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JJ DiGeronimo, President of Tech Savvy Women, is one of the most highly regarded speakers, authors and executive strategists to attract, retain, and advance professional women. She navigated her way from entry-level positions to top-level leadership roles within leading technology companies and now shares the strategies and insights that helped her accelerate her career with her audiences.As a featured columnist for Smart Business Magazine and Thrive Global, JJ has been quoted in numerous publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, The Glass Hammer, and Working Women Magazine. Her latest initiative "Together We Seek" is a new online community where she  provides action-based strategies to unleash inner wisdom.Tune in to JJ to open the door to new levels of awareness through a variety of tools and techniques to illuminate your path. 
Maggie Craddock is an executive coach who has worked with clients at all levels on the professional spectrum – from people entering the workforce to Fortune 500 CEOs. She has been featured on CNBC, National Public Radio and quoted in national publications including the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune.Before building her executive coaching business, Maggie worked for over a decade on both the buy and the sell sides of the financial services industry. As a Portfolio Manager at Scudder, Stevens & Clark, Maggie managed $3 billion in short-term global assets. She received two Lipper Awards for top mutual fund performance:She is the author of "Lifeboat: Navigating Unexpected Career Change and Disruption" "Power Genes: Understanding Your Power Persona and How to Wield it at Work" (and "The Authentic Career: Following the Path of Self-Discovery to Professional Fulfillment" Listen in for her wisdom about women in the workplace - and women everywhere
It takes a special kind of courage, vision, and leadership to grow a small special needs school into the largest, most innovative and comprehensive non-profit of its kind in the United States.Meet Dr Susan Berman, Executive Director and Co Founder of The Help GroupFounded in 1975, this organization serves children, adolescents and young adults with special needs - many thousands of students and families struggling with autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, ADHD, developmental delays, and more, have benefitted from the schooling and extensive range of services offered by this inspiring organization.With a PhD in Psychology, and in a field dominated by women,  Dr Berman is perfectly placed to reflect on the impact of the Pandemic and the potential implications for us all as we move forward.Tune in and enjoy!
Kelly Sullivan is an artist, entrepreneur and change maker.  Fired up to make art the focus of her life from an early age, she has, and is, forging a fascinating career. If you think you haven’t seen her work,  if you’re a fan of the TV series “Madam Secretary” you almost certainly have.Early on she created an art piece involving The Rolling Stones (an approach she has also employed with people such as Bruce Springsteen, Harrison Ford, William Dafoe and more.)She inspires and motivates teams within corporations, she also leads art-oriented workshops to empower teenage girls all over the world, as well as creating and selling her own work.Her latest project involves bringing new life to a turn of the century theater, building a new and exciting corporate and artistic space.Listen in and feel inspired!
Dr Pamela Pruitt is remarkable in anybody’s book.  She is a black woman who began life on the south side of Chicago.  With no college education she worked in the corporate world for many years,  moving to TV and radio on major networks,  while writing songs for people like Smokey Robinson and the Supremes, and winning a Grammy.Then 9/11 changed her life.  Today, she has a PhD and is the Executive Director for the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at Rider University, in NJ, and chair of the NE chapter of  the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education.  She also has her own consulting business. Don’t miss her personal story, plus what she has to say about diversity equity and inclusion - being effective as an ally, an advocate or a supporter, plus her thoughts and recommendations about how women can support women…and so much more. 
Gabriella Vacca is a senior leader in a male dominated industry - Tech.  She's an Executive Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer for Sky Italia, and a Group Director of Sky Group Enterprise Tech Solutions.  In 2020 Sky Group had a workforce of more than 40,000 employees.She is strategic, smart and well respected.  In anyone’s book, she's a big deal.She's also a wife and a mother.  She's warm and generous and she's a great example of a Powerful Feminine Leader in the 2020s.Tune in to hear her thoughts on how things are changing for both men and women, her personal advice for working mothers, plus her generous insights and anecdotes that can help us all become more effective as leaders and in life.
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