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The Television Crossover Universe is a weekly, conversational interview with great authors and filmmakers whose work adds to a larger shared reality, or prominently features crossovers. The "TVCU Crew" consists of James Bojaciuk, CEO of 18thWall Productions; M.H. Norris, mystery maven and sci-fi sorceress; and Ben Kasson, CEO Duobus of 18thWall Productions and Lovecraft's crafty love-child. We are on hiatus until January 2017.
55 Episodes
A three minute rundown of where to find us, what's up, and what's your new theme earworm. Check for updates! All this, and the ASMR you've been requesting for weeks.
Christmas Hiatus 2016

Christmas Hiatus 2016


On the run from Santa and his coal-filled boxes, James, MH, and Ben briefly emerge from deep cover to wish you holiday greetings, tell you when to expect them back, and inform you who they're interviewing in the upcoming year. You heard it here first! All this, and the hit Christmas single of 2016.
Tina DeLucia steps back into the studio to continue her intimate discussion of early Doctor Who and its universe-building. Come for Susan's lost shoe, and stay for imaginary grandchildren and all the auxiliary grandchild. Where'd the northern accents go? All this, and James' degree is put to use.
Micah S. Harris sticks around just a bit longer to talk Dorian Grey meeting Becky Sharp, Carnacki, and Orson Welles' career. Then Tina DeLucia--classic Doctor Who expert, Time Travel Nexus author, and convention panelist--comes on to talk about the first Doctor Who and the wonders of the Black and White world. All this, and why Victoria Waterfield is a solid contender for best companion.
Micah S. Harris returns to talk about Thongor in the Valley of Demons, a failed move adaption of the sword and sorcery classic, and his new crossover story "The Frequency of Fear." All this, and the dangers of a muted mic.
The crew looks back on the last 50 episodes, picking out particular favorites, before talking about a Doctor Who convention, plans for the future, and other things appropriate for the 50th episode. All this, and more snark than usual.
Everyone welcomes Guy Adams back to talk about his new third Doctor Adventure (The Transcendence of Ephros), his first main range Doctor Who story (Fiesta of the Damned, starring Sylvester McCoy and friends), Sherlock Holmes, Class, the life of an author, how to talk about spoilers without spoilers, signings, and fresh takes on old characters. All this, and James wins a no-prize.
In blissful ignorance of whether Monster A or Monster B won the election, James and Ben sit down with John Linwood Grant to talk about occult detectives, the new magazine Occult Detective Quarterly, The Last Edwardian, and that Carnacki bloke we can't get away from. All this, and the Christmas Wasp.
Six-guns, blazing hooves, and the horrors that stalk the night. J Patrick Allen joins James and Ben to talk Dead West, Carnacki the Ghost-Finder, inspirations, voting based on Onion coverage, The Pulp Ark New Pulp Awards (where he won Best Short Story), and the creepy story you'll never have a chance to hear... All this and questionable tattoos.
James couldn't sleep. M.H. overslept. Join them and their hot cider for a lazy, bickering chat about Doctor Who news, Class trailer reactions, feelings about the Superman-inspired Christmas Special, and how much they love Big Finish.
Peter Rawlik returns for a squamous symposium on the Cthulhu Mythos and Reanimators, writing for the Mythos, new twists on old stories, editing anthologies, the great detectives, and where to find his recent work. All this, and just what words one should use to describe M.H.
Your official scorecard and crossover notes for the first half of the new Arrowverse season. Check in for all your news, views, crossover check-ins, and shipping notices before the season gets properly underway. Who will be fighting and dating whom? All this, and Gotham too.
Micah S. Harris joins the guys for a chat with the hosts of Miskatonic Musings. H.P. Lovecraft adaptions, crossovers, the weird tale, Promethu--THE PIG-MAN TAKES OVER THE EPISODE--and favorite Lovecraftian crossovers. All this, and just what M.H. Norris was doing the last two weeks.
Micah S. Harris joins James and Chris for a thrillride discussion with award-winning comic author T. Casey Brennan. T. Casey regales the guys with his new story in The Creeps #7, tales of Warren Comics, smoking in comics, and MK Ultra. T. Casey raises the possibility he shot JFK, but that's nowhere near as important as everything MK Ultra was doing to its victims. Buckle in, true believers, this is a wild one. All this and FAMILY FEUD.
The tables have turned! Now Nicole Petit is the guest, and M.H. Norris helps James Bojaciuk grill her with questions. Everyone talks about the Arthurian Legends, After Avalon, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight's sequel, university award shows, Rudyard Kipling, Just So Stories, dragons and From the Dragon Lord's Library, a historically accurate Victorian era, black magic radio, and just what you should do if you submit a series to 18thWall Productions.
James Bojaciuk and Nicole Petit sit down to interview M.H. Norris about Sherlock Holmes, "Harry Potter," why killing one person is harder than killing a dozen, All the Petty Myths, writing advice, forgotten crossovers, sarcastic summaries of creepypasta, and The Time Travel Nexus. Everyone grapples with the most pressing question of all~Who Was Phone? This episode features a special tribute to our former host, Robert E. Wronski. Jr.
Returning guest Matthew Dennion joins us this week with artist Josh Torrito to discuss the wonderful children's book, Frankenstein's Monster goes to Oz. We also discuss Dennion's other recent works, including Operation R.O.C. and the expanding Clocktower Universe (no religious affiliations) and Matt makes some "you heard it here first" announcements!!!
TVCU #38 - Stranger Things

TVCU #38 - Stranger Things


Join us this week as we are joined by Throwdown Thursday's Patsy the Angry Nerd to discuss the hit new Netflix series, Stranger Things. This is an analysis, not a review, and it's full of spoilers, so tune in with caution!
Join us this week as we chat with vampire expert David MacDowell Blue. Our old friend is the playwright of the successful theatre adaptation of Carmilla, and editor of the annotated Carmilla. This whole episode is an extensive discussion on the nuances of the 19th century novella.
One of our earliest guests returns as promised. Join us this week as Erik Burnham, writer of the acclaimed Ghostbusters comic from IDW, returns to announce the release of Tobin's Spirit Guide, and chat with us about the overall popularity of the Ghostbusters franchise.
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