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Tuesday Chinwag with Leigh Chalker

Tuesday Chinwag with Leigh Chalker

Author: Leigh Chalker

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Leigh Chalker chats with various Australian Comic Creators
22 Episodes
This will be a stellar show with a stellar guest talking about himself and his comic Stellarlands. Wondering who Max is and what Stellarlands is all about? Wonder no more and check out the show.
Time for another Tuesday Chinwag and the week is the wit of Morgan the Quaid! This writer extraordinaire writes novels and comics and music and notes on toilet walls. He just doesn't stop, he's a writing machine. Come meet the machine Tuesday night.
Time to learn about the man behind many a story. He's collaborated with the likes of Tad Pietrzykowski, created a sci-fi Anthology, wrote a story for ComX Studio's very own SYDRiS comic and many more Comic creation feats. I present to you, Haydn Spurrell.
Leigh will be asking the hard questions, the easy questions, the in-between questions and of course, the question on everyone's lips..... will Nick May be wearing Converse! Welcome the man with a thing for shoes, welcome Nick May!!! be sure to check out his art on Insta @churnobill
THIS week on the 3rd Jan 2023 the first show from this channel for the new year is here!!  Leigh chats with the prolific and ever-industrious Jason Paulos. One of Australia's dedicated comic artists with one serious work ethic.
Nothing says Xmas like interviewing the lord of darkness, Beau Jardine himself.Time to meet the mysterious Beau Jardine and for Leigh to have a good ol’ fashioned Chinwag with him. And just to make it more fun Dave de Vries is joining in. Ho ho ho merry Christmas special.
OMG it's the amazing Peter Wilson! What more do I need to say but that this guy rocks!Watch this episode to experience the awesomeness that is Peter!
Time to learn a little something something about the amazing life of Sheydin Dew! Creator of the amazing "No Man's Land", a world of roller skating young women all fighting over the same turf.Time to fight over some Sheydin time this Tuesday
QUICK! get over here and listen to this chinwag with Nick Cleary!Time to learn about the man behind the "Quicks" on Friday Night Drink and Draws and the creator of Detective Budgy! He's Quick, but he's not nasty.
Leigh talks to the man behind the epic art (seen on Friday Night Drink and Draw on the regular) with epic comics featuring said art.Leigh can't rave about these comics enough it seems... this will be a real treat talking to the genius that created them! Let the epic awesomeness flow....
Time for some MarshallArts. Meet the black belt of drawing skills Lauren herself. Through Leigh we'll get to know more about the woman behind the wicked art. Personally I'm a fan of all the study Lauren puts into her art skills.
Shaun Keenan the man behind Comics2Movies and massive Star Wars fan is coming this Tuesday to ChinwagMay the Force be with you.
Leigh Chalker returns for episode 10 to chat with Danny Nolan himself.Crikey! Little is known of this little bugger except his native habitat is Melbourne and he writes comics and flash fiction. Crickey! let's poke him with a stick and find out what makes this Anthology master tick! Crikey!
Time to chat to the writer of many awesome books including the Word Smith series and expert letterer, Es Kay. A fountain of knowledge comin' at ya... be prepared.  Let's find out more about the great story of the man behind such great stories, which happen to be in many libraries around the World
Leigh Chalker is back from his monster chinwag with Gary Chaloner. What poor sap is following up that show... hmmm .... let me check my notes......... OMG it's the infamous Spedsy!!! that's infamous... it means more than just normal famous! Rock on Spedsy time to wag that chin.
Finally, the glorious day is upon us when Leigh gets to sit down with his good mate Gary Chaloner and have a good old-fashioned chinwag. Don't miss this one people it'll be a ripper. It's Gazza for neeeeee sake!
This week Leigh chats with the all-knowing, all-powerful, all-omnipotent Daniel Best. Let the knowledge flow.
This week's Chinwag is with none other than Shane 'Sizzle' Syddall. Will Leigh get Shane to talk about ComX or will we cry together in joy over the state of Aussie Comics!!!! Tune in to find out!
This week Leigh chats with the mysterious Ben Sullivan. What will Leigh uncover, who is this amazingly generous Ben, what makes this master artist tick, and why is he so damn nice. :) I personally can't wait.
Leigh chats with Gary Dellar from the Reverie "Empire" ;) this week about, well, Gary and Reverie.