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Strangers On A Plane

Strangers On A Plane


 This episode is about two conversations - both with strangers on a plane, both with the potential to be life changing. The first is simply a musing about one of the conversations. The second is an actual conversation with one of the most inspiring people I have met... Tien. Tien Do is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who practiced for 23 years prior to a spinal cord injury, 8 years ago. Tien lives in Colorado, is happily married to his wife of 30 years, and has 2 wonderful grown children. He has authored 2 books titled Daily Reflections for Life’s Journey (I & II). While the spinal cord injury derailed his life, it has not deterred him from continuing to enjoy a fruitful existence and achieve progress in his recovery, with the ultimate goal of walking again. His outlook on life and his positivity will inspire you!Takeaways:When a distressing event occurs, you have really only two options. The middle road does not exist. You either deal with the circumstance by having a winning hand in mind or flat out give up. The latter is worthless to consider. Carrying the positive attitude to “fight on” and overcome  allows one to not only survive, but to come out with an increasing library of resiliency to tackle whatever lies ahead.Cherish everything we have during our precious time on Earth. Not a lot should be wasted nor taken for granted.Taking the avenue of staying in the moment, showing unwavering positivity, and being steadfast in defeating the fears and challenges in front of you will produce a happy human being in all aspects of life: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually You can find Tien’s book Daily Reflections For Life’s Journey (I & II) at out Tien’s website kind2bhuman.comFollow my blog (the inspiration for this podcast) https://themindfullcreative.comDM me on Instagram and let me know what you think!
In this episode, I have a conversation with Adina Glickstein, a writer and editor working between the worlds of art and technology in Berlin. She writes a monthly column about internet culture for Spike Art Magazine, and co-authored a chapter on the infrastructural history of Ethereum for On NFTs (forthcoming from TASCHEN, 2022). She has guest-lectured to students learning about blockchain at the Royal College of Art (UK) and Merz Akademie (DE), and moderated a panel about crypto and art history at NFTBerlin 2022.  With full transparency, she is also my daughter! Listen in as she tries to help demystify lingo and laughs with me as we seek to learn new things together.Links that Adina mentions and thinks you will enjoy!Spike #70 – Web3: Gallery:  Net Art: Harm van den Dorpel: Sarah Friend: Denny: Seance: Fernandez/Department of Decentralization: Shorin/Other Internet: Hoff: Protocol: Radio:  Follow my blog (the inspiration for this podcast) https://themindfullcreative.comDM me on Instagram and let me know what you think!
Tammy Abramovitz is a wife, mother and confident adventurer. She has a live-out-loud Texas personality that is generous, achievement oriented, sensitive and contemplative. A driven altruist and a creative sophisticate, she has a hospitality-based heart and a servant leadership style. Her personal passions include entertaining, community, philanthropy, and free range junking. Named by Salonniere Magazine as one of the 100 Party Hosts in the Country in 2018, Tammy continues to inspire and educate via her monthly newspaper column in the Castle Pines Connection (in Castle Pines, Colorado) called Modern Manners. Join us as Tammy has a conversation with Robin about “Modern Manners” - and the joy of living out loud! You’ll wanna grab a pen and take notes on this episode! Takeaways:1. Returning the shopping cart in a parking lot says a lot about how you feel about those around you.2. Plan a party and celebrate the heck out of life! Why not? Think and plan and collect ideas and then do it! You and others will remember the moment forever.3. Be nice. It’s that simple.  Check out the Castle Pines Connection for more insights from Mrs. Abramovitz at: my blog (the inspiration for this podcast) https://themindfullcreative.comDM me on Instagram and let me know what you think!
Today’s episode is a short MindFULL Musing on turning 60. I share an essay, Hind Sight, written by Wendy Reiger, a 60 year old news anchor who passed away in the Spring of 2022, and a mention from McKinsey on Point, a daily newsletter from McKinsey and Company, on “What is the 60+ economy really worth?” Turning 60 is a milestone and it’s worth trillions, on many levels. Let’s celebrate! #1 Takeaway from Wendy’s essay:Don’t look backTakeaways From McKinsey on Point: The Longevity Concept  - older adults are living much greater lives with longer health spans (the healthy periods of a person’s life), which enables them to be productive and to contribute to societyThis new concept is worth over $8 TRILLIONPhysical balance is linked to longevity. Those who can stand on one leg for a period of time, tend to live longer. LOL! Stand like a flamingo, for :30 seconds, on each leg.Links to Wendy Rieger essay – Hind Sight : Link to McKinsey and Company interview with Susan Wilner Golden about her new book, Stage (Not Age): How to Understand and Serve People Over 60—the Fastest Growing, Most Dynamic Market in the World (Harvard Business Review Press, June 2022). Follow my blog (the inspiration for this podcast) https://themindfullcreative.comDM me on Instagram and let me know what you think!
Have you ever thought about writing a book about the work you do? Or, how about self publishing a book you've been wanting to write? Sarah Cordivano did both! Sarah works as a Head of strategy and governance in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Berlin. She’s originally from Philadelphia and moved to Berlin 6 years ago. Sarah’s background is in data analytics and project management and she has just written a book: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: How to Succeed at an Impossible Job. The book is aimed towards anyone who is starting a job in DEI and wants to know how to get started, how to set a strategy and how to maintain a healthy relationship with the job. It’s very practical and hands-on. Sarah joins us to discuss her book AND her journey in writing it! Listen to Sarah for ideas on how you can write and self publish  a book, too! Takeaways:1. Actively try to work towards maintaining a healthy relationship with the work you do, and specifically think about good work-life balance -- making sure your time outside of work is as fulfilling as your time spent at work.2. When you are working towards a significant milestone accomplishment, there’s an important balance between being grateful and appreciative of all the people in your life who have supported you and inspired you, and also being proud of the effort you put into your achievement to make it a success3. If you are curious about self-publishing, explore how-to videos on YouTube. Self-publishing can be as easy as writing your book in a word document and uploading it to Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).You can find out more about Sarah’s work and her new book on:Her website: my blog (the inspiration for this podcast) https://themindfullcreative.comDM me on Instagram and let me know what you think!
