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Josiah is joined by Phil Cozzi (@CryptidDirector) to discuss film and chasing your dreams. While the conversation was initially going to be about film, it eventually pivoted into a more personal discussion about the feeling of giving up on your passions, and the narcissism lurking in most artistic or academic endeavors. We often think of great artists or thinkers as powerful individuals who pursued their dreams, and this notion is fed by the films and books most zoomers and millennials were raised with. Phil and Josiah try to untangle this and look at art in a more communal sense.Follow today’s guest on Twitter.Find more of Josiah’s work hereFollow Josiah on Twitter @josiahwsuttonMusicYesterday – bloom.In My Dreams – bloom.
Josiah is joined by Gavin Aronsen (@garonsen) to discuss Iowa politics, especially it’s recent right wing turn. They discuss Steve King’s connections to Viktor Orban, the rise of illiberal conservatism, and the failure of local media to report on local politics. They also reflect on the 2020 protests, Occupy Wall Street, and point toward some optimistic developments as well.Follow today’s guest on Twitter.Find more of Josiah’s work hereFollow Josiah on Twitter @josiahwsuttonMusicYesterday – bloom.In My Dreams – bloom.
Josiah is joined by Phil Christman (@phil_christman) to talk about the Midwest, American evangelicalism, and the future of the left. Both the Midwest and evangelicalism are made up of lost futures—radical moral or political visions that eventually lost out to the iterations we see today. In a casual discussion, Josiah and Phil ask what we can learn from history, both the good and the bad, and how that can help in imagining the future.Follow today’s guest on Twitter.Find more of Josiah’s work hereFollow Josiah on Twitter @josiahwsuttonReferenced worksMidwest Futures - Phil ChristmanHow To Be Normal - Phil ChristmanThe Frontier in American History - Frederick Jackson Turner Jesus and John Wayne - Kristin Kobes Du MezLatino Heartland - Sujey Vega"Before I-235, Des Moines’ Center Street district was a bastion of Black commerce and culture" - Paul Brennan & Courtney Guein"Unlearning the Language of ‘Wokeness’" - Sam Adler-BellCapitalist Realism - Mark FisherMusicYesterday – bloom.In My Dreams – bloom.
You can find a link to the new Very Legal, Very Cool RSS feed here.Here are the original show notes:The season finale! In today's episode, Randy (Josiah's dad) joins Josiah to talk about his faith journey from drugs and rock music to Golden Dawn occultism, on to a born again conversion to Christianity during the 90s. We discuss the rise of the charismatic movement bringing him to Reformed theology, and the impact all of this had on Josiah's faith growing up.  16 Shells from a 30.6 - Tom Waits Dig, Lazarus, Dig!! - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Flood - Jars of Clay Entertaining Angels - Newsboys You Are The One - Keith Green Reality - Newsboys The Church's One Foundation - The Scottish Festival Singers Tonight - The O.C. Supertones There is a Kingdom - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Hello! I was not able to record any new Fruitless this month. Instead, I'll be sharing two old Very Legal, Very Cool episodes. This is the first one featuring Jackal (@JackalJester)You can find a link to the new Very Legal, Very Cool RSS feed here.Here are the original show notes:cw: sexual violence, gore, and racism/racial slurs. In today's episode, Jackal (Mammonburg! @JackalJester) joins Josiah to discuss Caravaggio, Goya, and the Haitian Revolution. This disparate combination of topics began to synthesize into a visual history of modernity, war, colonialism, religion, and revolution from Napoleon to Aristide. The show notes for this episode are pretty helpful since a lot of our discussion focuses on visuals, and of course don't forget to check out Mammonburg, now streaming wherever you get your podcasts. World Destruction - Time Zone, John Lydon, Afrika Bambaataa The Painter - I'm From Barcelona Cruel Summer - Bananarama Dambala - Exuma Money is King - Leyla McCalla Mèsi Bondye - Leyla McCalla You