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Emotional Exhaustion

Emotional Exhaustion


Learn how to identify signs of emotional exhaustion and strategies to alleviate it. 
Learn how to identify if you are someone who is struggling with high functioning depression and strategies to alleviate symptoms. 
A Piece of Me

A Piece of Me


Dr. Worthy shares how childhood instability impacted her life in this personal episode. She outlines the benefit of stability and offers strategies to overcome the negative implications. 
New Year, New Me?

New Year, New Me?


In this week’s episode, Dr. Worthy will teach you how to set realistic goals while being kind and nonjudgmental when you perceive yourself as falling short. 
Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues


In this episode, Dr. Keoshia Worthy offers support and tools for those who are struggling with loneliness during the holidays. 



Dr. Worthy uses storytelling to define, normalize, and offer tips to help alleviate somatization (physical complaints better explained by psychological distress). She will focus on the history of somatization in the Black and Brown communities. 
In the final episode of intergenerational trauma, Dr. Worthy will guide you through ways to break the generational curse. As the Sturgis’ story ends, you will learn how to approach tense topics with family, the role and function of the family system, and the power of storytelling. 
In this week's episode, Dr. Worthy looks at how parents' unresolved trauma negatively impacts their adult children's interpersonal functioning. She uses storytelling to highlight insecure attachment styles, defines secure attachment, and provides strategies to improve interpersonal functioning and unlearn maladaptive patterns. 
Dr. Worthy uses storytelling to define, explore, and normalize intergenerational trauma. She discusses what it looks like, and how it affects the nuclear family system (including couple hood, parenting, and developmental needs for children), and offers strategies to heal from unresolved pain within the family system. This is a three-part series and each part will follow the Sturgis family, a fictional family that was created for educational purposes, it is not based on actual events.
Dr. Keoshia Worthy shares about her own identities and why creating a podcast is important to her. 
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