Retired Navy and United Airlines Pilot, and all-around good guy, John Yackus, talked his retired pilot buddies into putting their time where their mouths are and going to the Ukraine to help feed refugees. Listen in as John phones it in from the World Central Kitchen food tent on the border of Poland and Ukraine last week.Takeaways: 1.    The World Central Kitchen is serving a million meals a day in Ukraine. In one week, John and his crew fed 14,000+ refugees2.    How can you help folks you think may need help?3.    What are you watching these days that inspires you and how do you find shows, articles and missions that will get YOU off the couch? You can see the documentary, We Feed The People,  that motivated John here: You can check out the World Central Kitchen website here: Follow my blog (the inspiration for this podcast) https://themindfullcreative.comDM me on Instagram and let me know what you think!
Everyone has a story. Have you every thought about telling yours? Today’s guest, Nancy Sharp has quite a story to tell and is a nationally recognized speaker and trainer on resilience and making bold change through storytelling.  Nancy never set out to change people's lives, but hard experience led her on a journey of resilience to do just that. Today, she draws upon her unforgettable story--along with proven research and customized, practical tools--to help individuals, teams, and organizations push beyond disruption and adversity toward growth and change. Her prizewinning memoir Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living  is a portrait of the surprising turns life takes and the resilience it takes to keep stepping forward. I had the honor of narrating Nancy’s book and getting to know Nancy. Lucky for many, Nancy is now adding certified instructor in Guided Autobiography to her long list of accomplishments. Guided Autobiography (GAB) is a proven method of helping people of all ages and backgrounds capture and share meaningful moments and life stories. Listen in as Nancy tells us how we can be the authors of our own stories.Episode  Takeaways:1. “Seeing Takes Time”  - We need to reframe who we are so we can move forward with new stories about events that happen, or don’t happen, to us.2. “If not now,  when? “ -  That simple question can guide us and reminds us to get out of the past and move forward.  3. “When we own our stories we own our lives” - Resilience is learning to integrate lessons and losses to transcend challenges. It’s not just bouncing back. It helps us understand what we need to learn and integrating the lesson to help us climb the mountain with all we have to carry. Follow Nancy on: Nancy Sharp - https://www.nancysharp.netTake A Guided Autobiography Class - Workshop in Spain - Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living - Listen to Robin narrate Nancy’s Memoir: can also downoad and buy the audio version here ( I think) :) - learning! my blog (the inspiration for this podcast) https://themindfullcreative.comDM me on Instagram and let me know what you think!
Are you at the stage of life when you are pondering, what I like to call, "Nest to Next"? "Nest to Next" is the term I made up for those of us in the stage of life after our kids have grown and moved out. One of my inspirations for this time in my life, and for many others, is Colette, my girlfriend of 20 years. Colette has modeled “moving forward” to me. We met when our daughters were 2. Now they’re 24. We’ve been friends though life changes, house changes and now city changes. A few months ago, Colette and her husband agreed to rent their house for a year. He took a job in another city and she bought a camper van. Outfitted for everyday living, Colette has now made it her mission to drive around the country, help Habitat for Humanity and see what she sees, using GPS and faith maps to lead her where she's needed and show her what she still needs to still learn.  Episode Takeaways: Instead of feeling "scared" of new chapters, try reframing the language to "excited". Both fear and excitement hold energy, but excitement propels you forward.  Be your own cheerleader and chant, "YOU got this"! Remind yourself, you have life experience under your belt.  Ask your Higher Wisdom, or whatever you call it, for Help. Then listen and pay attention. Chances are good you will see and hear an answer.Follow my blog (the inspiration for this podcast) https://themindfullcreative.comDM me on Instagram and let me know what you think!
This first episode is vulnerable and my first real share of something that has made a HUGE difference  for how I see this time in my life. Recently, I found the book, From Strength to Strength: Finding Happiness and Deep Purpose in the 2nd Half of Life, by Arthur Brooks.  Arthur asks why it is that it is so hard for people to change, why they’re so afraid, why skills change and what exactly we can do so the 2nd half of our life is happier than our first half.  No matter your age, I think you will find Arthur's insights hepful in framing where YOU are! I also follow on him on IG where he writes a weekly column in The Atlantic called How to Build a Happy Life. Then as the Universe works, a friend sent me an interview of Arthur and Dan Harris. Dan is an ex-ABC news correspondant who had a panic attack on live TV. It led him to quit TV and begin to explore his anxiety, leading him then to write 10% Happier and hosting his podcast of the same name. Give a listen! And then check out Arthur's book and Dan's podcast. I hope you will be the better for having heard both.10%Happier interview with Arthur Brooks my blog (the inspiration for this podcast) https://themindfullcreative.comDM me on Instagram and let me know what you think!
Welcome to my MindFULL Trailer! MindFULL conversations will be a place to stop and exchange ideas with folks who feel like old friends talking about happenings in the world. Each episode will leave you creating fresh perspectives for life’s everyday moments. This episode gives a sneak peek of conversations to come. Join me and let's fill our minds with new ideas, insights and thoughts that will leave us the better for time spent together!Follow me on Instagram and DM with your thoughts and anything else you'd like to hear!Or send me an email at mindfullconversationspodcast@gmail.comThanks for listening!
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