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S2E5 - Restaurants

S2E5 - Restaurants


We talk about food stuff. yay. I'm very tired and btw we're switching it to every Friday night for uploads.Support the show
More of the same! Punk and I hop around a few different topics in this episode and I couldn't really come up with a neat name because of it.Support the show
Punk and I just keep talking on about the old stuff and the old times.Support the show
Punk and I talk about media we grew up with and also talk about how it's so easy to stay in bed for the rest of your life. Isn't that freakin' swell?Doordash is ruining my life. Help me.Support the show
I'm not alone anymore! Welcome Punk to Graveyard Frequency. Friends since 2012, joining up together for the ultimate listening experience. You may be at risk of hearing loss once we start!Unorganized and unpolished just like your mom's nails!Support the show
Join us on The Graveyard Frequency as we take a deep dive into the iconic slasher film franchise, Friday the 13th, and the man behind the mask, Jason Voorhees. We'll explore his origins, evolution, impact, and future in the world of horror movies, gaming, and pop culture.Support the show
In this episode of Graveyard Frequency, Ouro takes a deep dive into the graphics of the original Playstation and how they contributed to the eerie and unsettling atmosphere of horror games. From the low polygon count and limited color palette to the creative use of fog and darkness, discover how the PS1's limitations led to some of the most iconic and enduring horror games of all time.Support the show
Get ready to explore horror in the world of gaming! This episode will take a brief look at the history of horror in games, from early titles like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone in the Dark to more recent titles like Outlast and Dead by Daylight. We'll look at how the genre has evolved over the years and whether you're a fan of horror games or just curious about the genre, this episode will give you a brief look of what the horror genre in gaming has to offer.Support the show



An intro audio for new listeners.Support the show



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I'm pulling at threads in this one. It was rushed a bit because I desperately wanted to put something out. Might start doing the podcast every other day or like 3 times a week. I'm still figuring it out. lol!Check out the website: https://www.GraveyardFrequency.comSend me hate-mail!: Grim@GraveyardFrequency.comSupport the show
I just kinda go on about some things about PCVR and I kinda go on about some things about Quest VR as platforms. It devolves into a rant, I'm sorry!Hate-mail inquiries: Grim@GraveyardFrequency.comWebsite: https://www.GraveyardFrequency.comSupport the show
Hello chuckles!I see you found this and maybe you feel a bit gross now, it's okay! Thanks for giving me a listen as I talk about what's going on with the podcast further, a bit of what I did this weekend, and hoping that you send me emails!Grim@GraveyardFrequency.comhttps://www.GraveyardFrequency.comSupport the show
Today I briefly talk about the podcast and where it might go as well as just talking a bit to help you guys get a feel for what I'm going for.We're just here to hang and talk, relax and don't let the intrusive thoughts tell you what to do!Contact me freely here!: Grim@GraveyardFrequency.comVisit the website!: https://www.GraveyardFrequency.comSupport the show
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