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Dr.  Lauren Toote, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Etown College, has been hard at work for the past couple years on the development of a more sensitive and accurate test for diagnosing Lyme disease which has become increasingly prevalent across the United States (particularly in our neck of the woods in rural Pennsylvania). This past summer, Dr. Toote worked with her student, Justin Cosgrove, on a Summer Creative Arts and Research Project (SCARP) to continue to develop this new test which will continue to be an ongoing project.In this chat, we discuss the challenges and the possibilities that this project presents as well as some of the background on Lyme disease in the United States and the complexities and limitations of the current diagnostic tools. And of course, we discuss the chemistry involved. 
The question, "Is Hinduism Present in Game of Thrones?," is the title of a book chapter recently published by Elizabethtown College Professor of Religious and Asian Studies, Dr. Jeffery Long, in Theology and Game of Thrones, a collection of essays that came out in February of this year. In this episode, host Josh Cohen chats with Dr. Long about his exploration of influences from Hinduism in George R.R. Martin's popular fantasy series.  Some of the topics include Martin's various fictional religions and how they impact the shaping of the Game of Thrones world as well as the relevance of scholar Edward Said's concept of "orientalism." 
Earlier this year, Elizabethtown College student, Eric Schubert ('23) used his genealogy research skills to help solve the 57-year-old murder case of Marise Ann Chivarella, a 9-year-old girl who was abducted and murdered on her way to school in March 1964. Schubert's work on the case received attention from a wide variety of media outlets including People magazine, Good Morning America, CNN, Newsweek, CBC News, and The Daily Mail.  Schubert's interest in genealogy research has led him to work on numerous cold cases.In our conversation, Eric and I discuss his work on the Chivarella case, how he developed an interest in genealogy research, and how he first got involved in helping to solve cold cases. 
Welcome to this first episode of The JayPod: A High Library Production in which host Josh Cohen talks with Curt Smith about flash fiction writing. Curt serves as the Assistant Director of Academic Advising at Etown College and as a faculty member in the English department and the First Year Seminar program. He is also a prolific novelist and short-story writer who has published thirteen books of fiction and non-fiction. This includes his most recent novel, The Magpie's Return, which made Kirkus Review's Best Indies List of 2020.  Over the course of his writing career, he's published hundreds of stories and essays which have been selected for inclusion in The Best American Short Stories, The Best American Mystery Stories, and in the Norton anthology New Microfictions. You can check out a couple of Curt's flash fiction pieces, "We Were Girls Once, Dancing" and "Mercy" which he will be reading and discussing in this episode.
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