Don't Know What's Going On - Exuma LinksGeneral content warning: a number of the paintings linked below contain violent or disturbing content. Caravaggio Painting no. 1: Saint Jerome Writing, Caravaggio Kim Jung Gi Claire's Redbubble with flat art Goya Judith Beheading Holofernes, Caravaggio Judith taking revenge on rapist, Artemisia Gentileschi Francisco Goya Charles IV of Spain and His Family, Goya The Garotted Man, Goya The Peninsular War The Second of May 1808, Goya The Third of May 1808, Goya The Haitian Revolution First episode of Mike Duncan's series on Haiti Mike Duncan, History of Haiti after the Revolution Disasters of War, Goya series This is Worse, Goya A heroic feat with dead men, Goya For a clasp knife, Goya The same, Goya Invasion of Haiti The body of Charlemagne Péralte (cw: photo of a corpse) Ogou(n) Philomé Obin The Crucifixion of Charlemagne Péralte for Liberty, Obin Duvalier dynasty Jean-Bertrand Aristide The People's Church (or Ti Legliz) movement. There isn't even a Wikipedia page for it. Ernst Prophete Recrucifixion of Charlemagne Péralte, Prophete (I misspoke, there are two sources of this painting I've found, here is the other) Henry Ossawa Tanner The Annunciation, Tanner Nicodemus, Tanner Haiti books referenced The Faces of the Gods - Leslie Desmangles The French Revolution in San Domingo - Lothrop Stoddard (very racist, probably don't read) The Black Jacobins - C. L. R. James Silencing the Past - Michel-Rolph Trouillot The Rainy Season - Amy Wilentz Our Lady of Class Struggle - Terry Rey
Josiah is joined by Keanu Heydari (@WoeToChorazin) to discuss queer theory and Christian theology. While liberal Christian denominations have grown increasingly inclusive of a queer individuals in the past decade, they still struggle to make sense of sexual identity and gender. In the broader culture, anti-LGBTQ politics seems to be on the rise. Using the insight of queer theory and Christian theology, Keanu argues that an apocalyptic and deontologized view of gender and sexuality is the path forward.Follow today’s guest on Twitter, as well as his podcast and his website.Find more of Josiah’s work hereFollow Josiah on Twitter @josiahwsuttonMusicYesterday – bloom.In My Dreams – bloom.
Josiah is joined by AJ to discuss the material and spiritual sides of the culture war. Among left wing circles, it is common to either completely disregard the culture war to focus on "material" politics or become completely enthralled by cultural battles. AJ and Josiah try to find a middle ground and, in the process, discuss the future of the left and online media. Music Yesterday – bloom.Straight to Hell – The ClashCommiserations – SocietyGreen - Young JesusSubterraneans – Willie J HealeyKiller Parties – The Hold SteadyIn My Dreams – bloom.Find more of Josiah’s work hereFollow Josiah on Twitter @josiahwsutton
Josiah is joined by Jackal (@JackalJester) to discuss Orientalism in art history. They take some time to look over a few paintings and try to examine what they say about European perceptions of the East, as well as European perceptions of their role in the East.  ReferencesOrientalism by Edward SaidBonaparte Visiting the Plague Victims of Jaffa, painted by Antoine-Jean Gros (1804)The Massacre at Chios, painted by Eugène Delacroix (1824)Solomon’s Wall, painted by Vasily Vereshchagin (1884-5)The Apotheosis of War, painted by Vasily Vereshchagin (1871)They are Triumphant, painted by Vasily Vereshchagin (1871-2)The Slave Market, painted by Otto Pilny (1910)The Slave Market, painted by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1866)The Snake Charmer, painted by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1879) Music Yesterday – bloom.The Boy with the Arab Strap – Belle and SebastianCommiserations – Societyтанцевать (Dance) – Molchat DomaExcuses – The Morning BenderPalaces of Montezuma – GrindermanIn My Dreams – bloom.Follow today’s guest on TwitterFind more of Josiah’s work hereFollow Josiah on Twitter @josiahwsutton
