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Helping Those with DID
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Helping Those with DID

Author: Alaine

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This podcast, provided by Lydia Discipleship Ministries, will help you be better able to come alongside and help those with DID and complex trauma.

18 Episodes
How important is the church community in your client's healing process? Dr. Alaine and Lindy explore the value of this powerful ally. They discuss challenges related to church as well as suggest some strategies to overcome these barriers.
What Happened to Me?

What Happened to Me?


This is part three of our conversation regarding trauma’s impact on the whole individual. Today we focus on the spiritual implications of trauma. Dr. Alaine gives suggestions on how to recognize and untangle from satan’s counterfeits as he tries to derail our healing.
Dr. Alaine and Lindy continue their discussion on the all-encompassing impact of severe trauma. This time focusing on the mind and soul. We learn how the Lord resolves our past and through His Spirit moves us from a distorted identity and inner chaos to a life lived in truth and peace.
The Body has a Voice

The Body has a Voice


Complex trauma impacts the brain and the body, often for a lifetime. Don't leave this important truth out of your healing model. As counselors, we should not view physical concerns as isolated or irrelevant in our ministry to our clients. 
It is not uncommon for your clients to speak of the presence of "Jesus" within their system. How do you know if it is the real Jesus Christ or a demonic deception? 
Dr. Alaine offers us a glimpse of her own healing journey in order for us to better understand how trauma effects all aspects of an individual's life - emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.
Dr. Alaine shares the content from a training given at a recent Focus on the Family Counselor's Breakfast.
We can read books, attend trainings and receive extensive education on how to help those with DID, but there is one component that far surpasses all of the others... Dr. Alaine shares her heart and passion for this most vital aspect of DID ministry.
As a mentor or friend, understanding is the starting point. Dr. Alaine provides specific characteristics of an individual experiencing DID. These insights will provide mentors and friends with a better perspective of those they are walking beside.
This podcast deals with the important, challenging and sometimes scary issue of suicide and DID ministry. Many times when this comes up for a client we are not sure how to handle it. Dr. Alaine gives us practical ways to respond as counselors.
In this podcast Lindy and Dr. Alaine discuss the “puzzle pieces” involved in healing from DID. Elements of emotional, spiritual and mental healing are considered. 
What is Healing?

What is Healing?


How should healing be defined? What specific challenges may someone face along the way? What about memory work? Dr. Alaine shares examples from her own story to help address these important questions. 
Is it DID?

Is it DID?


Many times it is difficult to discern if dissociative identity disorder (DID) is part of the issue with a friend or a client. Dr. Alaine suggests several clues to look for. 
In part two of "The Bride in Combat Boots" Dr. Alaine zeros in on the questions "Can Christians have wicked spirits?" and "What does it mean to be sealed by the Holy Spirit?" "How does satan gain advantage in a person's life?" 
In this podcast, Dr. Alaine begins by answering some important questions: What is healing? What is worship? What is the role of worship in our lives as counselors? She gives some practical suggestions to help us focus on the One who is called "The Wonderful Counselor."
As you counsel, you or your client may experience spiritual opposition. Alaine provides insight into  understanding and confronting these attacks in a Biblical manner.
Dr. Alaine deals with a lighter topic than usual, teaching us a very useful skill – that of turning Scripture into a conversation with God. This will help our clients as they interact with Scripture. 
Dr. Alaine reminds us that as the bride of Christ, as we are called in the Bible, we are behind enemy lines. There is a spiritual battle raging. She gives three perspectives on spiritual warfare and defines the difference between wicked spirit possession and wicked spirit oppression. 
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