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Experience Business Cliffs Notes

Author: Mathieu Hannouz - Marketing & Customer Experience (CX) Technologist

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This blog reflects Mathieu Hannouz' thoughts on the Digital Marketing market, with a special focus on Customer Experience Management's technology landscape.
10 Episodes
Customer retargeting is a marketing technique that aims to bring visitors back to a digital property with the business objective of completing a task. Learn about the top seven campaigns to boost your customer re-engagement strategy and increase your bottom line.
Social Commerce consists of selling and buying products or services directly on social media platforms. Unlike traditional eCommerce, Social Commerce provides a streamlined shopping experience as consumers stay on social media platforms from product discovery, evaluation, and purchase, to product review. Read this article, and other CX related insights, on Mathieu Hannouz' blog. 
Journey Mapping is the practice of visualizing the intent, expectations, steps, actions, and emotions a customer goes through as they engage with a brand to accomplish a defined goal.
If you're looking for ways to create more meaningful customer experiences, you're in luck. In this episode, I'll explore three ways to initiate impactful customer journeys using real-time data. Each method will help you better understand your customers and their needs.
Personalization means delivering an intrinsically relevant experience addressing what a given customer expects from a brand. Personalization at Scale is being able to do that for every customer while achieving an organization's business objectives. 
At the heart of successful customer experiences spanning multiple channels and screens, is the ability to identify and recognize customers as they go from one touchpoint to the next. 
Email Marketing is a communication channel and a form of direct marketing. Brands and organizations use Email Marketing to promote their products and services, build lasting customer relationships, and incite their audiences to transact.
Customer Journey Management is an approach that helps understand and manage a brand's experience from the customer's standpoint. It identifies the best way to interact with customers at each stage of their journey to continue moving them through the sales funnel.
In marketing, Segmentation is the business practice of splitting target markets into actionable groups. Segmentation creates variable subsets of a market based on demographics, transactional, behavioral, and situational criteria used to understand target audiences better.
Adobe released a report earlier this year to better understand how brands can build Trust with customers and employees. Although you can access the Adobe 2022 Trust Report, I'd like to highlight some of its content and add my point of view around Brand, Data, Content, and Experience.
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