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Episode 3: Caffeine

Episode 3: Caffeine


Pieter and Bradshaw discuss what caffeine is, how it works, how to avoid caffeine withdrawal, why it makes you poop, what drinks contain the most caffeine, and some of the benefits and dangers of caffeine consumption.Instagram: An_expert_and_a_guyEmail:
Episode 2: Patents

Episode 2: Patents


Episode 2 is finally live - hopefully it was worth the wait (set expectations low please). We talk about the difference between different kinds of intellectual property (such as Trademarks, Copyrights and Patents), what a patent is and what makes something patentable, and even delve into some interesting patent applications.We now have an email (look at us!). If you have any comments, feedback, or criticism (including if you like my use of the Oxford Comma just now), or any suggestions for an upcoming episode,  please email us at anexpertandaguy@gmail.comAnd as usual - if you like the show, please tell a friend!Instagram: @an_expert_and_a_guyTwitter: @an_expert_and_a_guy
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