Josiah is joined by Joel Harrison (@profjharrison) of uswithoutThem to discuss the book he’s writing on Christian music of the 1990s and 2000s, specifically bands signed on to Tooth & Nail. This serves as an entry point to discuss the broader religious and political development of millennial evangelicals and the rise of “deconstruction” or exvangelical movements. ReferencesAgainst by Tad Delay MusicYesterday – bloom.January 1979 – mewithoutYouThe Sun and the Moon – mewithoutYouEverything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt – mewithoutYouTaste the Red Hands – Dead PoeticIn My Dreams – bloom. Follow today’s guest on Twitter and InstagramCheck out uswithoutThemFind more of Josiah’s work hereFollow Josiah on Twitter @josiahwsutton
In today's episode, Josiah is joined by Morgan Vander Hart, a good friend and anarchist who is heavily involved in mutual aid work in Des Moines, IA. They discuss the state of radical politics in Des Moines and the Midwest after the 2020 George Floyd protests and the struggle for hope in spite of the increasingly dire political situation in the United States.I didn't release a second episode for March. Since I broke that promise, I'm going to try to release two more in April if I'm able to. See you later this month.Music creditYesterday – bloom.ghidorah - peaceeaterIn My Dreams - bloom.Follow today’s guest on InstagramDonate to Edna Griffin Mutual AidFind more of Josiah’s work hereFollow Josiah on Twitter @josiahwsutton
Josiah is joined by Chris Barker to discuss the Russo-Ukrainian War. The invasion of Ukraine has lead to a lot of scrambling to make sense of the conflict. Chris and Josiah walk through some of the history of Ukraine before offering their thoughts on the future and where they think the left is gets lost.Referenced WorksNeonazis & Euromaidan - Aleksey Kochetkov and Stanislav Byshok (Russian propaganda book)Music creditYesterday – bloom.Мы идём в тишине - Чёрный ЛукичДалеко бежит дорога (Впереди веселья много) - Гражданская ОборонаFollow today’s guest on TwitterFind more of Josiah’s work hereFollow Josiah on Twitter @josiahwsutton
Josiah is joined by Francis Cooper (@attnfrancis) to discuss his conversion to Eastern Orthodoxy. Francis and Josiah have been friends for a long time and both went through various "deconstruction" paths regarding their former evangelical faiths. Through this conversation, they talk about their spiritual journeys to high church traditions and what, for Francis, is compelling about Orthodox spirituality. Francis also makes it clear that, if anything he says contradicts an Orthodox priest, you should trust the priest.Follow today’s guest on TwitterFind more of Josiah’s work hereFollow Josiah on Twitter @josiahwsuttonReferenced worksThe BibleSpiritual Psalter of St. Ephraim the Syrian, or Reflections on GodThe Paschal Sermon of St. John ChrysostomMusicYesterday – bloom.Up the Wolves - The Mountain GoatsEvery Thought a Thought of You - mewithoutYouEating Paper - David BazanLost and Found - Seth Cloe and the Silver Liners
Josiah is joined by Josh Christianson (@GnomeChamsky) to discuss the Midwest as a region and a concept. The Midwest represent "normality" in the American psyche despite it being a very weird place. It gets treated as a place without history, and it has a mythology of not having a mythology. In a casual discussion, Josiah and Josh deconstruct these ideas and ask what the future of the Midwest may be, calling for a re-imagining of Midwestern identity.Follow today’s guest on Twitter and check out some of his work here.Find more of Josiah’s work hereFollow Josiah on Twitter @josiahwsutton Referenced worksMidwest Futures - Phil ChristmanThe danger of mythologizing America's "heartland" - Phil ChristmanDawn of Everything - David Graeber & David WengrowAn Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States - Roxanne Dunbar-OrtizUniversal Harvester - John Darnielle MusicYesterday – bloom.Cow - SparklehorseChristmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis - Tom WaitsPositive Jam - The Hold Steady 
A Narcissistic Launch

A Narcissistic Launch


 Brief introduction to who I am and what I’m doing here.MusicYesterday - bloom.In My Dreams - bloom.Find more of Josiah's work hereFollow Josiah on Twitter @josiahwsutton
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