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Welcome to the Cass Health podcast – the show where we hope to connect our community with healthcare information that’s relatable, understandable, and useful to your life; and where you get to know better the neighbors providing your care here in Cass County, Iowa.
20 Episodes
Cass Health's Clinical Dietitian Beth Olsen joins us to talk about how to approach the holidays in a healthy way. Our topics included:How to manage holiday stressEnjoying the foods you don't typically getDinner plate sizesEating intuitivelyHoliday beveragesGetting active after the mealBeth's favorite holiday dish
Cass Health's Athletic Trainer Andy Niemann joins us to talk all things sports. We talk about his background, how he got into athletic training, why he loves sports, and his favorite sports memories. A big part of Andy's role at Cass Health is supporting the health and safety of student athletes at Atlantic High School both on and off the field. Our topics included:The role of the AT and their relationships with coaches and athletesCommon injuries and injury preventionConcussion symptoms and return-to-play protocolsA parent's role during sporting eventsNavigating the maze of supplements & sports drinksThings parents and fans could have on hand for minor injuriesNutrition and hydration for athletesLooking for our Fueling Trojan Athletes nutritional information? Find those downloads and learn more about supporting the health of student athletes at
Join us for the latest episode of the Cass Health Podcast with our newest Nurse Practitioner, Lace Sindt.  In 2009, Lace began working in a dermatology clinic, sparking her passion for helping others feel comfortable and confident in their skin, and now she provides care to adolescents and adults at Cass Health.Listen to the episode to learn more about ... What medical dermatology is Different types of acne and how to treat it Skin checks and who needs them Importance of sunscreen use Why no one should EVER use tanning beds And what Lace likes to sing along to in the car! (Plus more fun get-to-know-you questions!)
Cass Health's Family Medicine providers Dr. Adam Verhoef and Physician Assistant Max Starlin joined us to chat about men's health. Listen in as we talk about: What finally brings men in to the doctorWhen farmers can find time for their yearly appointment Addressing the stigma around mental health and how your provider can help Why establishing care with a Primary Care Provider is so importantThe importance of routine visits and preventive care
Join us for a new episode with Cass Health's Pelvic Floor Therapist Amber Michael, OT. As an experienced OT and mom, Amber's passionate about helping women address pelvic floor issues that many women unfortunately consider normal. Women of all ages will benefit from this episode where we also talk about:What the pelvic floor is and why it's so importantSigns & symptoms that your pelvic floor might need some help!Preventive care & what you can do at homeFirst steps and treatments (including how personal is a pelvic floor therapy appointment??)What advice she'd share with young women
Meet Dr. David Ingvoldstad from Eye Associates for Healthy Vision Month.Listen to hear us talk about:▪️ The common types of eye issues he sees here▪️ Macular Degeneration & how it's treated▪️ How he and Dr. Goergen work together ▪️ and learn a little about Dr. Ingvoldstad, too!
On this episode we talk about all things related to breastfeeding with two of Cass Health's OB nurses and certified lactation counselors, Brooke Dreager and Britni Olson.Our topics included: ▪️ The first 24 hours of breastfeeding▪️ The importance of getting the right latch▪️ Breastfeeding tools & pumps▪️ Answering the question: Is breastfeeding for everyone?
Listen in as one of our OB/GYNs Dr. Emily Chang answers some of the most common gynecological questions, such as: What’s human papilloma virus (HPV) and how did I get it?What does my abnormal PAP mean?Why do I keep getting vaginal infections?Why do I keep getting urinary tract infections?I’m told that I have an ovarian cyst, what does that mean?I’m told that I have a fibroid, what does that mean?
On this episode we welcome Cass Health's Senior Life Solutions Team of Karmen Roland and Kacey Peterson to talk about suicide awareness and prevention. Our topics included: ▪️ Warning signs and symptoms▪️ Steps of the #BeThe1To campaign ▪️ How mental & physical health are linked▪️ Risk factors to be mindful of -- especially important for rural residents!
On this episode we're joined by Susan Herr-McDowell, PA-C, who sees patients in AMC Rapid Care.Susan talks with us about: Common reasons people visit Rapid CareWho you'll be seen by in Rapid CareWhat a PA is and what they doWhy it's still important to maintain a relationship with your primary care provider& learn more about Susan, too! 
On this episode, Cass Health's Dr. Angela Weppler and Mary Robinson, PA-C talk with us about: ▪️ Addressing vaccine myths▪️ Why vaccine hesitancy has increased▪️ The importance of early childhood vaccinations▪️ Why vaccines are safe & can be trusted▪️ and more helpful information! For more information on vaccines, please visit
Meet Dr. Jesse Himebaugh, one of Cass Health's visiting ophthalmologists. Listen to learn more about:Eye health mythsCataracts & cataract surgeryHow ophthalmologists & optometrists work togetherCorneal diseasesPlus, get to know Dr. Himebaugh  -- we loved learning about his unusual childhood pet!
Healthy Vision Month

Healthy Vision Month


On this episode we welcome Dr. Jeff Goergen from Eye Associates for Healthy Vision Month! Our topics included: ▪️ Why routine eye exams are important▪️ How age and disease can impact your eyes▪️ Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration▪️ and learn a little about Dr. Goergen, too! 
On this episode we welcome Cass Health's Senior Life Solutions Team of Karmen Roland and Kacey Peterson to talk about Mental Health Awareness month. Our topics included: ▪️ How common mental health illness and struggles are▪️ Signs and symptoms▪️ Monitoring your mental health▪️ How mental health is intertwined with physical health 
Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy


Learn more about Occupational Therapy and the services our team provides. Joining us are Cass Health's two OTs -- Ashley Williams and Amber Michael.What is Occupational Therapy?What does a day in the life of an OT look like?What types of patients do they work with?What should a parent watch for in their child's development that may be a red flag -- and that an OT might be the right choice to help?
Sara Beth Jones, RN, Lead House Supervisor and SANE Coordinator at Cass Health talks with us about Sexual Assault Awareness Month.We cover a range of questions including:What is a SANE nurse?What should I do if I have been the victim of sexual assault?How can I help or support a friend or family member if this happens to them?What is an advocate?Please note that this episode includes information that may be uncomfortable to some listeners.
General surgeon Dr. Chad McCance joins us on this episode to talk about colorectal cancer. Are there early symptoms and warning signs for colon cancer?What is it like to get a colonoscopy?Who is at risk to develop colon cancer?Is colon cancer preventable?Bonus! We also talk with Cass Health's dietitian, Beth Olsen, about how to incorporate more fiber into your diet.
On this episode, Cass Health's Dr. Edna Becht talks with us about: ▪️ Overall heart health ▪️ How to have a heart healthy diet ▪️ The importance of regular exercise▪️ Why stress management is so impactful ▪️ and other Heart Health informationIn this 2 for 1 episode we also hear from Cass Health's Cardiac Rehab lead nurse Megan Frederiksen! Megan gives us a breakdown of the awesome services cardiac rehab provides, with a family feel.
What do I do about my picky eaters?! What's for dinner?! Should I try that new diet??Director of Public Health and Registered Dietitian Beth Olsen answers all of these questions (and more!) during our chat about National Nutrition Month.
Dr. Rick Rinehart talks about children's ENT issues in this first episode.Learn more about Dr. Rinehart's background and why he chose ENTListen to his fun answers to our get-to-know-you questionsLearn about common kids' ENT issues and why surgery is not so scary after all!Hear what the ENT has to say about q-tips and adult ENT issuesLearn more about head & neck surgeries at Cass Health
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