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Lisa Boutin Vitela is Assistant Professor of Art History at Cerritos College. In Jonathan’s words, she’s “most professory about the gorgeous renaissance” so comes by to talk about the Ninja Turtle artists - Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, plus feminist art trailblazer Artemisia Gentileschi. Find out more about Lisa’s work at Cerritos College - She’s on Twitter @LisaBoutin and ProfVitela1474 on Insta. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN. Also Twitter and Facebook. Watch Jonathan on Queer Eye, streaming now on Netflix.
Karamo Brown joins Jonathan to talk about his childhood, Gay rights, school shootings, The Real World, make-up, self improvement, working for Oprah, and their shared experiences on Queer Eye. Find Karamo on Twitter @KaramoBrown, on Insta @KaramoBrown and at his website Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN. Also on Twitter @JVN and on Facebook. Our Facebook group is at GettingCurious. Catch Jonathan and Karamo changing lives on Queer Eye, streaming now on Netflix.
Mirai Nagasu was the first American female figure skater to land a triple axel at the Olympics, securing a bronze medal at PyeongChang 2018. Jonathan chokes back tears of love and joy to get deep into the technical, artistic and political aspects of figure skating. Plus Mirai shares what it’s been like losing the skates to compete in Dancing with the Stars: Athletes, which airs from Monday April 30th on ABC. Vote for Mirai by visiting! Find Mirai on Instagram at mirainagasu, on Twitter @mirai_nagasu, or at Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook. The latest season of Queer Eye is streaming now on Netflix.
Mary O’Hara returns with a Brexit update. What’s actually happened since the 2016 referendum? Is it too late to turn back? Do we love Nicola Sturgeon? And why has Northern Ireland become such a focus of Brexit negotiations? You can find Mary O’Hara’s writing at as well as at The Guardian and on Twitter @MaryOHara1. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN, he's the same on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t miss Jonathan on Queer Eye - streaming now on Netflix.
Professor James Nieh answers Jonathan’s questions about the diseases that are killing off our bees, explains the role bees play in bringing us almonds, and outlines the hierarchies and communication processes going on in hives all over the world. Professor Nieh works out of UC San Diego, researching how natural and man-made stressors affect the biology and behavior of bees. Find out more about Professor Nieh’s work by visiting the Nieh Lab website and following him on Twitter @jnieh1. Jonathan’s on Instagram @JVN. Also Twitter and Facebook. Find Queer Eye streaming now on Netflix.  
Dr Natalie Feinblatt explains the 4 criteria an organization needs to meet to be called a cult and looks at how the term can be used and misused in relationship to religions and rehabilitation programs. Plus Jonathan asks about murder porn cults and Wild Wild Country, because that’s what the podcast charts like, right? Find Dr Natalie Feinblatt’s work at She’s on Instagram @Dr_Natalie_F. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN. Also Twitter and Facebook. Don’t miss Jonathan on Queer Eye, steaming now on Netflix.
Queer Eye co-host, Antoni Porowski joins Jonathan in a wintery New York studio to hang out, share stories from his childhood as a first generation Polish Canadian, and to compare the schooling systems he experienced in Montreal and West Virginia. Follow Antoni on Twitter and Instagram on @Antoni. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN. Also Twitter and Facebook. Don’t miss Jonathan and Antoni on Queer Eye - available now on Netflix.
Tim Molina, Political Director at Courage Campaign, explains why he’s currently focusing on California bail reform and what exactly he's hoping to change. Tim’s on Twitter @TMMolina, while you’re their he says you should also follow @ColorofChange, @ACLU, and of course @CourageCampaign. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN. Also Twitter and Facebook. Don’t miss Jonathan on the new Queer Eye which is out now on Netflix.
Ryan Patel is a global business executive and consultant. He was Vice President of Global Development at Pinkberry and came in to tell us about why the Chinese economy is set to take the worldwide #1 spot and what that means for the US. Find out more about Ryan at He's also on Twitter @RyanPatelGlobal. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN. Also Twitter and Facebook. Catch Jonathan on Queer Eye, out now on Netflix.
Dave Holmes tells Jonathan how he went from losing MTV's first Wanna Be a VJ contest to landing his dream job. Plus, why he left the studios before Mariah Carey’s infamous 2001 TRL meltdown, and why the gay media’s love of a topless selfie can get in the way of really serving the community. Sign up for Dave’s e-mail list of cultural recommendations at TheDaveHolmesDiet, follow him on Twitter @DaveHolmes, read his latest stuff for Esquire and buy his book, Party of One and check out his queer relationship and culture podcast, Homophilia. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN. Also Twitter and Facebook. Don’t miss Jonathan on the new reboot of Queer Eye which is out now on Netflix.
Catherine Cahill is an opioid neuropharmacologist and a professor in UCLA’s Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioural Studies, specializing in chronic pain. In honor of Valentine’s Day, Jonathan asks Prof. Cath why we experience pain, what makes chronic pain so different and what we can do to treat it. You can find out more about Professor Cahill’s work at UCLA or follow her on Twitter @PainLabQ. Jonathan is on Twitter and Instagram as @JVN and now on Facebook too! Join the Getting Curious group on Facebook here. Don’t miss Jonathan on the new reboot of Queer Eye which is out now on Netflix.
Veteran, actor and veterans rights activist, Linsay Rousseau Burnett joins Jonathan to share her experiences in the military and consider how #MeToo can be applied to the armed forces. Find out more about Linsay at where you’ll also find links to her social media. She's currently appearing in season 2 of the Deliberations podcast at Jonathan is on Twitter and Instagram as @JVN, and you can see him in the reboot of Queer Eye which launches this week on Netflix.
Andrew Ti, host of the podcast Yo, Is This Racist?, talks to Jonathan about how Trump’s America isn’t necessarily more racist than Obama’s, and about why we should be challenging ourselves and others on an ongoing basis. Check out Andrew Ti’s Yo, Is This Racist? blog and podcast. He’s on Twitter and Instagram as @ANDREWTI. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN.
Dr Chris Evans talks with Jonathan about how people get addicted to opioids, why addiction is so hard to kick, and what we can do about this national crisis. Dr Evans is Director of the Brain Research Institute at UCLA and of the Hatos Centre for Neuropharmacology. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN.
Dr Teresa Wlasiuk, joins Jonathan to share her expertise in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and outline ways it can help us over the stressful holiday season. You can follow Dr Wlasiuk on Instagram @GoldenNeedleAcupuncture and find her work at Jonathan’s on Instagram @JVN.
Dr Richard Hovannisian, Professor Emeritus of Armenian History at UCLA, joins Jonathan to outline the history of the Armenian Genocide and to explain why you might not know as much about it as you should. Find more about Dr Richard Hovannisian’s work at UCLA and USC’s Shoah Foundation. You can also find his books on Amazon or at your favorite independent bookshop. Jonathan’s on Instagram @JVN.
Christina Copland outlines the history of Los Angeles and how its early public transit system faltered, leading to today’s “autopia”. Plus Jonathan confesses to a lifelong struggle with remembering how we name centuries. Find Christina Copland’s work at USC. She’s on Twitter @ChristinaCopla1 and blogs at KCET. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN.
Dr Rebecca Simon outlines the history in the Atlantic, from Captain Kidd to Blackbeard. Were pirates into butt stuff? Who were the Adele or Beyonces of the scene and was the golden age of piracy 420 friendly? Find Dr Simon’s work at She’s on Instagram @beckita85 and on Twitter @beckalex. Jonathan is on Instagram @JVN.
Neuroscientist and comedian, Dr. Ori Amir bring us up to speed on A.I., explaining why Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg had a Twitter feud over it, what its benefits and risks might be, and what it’ll mean for all of us over the coming decade. Follow Ori’s work at, @OriAmir on Twitter and find him at OriXAmir on Instagram. Jonathan is @TheGayOfThrones on Twitter and JVN in Instagram.
Dr James Gelvin (Professor of Middle Eastern History at UCLA) returns to help relaunch the podcast and update us on the current situation in the Middle East. Dr Gelvin’s upcoming book is called “The New Middle East: What Everyone Needs to Know”. Dr. Gelvin doesn't do social media, but you can follow Jonathan on Instagram @JVN and on Twitter @TheGayOfThrones. Getting Curious is produced by Jonathan Van Ness, Colin Anderson and Mary O'Hara.
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Ayda Sanver

