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Author: Jennifer & Sioux

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We are the Sandwiched Generation.Our children moved out.Our parents moved in.Join us as we try to navigate through this journey that has no roadmap.
19 Episodes
Ep.19 Family Baggage

Ep.19 Family Baggage


Special guest Deb Watt, MFT, joins us in a deeply poignant discussion about how we cope with past traumas while engaging with and caring for our aging parents. Deb is a California licensed therapist who has her own practice -- Lifewise Therapy. She shares a panoply of therapy techniques as great options to manage past hurts and traumas in a kind, merciful and healthy manner. Curiosity, kindness, and humor can go a long way when relating to our family as adults.Sit back and j...
We are back and thought it fitting to have our very first guest from last year return to start off Season 2. Evan Georgieff returns to grace our microphones with his humorous take on what being Sandwiched was like for him as a full time oral surgeon and single dad to two young children while trying to keep his parents from spending every last dime of their family wealth.Evan brings humor and warmth to his memories of caring for his parents because he says there is no other way to survive it! ...
We are delighted to welcome Jim McAleer CEO of Alzheimer's Orange County.Alz OC provides support to families and individuals though brain health and dementia education, care consultations, community resource connections, Adult Day Health Services and more.Alzheimer's Orange County Websitehttps://www.alzoc.orgAdditional resources that reach nationwide services:Alzheimer's Associationhttps://www.alz.orgNational Council on Aginghttps://www.ncoa.orgAlzheimer's Family Centerhttps://afscenter...
Ep. 16 Legacy of Love

Ep. 16 Legacy of Love


We are thrilled to speak with Christy Byrne Yates, psychologist, coach, speaker and author of the book, Building a Legacy of Love: Thriving in the Sandwich Generation. She is wise, warm, and inspiring, and leaves us with a profound reason to pay attention to sunsets.Who knew there was such an informative how-to manual for those of us living in the sandwich generation? We are here to tell you to look no further, this book literally has it all--caregiving, parenting, planning, prepping-- ...
We are thrilled to the bone to welcome Dr. William T. Long, orthopedist in Los Angeles. We naturally talk about bones, but Dr. Long also shares with us several profound ways he keeps his life balanced while sandwiched between career and caregiving of his mother and family. He also enjoys a dedicated, lifelong pursuit as an elite athlete. His wisdom is an inspiration to us all as we age.Dr. Long was the first surgeon in Los Angeles to perform Robot Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery in 2008. Dr...
Ep. 14 - The Village People

Ep. 14 - The Village People


Welcome to this special episode where we move the focus away from the caregiver and shake things up a bit.Meet Bobette, Joanna, Lorena, Molly, Joyce, James, Duane and Roni. These vibrant, plucky seniors are enjoying life at Covenant Living at Mt. Miguel retirement village in San Diego county. Accomplished, creative, energetic folks who managed to avoid sandwiching their kids by making their own decision to secure their future care through a three-tiered community that goes from independ...
We are thrilled to have author, Ruth Stevens, join us to discuss her novel, Stage Seven, a compelling story of love, family, loss, and renewal surrounding the care of those with Alzheimer's. Filled with humor, grace, romance and valuable insight, her novel reminds us of the important role fiction serves in our need to both escape and grapple with the realities of caring for those with dementia.Meet Ruth:Website:
Welcome Kristina Lubofsky, gerontologist and creator of the Busy Minds Box, providing crafts, puzzles, games and more for older adults to help keep their brains stimulated. Kristina joins us to share her journey helping three grandparents with dementia and her lifelong passion for enriching the lives of older adults.Busy Minds Box website where you can find all the information to subscribe, or shop individual products and activities. https://www.busymindsbox.comKristina's fantastic blog.https...
Jennifer sits her father down and chats about his memories of Christmas and other childhood moments. Sioux discovers a treasure from her mother's very early years that prompts her to remember that her mother was once a tiny little girl. It's remarkable how precious those simple times were and how we could all benefit from slowing down and thinking about our parents as children.Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and that 2023 ushers in a bit more simplicity and self reflection in your life...
Where should our elderly parents spend the rest of their lives? In their homes? In our homes? In assisted living? Retirement Community with levels of care? how do we make these decisions? How does this puzzle fit together? Special guest, Krista Nay, Sales and Marketing Director at ECS, with over thirty years experience in retirement communities, shares with us an abundance of sound advice on what questions to ask, and what to look for in a retirement community while embracing the gift of givi...
It can be stressful asking for help when overwhelmed by life. The time to be brave and reach out is truly when you are sandwiched between taking care of your parent while juggling a career, rearing your own kids, or going through a divorce, or, in our guest's case, all of the above. Meet Amy, a good friend who advises us to open up to people in our communities to find our tribe of helpers. They are out there... if you seek it.A good place to start is with these resources:Alzheimer's Ass...
Special guests Lori and Zach from R. Zach Jewelers join us to share helpful advice about what to do with family heirloom jewelry. From bangles and baubles to pristine cut diamonds, there are many ways to enjoy these heirlooms or give joy to others while honoring those who wore them before us.Check out R. Zach jewelry on Instagram: @rzachjewelryMusic by PixabyIllustration by Erica Karlin Studio
It happens to the best of us... we gradually take on the traits of our parents. Join in for a few laughs.Music by PixabyIllustration by Erica Karlin Studio
Our siblings are here! And we are grateful we have them to help care for our parents. It's funny how the roles have shifted and now the kids are the parents and the parents are in, as Shakespeare called it, "second childishness."Music by PixabyIllustration by Erica Karlin Studio
We are having a very good hair day with our special guest, cosmetologist, Trish Schack, owner of the More Than Hair salon in Santa Ana, CA. Trish has multi-generational clients of over thirty years and shares with us her knowledge of aging hair care. She graces us with a wealth of information and laughs regarding our relationship with hair and how important it is to our psyche at every age. And, stay tuned for the end when she shares a hilarious personal story about her in-laws, a banana, and...
Sioux and Jennifer need to blow off a little bit of steam and commiserate about the small annoyances that plague their daily lives. It's funny, it's frustrating, it's for real.Follow us on Instagram at Sandwiched! Podcast, because we would love for you to blow off some steam too. Music by PixabyIllustration by Erica Karlin Studio
Ep. 3 - Joy Rides

Ep. 3 - Joy Rides


Special guest, Branka Cvejic, reminds us of what is most important when spending time with parents  who have dementia. She figured out a way to have quality time with her dad while coping with the stress and frustration that comes along with the ride.She mentions the book, Creating Moments of Joy Along the Alzheimer's Journey,  by Jolene Brackey, as a means to help bring positivity to an otherwise overwhelming situation.Music by PixabyIllustration by Erica Karlin Studio
We are delighted to welcome Evan Georgieff, oral surgeon in Orange County, California. Evan offers some practical wisdom as we chat about the challenges of caring for aging teeth, especially when our parents resist going to the dentist. Best of all, Evan graces us with his humorous and mischievous accounts of his grandmother while they lived in a multi-generational household.***All conversations are strictly opinions of our hosts and guests as we strive to entertain and commiserate with our l...
We are the Sandwiched Generation.Our children moved out.Our parents moved in. Join us as we try to navigate through this journey that has no roadmap. Episode 1 introduces our hosts, Sioux and Jennifer, and how they became part of the sandwiched generation. They share bits and background of their parents to honor them and provide the foundation for what's to come. They hope to bring some awareness and levity and relief to those who are caring for their elderly parent.Music by PixabyI...
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