan for 2022? Watch on YouTube Read the blogpost
In this episode of Metaverse Summit Roadshow, we invited Barthélémy to talk about the in-Metaverse camera. With the new way of social interaction, divers toolbox are provided to fuel the emerging creator economy including the in-Metaverse social platform Powder, who also launched the blockchain game clip NFT collection.    00:00 intro  00:36 Why are you interested in the metaverse?  02:24 What are your ideations?  10:25 How do you choose which is the right angle as an automatic camera?  23:04 What's the knowledge of powder in terms of the audience?  27:04 Who is familiar with crypto and the business model?  32:42 How many percentages of the players are more on Esport?  35:49 What about the future?  38:48 How can the audience get in touch with you? Watch on YouTube Read the blogpost
Brands are FOMOing about Metaverse: should they hire a chief Metaverse officer? Should they acquire a Metaverse-native company or startup? Should they buy a virtual land and build a flagship store? In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, we sat down with Amy Peck to discuss about the brand-Metaverse interaction and the long-term strategy and positioning.    00:00 intro  00:23 Amy Peck as a guest speaker  11:56 What would be your advice for brands.   17:12  future proof approaches?  19:43 digital brands and traditional retailers are compatible?  23:15 What do you think about the dynamic with user creations and possibilities?  25:35 Do you think that individual creators represent a risk for brands?  30:13 Do you think the brands will be controlled or dependent on the new metaverse?  33:26 opinion about decentralized autonomous organizations?  36:38 What do you think about metaverse innovations in 2022  37:43 move from prediction to creation.  40:43 opinions on the metaverse Watch on YouTube Read the blogpost
In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, we invited Nicolas Weber, the founder of MetaGameHub DAO and DAC. He explained how the MGH DAO leverages data to empower the community around virtual property investment, leveraging the “dataverse” to visualize and simplify DAO member investment decisions. DeFi may leverage the Metaverse to reach the next level,  NFT Pool Tokens allow community members to diversify their holdings and gain exposure to multiple virtual worlds.    00:00 intro  00:23 founder of metagame hub DAO  10:54 What's your current state of the art?  11:28 How to participate in your DAO?  21:21 Understand anything about crypto?   22:14 You are currently focusing on nft curating?  22:49 What is upcoming this year?  28:03 In the future basically acquire nft pool tokens  28:35 IP nft wants to launch officially in 2022.  32:02 In your current community  39:15 Happy for development and metaverse summit.  40:03 Updated the news and development in 2022 Read the blogpost Watch on YouTube
Nowadays, 3D is the most engaging media form there is. Brands and commerce are trying to let audiences interact 3D to spread ideas, rotate, move around, zoom in, inspect from inside. Positioned as “Canvas” of 3D,  Safwen, CEO of Third Design shared with us his vision around B2B side of 3D creation.  00:00 intro  00:29 How democratize the creation of 3D in browsers  02:17 How can 3d objects fit into the Metaverse?  04:29 What are the vision and the final steps of product development?  06:38 how can the B2B business fit into a metaverse?  12:03 The best-positioned company of future Metaverse?    13:48 DEMO Watch on YouTube Read the blogpost
The rapid development of computer graphic and motion capture tech contributed to the exponential growth of Metaverse. In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, we invited Yassine, CEO of Kinetix shared his view on how democratized 3D creation tools, user-generated motion capture and NFT are tightly linked in the current stage of development, creating new business model based on asset ownership.    00:00 intro  00:09 What is the metaverse? What is the vision of  Kinetix? 01:30 What is the link between 3D and the NFTs DeFi?  03:50 What is the business model of Kinetix that fits into the current business model?  06:14 What changes fit into the new economic model of weapons?  07:56 What do you do with the current metaverses?  09:58 Who will be the winner of the Metaverse tech giants, or Web3 natives?  12:10 What is the state of art for the community?  14:13 DEMO Watch on YouTube Read the blogpost
