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Tune in every Sunday from 10pm-11pm for an intriguing weekly radio show, chock-full of business insights and marketing strategies that will get you ahead of the game!
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Richard will share secrets to negotiating in your favor! 
This episode, brought to you by Citizens, for deposit products, Member FDIC, is all about small business banking, the increasing importance of cash flow management and payments, and how Citizens is helping small business owners navigate the current market environment. This episode features:  Michael MacIntyre, Head of Business Banking Sales at Citizens   Mark Williams, SVP, Head of Business Banking Treasury Solutions at Citizens   Kate Conroy, SVP, Enterprise Payments Strategy & Innovation at Citizens   Thomas Grech, President & CEO at Queens Chamber of Commerce John Harmon, Founder, President & CEO at The African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (AACCNJ) Abe Schlisselfeld, Senior Managing Director at CBIZ Marks Paneth
This episode is revolutionary for the real estate world. GPARENCY has a new way to protect and empower real estate investors, both new and incoming to the industry. Ira has expertise on: Benefits and risks of investing in real estate Strategies to getting into the real estate world Tune in to hear the amazing journey of a founder who left behind his thriving business to reinvent an industry, and discover practical tips for using real estate as an investment to create a profitable path, no matter your main career. 
- Learning from a former IDF air force squadron commander about leadership and management skills - Building a strong workplace - Becoming a successful entrepreneur is possible at any age Tune to hear from a former IDF air force squadron commander - Kobi Regev,  CEO of The Squadron. Hear the incredible story how Kobi transformed his experience as a seasoned IDF pilot into an international company teaching leadership and management skills! This episode will take your company to new heights!
Ramon will share the 5 ways to live your best business, including the importance of taking risks and dreaming bigger!
Wording affecting the images customers have of a company. Delivering a good customer experience to leave clients talking about you – a powerful form of marketing. Convenience factor – what is it and how does it affect marketing a product? Managing customer experience to retain customers.  In this fascinating episode, Shep Hyken will explain how marketing plays a role in the customer experience.
1. Emotional Intelligence and the impact it has on leadership 2. Integrating emotional skills into the complexity of everyday life 3. Turning chaos into a learning lesson 4. Incorporating the philosophies of Stoicism to everyday life Tune in as Chuck delves into the world of Emotional Intelligence and emotional life skills to give you a new perspective on leadership.
This episode highlights industry professionals previously featured on Business Class Clips, on leadership, finance, real estate, marketing, coaching, and sales: Abe Breuer, CEO of John To Go Marc Bodner, CEO of L&R Distributors Ari Boiangiu, Owner of Blue Melody Group John Giordano, Partner/Co-Leader of M&D at Citrin Cooperman Dr. Robert Goldschmidt, Dean of Students and Vice President for Planning at Touro University Joe Hart, CEO of Dale Carnegie Shep Hyken, Customer Service Expert Dr. Richard H. Roberts, M.D., Ph.D., Former Pharmaceutical Industry CEO Henry Stimler, Executive Managing Director at NEWMARK Norm Trainor, Founder and CEO of The Covenant Group And so many others!
1. Creating and implementing processes to ensure company success 2. The impact of exemplary customer service 3. Strategies to hiring new employees and keeping the ones you have RECORDED LIVE FROM THE RECENT PINNACLE CONFERENCE IN TORONTO! Tune in as David has the strategies for implementing processes and delivering top quality customer service!
1.      Creating a conversational approach to sales 2.      Explaining what the “the fork in the road” in sales is 3.      TIDADS – what is it and how it greatly affects sales 4.      Sales is SO MUCH MORE than words. Learn how vocabulary, “white space”, pacing, tone, and energy are all just as important  in a sales pitch RECORDED LIVE FROM THE RECENT PINNACLE CONFERENCE IN TORONTO! Tune in as Dean teaches you a whole new approach to selling, which is conversational and human in nature!
1. Strategically choosing the right property 2. Analysis and assessment strategies for commercial real estate 3. Securing construction real estate loans and the going rates  4. Refinancing options  These industry leaders discuss the current hot topics in the real estate industry.
1. Resetting the overall company vision 2. Articulating action steps to achieve the goal  3. Establishing relevant accountability 4. Create reporting systems on activity Jerel discusses 4 critical points to empowering and energizing a team. 
The next generation stepping into the role of CEO  Maintaining an established brand with new leadership Balancing the family relationship - one relative taking over vs. another         Dr. Roberts shares first-hand knowledge on how a business can successfully hand off the reins to the next generation.
Steven had expert strategies on how to communicate and resolve issues with anyone, no matter how difficult they are, and how to make sure that that conversation is your BEST conversation!      
Sim had the secrets to aviation, leveraging technology, and how to maximize your time!
Amanda shared the 7 new musts of marketing. She also discussed how the world of marketing has changed, and what your business needs to do to keep up.  
Norm discussed the five elements of a life well lived and what it means to live a Purpose Driven Life.
These tech experts broke down what is AI and Chat GPT, and what the future holds for these innovative tools for every business!
This show discussed the power of adding humor to our daily lives, both business and personal. Special look back at President Ronald Reagan's rich history of adding in humor through his years of Presidency. 
This show, featuring Dr. Danielle Wozniak, Vice President for Global Strategy and Business Development at Yeshiva University, Dr. Robert Goldschmidt, Dean of Students and Vice President for Planning at Touro University, Chaim Shapiro, Director of Office for Student Success at Touro University, Dr. Chavi Goldberg, Dean of Machon Temima, Dr. Elly Lasson, CEO of Lasson Talent Solutions, Danny Gavin, Founder and Instructor of ODEO Academy, Shea Rubenstein, Co-Founder and President of JCC Marine Park and JCON Business Conferences, was a powerful and dynamic team, previewing the upcoming JCon Parnassah Conference. They discussed the best jobs on the market, and the trends for the incoming generation joining the workforce.
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