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Golfweek Amateur Tour - The Podcast

Author: Tim Newman & Chris Rocha

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The Golfweek Amateur Tour Podcast is the official podcast of the Golfweek Amateur Tour. Join your hosts, Tim Newman and Chris Rocha, as they talk about the Golfweek Amateur Tour! This bi-weekly podcast will cover local, regional, and national tournaments, the rules of golf and highlight the members that make up the oldest and largest amateur golf tour in the United States.
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We have four great guests this week. We talk with Terry Cardwell from the Kansas Tour. We get a first look at the new DC Metro Tour Directors Cephas Franklin (The Face) & Thompson Sawyer (The Muscle). Finally, we get to talk with Adam Woodard from Golfweek who played in an event and wrote a story about his experience.Email us with questions and/or elpaso@amateurgolftour.netAMATEURGOLFTOUR.NET Facebook
This week we talk to a player who has won the first three events of the year on his local tour. We have the first episode with a rules official and listener questions. Tim and Chris also talk about the results from the 2023 Phil Robinson Memorial at Reynolds Lake Oconee and some pet peeves of golfers! If you have thoughts or questions please email them to Tim ( or Chris (!Golfweek Amateur Tour tour manualAMATEURGOLFTOUR.NETFacebook Facebook
This week's episode includes three guests from the Tour. We have a Tour Director who was the 2022 Rookie of the Year, a player who is on a quest to become a scratch golfer, and a member of the National Office who gives updates on the new website. If you want to submit questions for the listener mailbag email Tim ( or Chris (!AMATEURGOLFTOUR.NET Facebook
Chris flies solo this week and he talks with the 2022 Tour Director of the year about setting personal and tour goals for the 2023 season.AMATEURGOLFTOUR.NET Facebook
We talk to a couple of flight champions from the first two regionals of the year. We also talk to a member who is all in with the Golfweek Amateur Tour! He tells the story of his tattoo. Maybe it will catch on with the rest of the Chicago Golfweek Amateur Tour!AMATEURGOLFTOUR.NET Facebook
Happy New Year to everyone! In this episode, we talk to A Flight player Chris Tillery from the Indianapolis tour.  Chris talks about his goals for the 2023 season and what he loves about the tour. Then we talk to Wes Forester, the Director of Golf at Reynolds Lake Oconee. Wes gives us some inside information about the courses we. are playing for the Phil Robinson Memorial. He also talks about the other four courses and other amenities at the resort.  AMATEURGOLFTOUR.NET Facebook
John Farrell (Director of Sports Operations) at Sea Pines talks about the three Championship courses in the Sea Pines Resort, along with all of the amenities within Sea Pines. Tim and Chris give an overview of the first five regional majors of the 2023 season.  AMATEURGOLFTOUR.NET Facebook
Tour Director Run Down

Tour Director Run Down


Join us as we talk to tour Directors Scott Ide (Charlotte) and Brandon Peterson (North Central Florida) as they give all the details for their tours for the upcoming Golfweek Amateur Tour Season. Unfortunately, we lost the feed for Mark Morris from the Upstate tour, but we will get him back on soon!AMATEURGOLFTOUR.NET Facebook
The 2023 season is right around the corner, but we wrap up the 2022 National Championship with two National Champions. Scott Parker (Alabama Tour Director) joins us and gives a rundown of his 2023 schedule and talks about the competitiveness of his Champ flight. We round out the episode with information on registration for the 2023 season.  If you are interested in the Stand Up to Cancer Raffle, email Tim ( Golfweek Amateur Tour...Where amateurs play like pros!AMATEURGOLFTOUR.NET Facebook
The Golfweek Amateur Tour – The Podcast has interviews with players, tour directors, rules officials, course pros, and much more. We are talking about periodic run-downs of where local tours are playing, with some highlights about the courses. Getting the inside scoop straight from our local tour directors and hearing directly from players about their Tour experiences. Along with updates and messages directly from the National Office with the latest news that impacts every tour member.We hope you listen, download, and share the only podcast dedicated to the players of the Golfweek Amateur Tour! The Golfweek Amateur Tour...Where amateurs play like pros!AMATEURGOLFTOUR.NETFacebook
Unfortunately, we were not able to do a live broadcast during National Championship week. This episode will feature some highlights of the week, such as Tour Director of the Year and The Mitterling Award winner (Tour who raised the most money for Stand Up 2 Cancer). We will also talk about the 63 that was posted in the Champ flight! Chris had a tough weekend with his Ryder Cup loss, but he will bounce back!The Golfweek Amateur Tour...Where amateurs play like pros!AMATEURGOLFTOUR.NET Facebook
With just over a week to go, listen to a female former National Champion who also has the largest local tour talk about her experiences with the Golfweek Amateur Tour.The LAVA Cup is the longest-running Ryder cup style team competition on Tour. Lyle Joyner and Gina O'Neal give an overview of the event.President of the Golfweek Amateur Tour, Dennis McCormac takes some time off to talk about the National Championship and share about some of this year's highlights! Listen live next week from the Golfweek Amateur Tour's National Championship!The Golfweek Amateur Tour...Where amateurs play like pros!AMATEURGOLFTOUR.NET Facebook
The Golfweek Amateur Tour The Podcast 2022 Episode 22021 C Flight Champion Dougy Phillips (Philly Metro) talks about his experience winning the National Championship.Upstate members Chris and Alex Franklin share the Golfweek Amateur Tour experience as father & son.Jen Newman gives an update on all things National Championship.The next Episode will drop on 10/5!The Golfweek Amateur Tour.....Where amateurs play like pros!AMATEURGOLFTOUR.NET Facebook
The Golfweek Amateur Tour The Podcast 2022 Episode 1Gabe Garcia gives us a wrap-up of the Labor Day Regional Tournament at TPC Scottsdale.Champ flight winner HB Kim talks about how he cruised to a 9-stroke victory at TPC Scottsdale.Dan "Cash" talks about his D flight victory at the Myrtle Beach Labor Day Regional at the Legends.Jen Newman gives an update on all things National Championship.The next Episode will drop on 9/21!The Golfweek Amateur Tour.....Where amateurs play like pros!AMATEURGOLFTOUR.NET Facebook
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