In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow, We invited the founder of Supersocial, Yonatan Raz-Fridman (Yon).  Yon is a content and experience builder in Metaverse especially Roblox. Implanted in creator economy era, he aims to incubate highly skill and high potential creators including game devs, game designers, and accompany them from day1 through ideation, creation, distribution.    00:00 intro  00:25 Who is the founder and CEO of super social?  02:41 Who is actually building this virtual world?   06:37 Different target in terms of demographic?  09:58 How do you decide what kind of style, experience, and audience you want?  10:47 Which sense do we need to centralize the creative decision?  13:16 About your future roadmap in 2022?  15:12 Tell us more about the development story.  17:32 What kind of assets may be the idea you will do?  19:18 Is it disruptive for the business model of Roblox?  22:49 Make people enjoy this technology and interfaces?  26:09 Could you tell us more about experiences in the universe?  30:00 What will be the future interaction?  32:47 You thinking of bringing the Ghostopia IP in the future? Read the blogpost Watch on YouTube
Jonathan is the co-founder and CEO of Lighthouse Labs. Prior to launching Lighthouse, Jonathan was a venture capital investor in both the digital assets and technology funds of White Star Capital. A graduate from both HEC Montréal and Oxford University, Jonathan started his career in investment banking at a large international bank. He is passionate about technology and a strong believer in blockchain’s potential to counterbalance the centralizing forces of the web.     0:00 - Intro  0:47 - What is Lighthouse?  3:38 - What is your understanding of the spatial web and why do you think it's important?  10:25 - What are the current business mindset or technical challenges for building the Lighthouse?  16:26 - How do you think the greater economy evolved during the last couple of years?  22:45 - What do you think is the future of curation?  29:55 - Could you share some experiences and key learnings from both lives as VC and Co-Founder?  34:34 - What is gonna come this year or in the future for yourself and for Lighthouse? Watch on YouTube Read the blogpost
00:00 intro  02:51 What defines the metaverse the world has been hijacked?  05:54 Metaverse is already in Sci-fi in gaming then Why does it differ now?  08:26 How do people onboard the metaverse? What are your favorite platforms?  11:06 What platforms are guys on? What are you enjoying about them?  16:39 What communities do you particularly find active in the metaverse?  21:46 When you're investing in the metaverse?  23:52 What are some key factors you evaluate when investing in a project or a team?  29:04 What are you seeing trending in the metaverse? Read the blogpost Watch on YouTube
[Metaverse Roadshow] Virtual Reality Metaverse and Virtual Concerts with Louis Cacciuttolo, producer of Jean-Michel Jarre’s emblematic virtual concert.  Louis Cacciuttolo is the founder of VRrOOm, an influential online media platform dedicated to VR.  In 2018, he launched the VRrOOm XR app, which hosts the XR selections of international festivals.  Louis worked as Vice-President of THX, a George Lucas company specializing in cinema technology.    00:00 Intro  00:30 What projects did you do or would be interesting to show?  02:58 What would you say about the evolution from the past to the future of virtual concerts?  10:18 What are the advantages of the virtual concert?  17:01 What do you think is the future of socializing in virtual reality?  20:01 What do you think about the evolution in social terms?  24:40 There will be a massification of your VR hardware and everyone will be able to access that?  28:07 What do you think about the link between VR and cryptos or NFTs?  33:16 What's your next project? Watch on YouTube Read the Blogpost
In the new era of Metaverse entrepreneurship, it is important to combine the divers tech stacks and create something truly innovative and creative. Pixelynx is ticking a lot of those l boxes: AR, Gaming, Music, NFT, Creator economy. Listen to this episode of Metaverse Summit Roadshow to learn how Inder the CEO of Pixelynx BUIDL the product and fit into the future of Metaverse. 00:00 intro 00:30 What are Pixelynx? 02:04 What mobile games link between the real world and the digital world? 05:34 What is the near future of the development of AR hardware? 12:42 What NFT has unlocked the new kind of business model? 20:35 How to gather a crowd to support a project? 28:03 How to make the new commerce? Watch on YouTube Read the Blogpost
