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Today we sit down with Cole from the Netflix show Love is Blind to discuss representation in the media, his newfound journey into mental health and the foundational role faith plays in his life. We also have fun and play rapid fire with questions from female followers about things they wanna know about men. Funny and wholesome content alert.Full video: daily inspiration, follow fitmencook on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
Today we break bread with Magdalena Meza, a fitness enthusiast and Spartan racer from Dallas, TX that has battled with food addiction over the years.  She unpacks how uncontrollable eating behavior caused her to gain over 250lbs to be her heaviest, 447lbs; and how things changed once she changed her eating habits and started dealing with her past trauma of abuse, neglect and violence.   Watch the episode -
Today we sit down with entrepreneur, public speaker, activist, social media comedian & thought leader John Lewis, aka badassvegan on social media.  On the heels of his new movie release, They’re Trying to Kill Us, he shares his thoughts on veganism and it’s role in race, culture, access and income.  Proof that 2 people can disagree while still being respectful and consider other perspectives. 
In today's episode I surprised Jesse with an impromptu sit-down to unpack a story he's never fully told me (or anyone really) - why he called off his own wedding. This is less a story about finding love than it is about finding personal faith, being restored and leaving "religion" behind to find what works for him and his family.
Have you stopped to consider how impressive  athletes are? They represent the best of the best in their respective fields. We all may play sports growing up, but so few of us can take it to the next level.  Why?  What can we learn from them to sustain our performance over time to accomplish goals?  We break bread with Olympic running coach and ultra runner, Irasema Linet;  former NFL Running  back & co-founder of Hustle Clean, Justin Forsett; and former NBA player, Melvin Sanders, to understand the mindset to go to the next level!
One common theme that unites all of us around the world is our desire to be happy at least some point in life. We pursue it. We feel entitled to it. But sometimes, life is so challenging that it makes happiness seem nearly impossible. To unpack this, we break bread with professional counselor and therapist, Tameka Lewis, PsyD, and a popular fitness trainer out of NYC, Sultan Malik, to who learn how they found and sustained happiness after personal hardships, and understand how life's challenges influenced their careers to help others live at their best.Watch the 20-minute video of this podcast on Tameka Lewis ( @dr.tlashonn on Instagram) and Sultan Malik (@sultanphyzique on Instagram) and
Season 1 theme is Sustainability in various aspects of life.  Today's episode focuses on "Sustainable Satiety," how we can ensure our neighbors and loved ones are nourished and satisfied.  We unpack the challenges and opportunities to tackle food insecurity with Brenda Snitzer, Exec Director of The Stewpot, a local Presbyterian church org that  serves food and offers social services.  And Ples Montgomery from the Oak Cliff Veggie Project that helps communities become more self-reliant through the building of community gardens and nutrition education.
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