does your guest know @tonycohen on FB and @themenarefoundation @thebuttonfarm in Maryland? he grows indigenous plants from slavery days! I used to be on hos board of directors! fantastic mission!

May 14th


This episode had me crying. Thank you for hosting such a great interview.

Mar 3rd

Katy Campbell

this episode is my favorite, the ending kills me. what is a piecaken after all?

Feb 5th


Fabulous episode . So informative

Jan 10th

Laura Kral

I too did interpretive dances to Sarah McLachlan, thank you for unlocking that beautiful memory ❤

Dec 31st

Blk Blu

i don't know what do u talking about when i ju wanna drunk

Dec 16th


thank you so much for this episode and all the helpful resources.

Nov 24th

Sha Shep

an extended ad for jvn products

Sep 15th


I learned nothing new about dogs after this entire hour

Aug 9th

Amy M

Pure chaos

Jun 20th


Fuck her, she literally called Israel Palestine. It's possible to say Israel and the Palestinian territories and thus not invalidate either.

Nov 15th


Jonathan was so excited in this episode!

Jun 5th

Charles Smith Jr.

he needs to slow down and dictate

Apr 29th


Jonathan is friggin adorable. He had such an endearing, engaging personality that I find myself even listening to the episodes of his that wouldn't normally be of interest to me. Great podcast!

Feb 10th

Willian De Sousa Silva

I am not sure, but I think this Dr Alex was quite rude in a lot of short times... it sounded like he was uncomfortable with some Johnathan's questions... just saying...

Jan 25th

Clarrie Ramsden

This episode had a MAHOOOSIVE affect on me. The words "moving from: dying from; to living with; to thriving despite" were like a jolt of clarity. I live with depression and PTSD, and am now happily "thriving despite". Thanks, JVN. Clarice, from rainy Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Jan 17th


seriously, how is the rainforest doing?! i'm afraid to know

Jan 13th

Willian De Sousa Silva

one of the best episodes I've ever heard!😍😍😍

Jan 11th

Lets Talk...With Corrine Mills

i love tan france and rest of the fab 5 i cried listening to this.

Dec 25th
Reply (1)

Toro Seduto

So many fundamental flaws with this technology! Wow. First of, she says it herself: if the fossil fuel industries themselves are interested in developing this, it must mean they won't stop emitting and getting profits at the cost of the planet and our health! Duh. And also, what?? Claiming that doing our part, as small as it may seem at first, hasn't much of an effect, it's not only incorrect but also SO damaging! We hurt crappy corporations where it matters most, their so called "wallet" by chosing to not support them. Sure policy is important and it would be SO nice if governments would actually protect us, but who doesn't know by now that politics and corporate profits are tied together in very complex ways? And then get this, TREES ! are not THAT useful...a ok, lady. That's when I knew you were kinda full Of it. Sure let's spray a bunch of toxic crap in the atmosphere to poison our air and water, that's the solution... I'll plant my trees.

Dec 11th
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