In this episode of Metaverse Roadshow we interviewed two female founders in the metaverse topic. Our invitees, Susan Cummings, CEO of Petaverse Network, and Tiny Rebel Games, and Camille Merré an entrepreneur, artist, Co-Founder/Chief of Metaverse of GEM-XR. Female entrepreneurs in metaverse : how to create a world in link with reality? 00:00 Intro 00:45 Why create the project? 04:53 What is the difference between the current creation model in web3 and metaverse? 08:28 What is the kind of solution for interoperability? 12:48 What are three blockchain elements we can edit somewhere? 20:16 Do you have anything on the roadmap? Watch on YouTube Read the Blogpost
Dr. Nadine Alameh is the CEO of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) – a collective problem-solving body convening the global community of geospatial experts and users to make Location information Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) via open consensus-based standards, collaborative innovation projects, and industry partnerships.   Dr. Alameh is a recognized leader in creating and applying open geospatial/mapping standards in a multiple of domains including Aviation, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Earth Observations, Public Safety and Defense. She believes that building the metaverse is no different than any of these other established domains that she has served to-date, and is motivated to contribute to building the metaverse based on the same open and interoperability principles.   In this episode, you’ll learn about how geospatial data can help accelerate building a metaverse that is as useful for entertainment. Blurring the lines between reality and synthetic data to create 4D fully immersive simulation environments can unlock the unlimited creativity and entrepreneurship ideas in the metaverse.  A series of offline and online events to explore & BUIDL the future of metaverse  Follow us on: LinkedIn  Twitter    YouTube    Telegram Community   0:00 - Intro  0:45 - What is OGC?  5:47 - What is the mission of OGC and why make OGC open?  11:09 - How OGC is innovative and valuable for Entrepreneurs?  19:04 - What metaverse use cases can also change the Geospatial ecosystem?  25:55 - How are you working together to set up the infrastructure level of Metaverse?  31:15 - What would be the ideal states that open Geospatial and Metaverse standards can achieve together?  35:31 - What are this year's agenda and mission of OGC?  40:16 - How to connect?   Watch on YouTube Read the blogpost
Metaverse Summit Roadshow invited Joe Petrowski, Technical Integrations Lead at Web 3 Foundation to talk about Polkadot, Web 3, and beyond. In this episode you can learn about:!How to get more users into the Polkadot ecosystem? Why is Parachain important to be able to design a blockchain specific to a use case? How does Polkadot compare to other Blockchain Ecosystems (eg: Ethereum) right now? What are use cases for Polkadot regarding “Metaverse”. What is the recent experience with governance on Polkadot? 00:00 intro 01:07 How did a pro cyclist of a web-free foundation build the internet of the future? 03:37 Where is the whole blockchain space if something is legit? 07:08 How did you personally get into the web3 foundation and Polkadot? 14:13 Where do you have one major blockchain? 20:44 What’s your vision in the recent future and the long term? 29:18 What is the experience with the governance in web3 foundations? 36:18 What’s gonna happen in 2.0? 38:32 How does everything translate if going back to the metaverse? Watch on YouTube Read the Blogpost
[Metaverse Summit] Blockchain Gaming Guilds, decentralized community beyond Play-to-earn With the emergence of the Play-to-Earn business model, comes a new type of gaming guilds. By playing various crypto games, a guild is able to obtain as many NFTs as possible from various sources, and most of them aim to create their own NFT market if they did not do so already. With the launch of tokens, Crypto guilds have the potential to solve the centralization problem that traditional guilds have. Mirko from Unix Gaming shared with us the creation and community of an emerging gaming guild. There is a big difference between traditional gaming guilds and crypto game guilds. While the traditional type is limited to the game, and it can rise or fall with it, the crypto variant aims to become a platform to support new gamers. 00:00 intro 00:21 Today we have a miracle from Unix. 01:10 Tell us about what kind of game did you play before crypto gaming? 04:41 What is Unix today? 14:16 What’s Play to earn and do you think there will be more « Axie » this year? 19:17 You mentioned the number of Unix since last year. 26:04 Do you think this can play out? 32:19 How do you think two different kinds of metabolism development can merge? 32:34 What’s your vision of metaverse this year and in five to ten years? 40:25 Telling us all the experiences building Unix Watch on YouTube Read the Blogpost
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