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Episode 3 - No Way Out

Episode 3 - No Way Out


The crew is back together and attempting to leave, but someone is blocking their path.Jax - David CookNi Hoc Ga Ool - Brenna Anderson-DowdTiff - Michelle GoffX - Tal MinearZero - Brad ColbroockLiger - Ty WilkinsVince - Lucien Spooner
Ep. 2 - Prep Time

Ep. 2 - Prep Time


Jax gives the crew time to get their affairs in order and acquire the items they need and want for this trip.  He does preparing as well.Jax - David CookTiff - Michelle GoffLiger - Ty WilkinsX - Tal MinearZero - Brad ColbroockMatty - Josh BrownTerry - Rat Grimes
Episode 1 - No More

Episode 1 - No More


The crew of the Nimbus is transporting a full colony of settlers through the cosmos to a far off planet that can sustain human life.  When they arrive to the planet they're stopped by an unknown militaristic force, and their leader who has a reason to shoot them out the sky on sight.Max Marshall - Eric (SAC Agent)Ty Wilkins - Chuck LigerVinay Nariani - Col. Logan ThomasMichelle Goff - TiffTal Minear - XBrad Colbroock - ZeroLucien Spooner - VinceDavid Cook - Capt. Jackson (Jax) WilliamsBrenna Anderson-Dowd - Ni Hoc Ga OolWritten by Vincent C. DavisEdited by Vincent C. DavisDirected by Vincent C. DavisSound Design by Vincent C. Davis
Trailer #1

Trailer #1


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