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Author: Tom Andriola

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Welcome to Digital Squared. A podcast that explores the implications of living in an increasingly digital world. We’re on a mission to inspire our listeners to use technology and data for good. Your host, Tom Andriola, is the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Data and Chief Digital Officer at the University California at Irvine. Join us as Tom and fellow leaders discuss the technological, cultural and societal trends that are shaping our world.
22 Episodes
On this episode, Tom talks with key stakeholders of Compass, UC Irvine’s data-driven student success program. Together they look back on the past year, discuss the challenges, wins and progress they’ve made in continuing to expand Compass across campus, and the future direction of UCI’s ambitious Student Success 3.0 vision. Tom is joined by UCI Professor Richard Arum, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management Patty Morales, Assistant Vice Chancellor & Chief of Staff for Student Affairs ...
On this episode of Digital Squared, Tom talks with Maria Anguiano, Executive Vice President of Arizona State University’s Learning Enterprise. Together they discuss her unique journey from a challenging upbringing to achieving success in the higher education sector, and her role at ASU, emphasizing the university's innovative approach to inclusivity and lifelong learning through various programs and partnerships designed to democratize access to education.
On this episode of Digital Squared, Tom talks with Susan Cummings, CEO of Petaverse Network and Tiny Rebel Games and co-founder of 2K games. Together they discuss the evolution of gaming technology, the utility of AI as a creative enhancement tool rather than a replacement for human ingenuity, and Susan’s unique take on technology's role in our evolving humanity.
On this episode of Digital Squared, Tom talks with Geoff Watson, President and Chief Business Officer at Minerva Project, a company working to revolutionize higher education. Together they discuss how building Minerva University has created a new model that they are now sharing with other open-minded institutions, the challenges and intentionality of systemic change, and the type of learning that technology can’t replace.
On this episode of Digital Squared, Tom talks with Dr. Kip Webb, a lecturer at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and Haas Business School. Dr. Webb has dedicated his career to healthcare reform and innovation. He has worked previously as a management consultant, a Chief Clinical Innovation Officer and is now an advisory board member to many health organizations. Together, they discuss his focus on inequities in rural healthcare, how innovation is improving healthcare delivery for everyo...
On this episode, Tom talks with Dr. Jonathan Reichental, founder of Human Future. Human Future is a global business and technology advisory, investment, and education firm. Together they discuss building smart cities through urban innovation, the importance of creating balance in hybrid learning, and the fourth industrial revolution’s effect on humanity.
On this episode, Tom talks with Dr. Christine Borgman, a Distinguished Research Professor and the Presidential Chair in Information Studies, Emerita at the UCLA School of Education and Information Studies. Borgman also has over 250 publications surrounding information studies, computer science and communications, including three award-winning books from MIT Press. Together they discuss the evolution of data & technology, the need for today’s students to understand “ground truth”, and the ...
On this episode, Tom talks with Tim Kashani, a long-time entrepreneur blending the worlds of technology and the arts. His career has taken many interesting turns - as a Broadway producer, director, investor and co-founder of several companies, including Apples and Oranges Arts and Humani3. Together they discuss his unique career, his bold vision of AI to unite humanity, and why human-first storytelling through technology is an important part of our future.
On this episode, Tom talks with John O’Brien, President and CEO of EDUCAUSE, the international nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through technology innovation. Together they discuss a need for digital ethics across the curriculum, a renewed focus on what students want and need, and the importance of creating a culture of care in this world of exponential use of technology.
On this episode, Tom talks with Dr. Christopher Longhurst, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Digital Officer at UC San Diego Health. Together they discuss his organization’s use of ChatGPT, pairing physicians with data scientists to collaborate on improving patient care using data, and advancing AI to alleviate challenges facing the healthcare workforce.
On this episode, Tom talks with Dean Stoecker, co-founder and executive chairman of Alteryx, a technology company enabling organizations to make faster, more confident, data-driven decisions. Together they discuss Alteryx’s unique approach to data analytics, how creating a social experience for its users accelerates proficiency, and why focusing on company culture has always been a top priority.
On this episode, Tom talks with Ravi Sharma, board director and founder of OOTify, a mental health hub that leverages artificial intelligence to provide a personalized ecosystem of resources for its clients. Together they discuss how a multifaceted approach to mental health has gained popularity as an alternative to traditional care, how AI can act as an important tool during the process, and why targeting resources to younger adults is so important.
On this episode, Tom talks with Kevin Hart, SVP of Strategic Development and Technology, Northern California at Kaiser Permanente. Together they discuss his work in creating inclusive healthcare spaces for all patients, leveraging technology within human-centered design, and what it means to serve communities the way they want to be served.
On this episode, Tom talks to Susan Grajek, Vice President for Partnerships, Communities and Research at EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit association with the mission to advance higher education through the use of information technology and data. Together they discuss the future of technology in higher education, how ‘radical creativity’ can be used to unlock novel ideas, and the critical relationship between culture and innovation.
Big Tech Gives Back

Big Tech Gives Back


On this episode, Tom chats with Kim Majerus, Vice President, U.S. State & Local Government and Education, Amazon Web Services, Worldwide Public Sector. Together they discuss how to ensure technology and connectivity are accessible to everyone, the AWS approach toward environmental sustainability and how the company provides reskilling opportunities to develop workforce resilience.
On this episode, Tom interviews four UC Irvine leaders who have played major roles in the institution’s Student Success Initiative. Together they discuss the journey over several years to understand student success, the different aspects that impact it - from policies to what happens in the classroom - and how the role of technology and data are transforming the way we can personalize and improve the student experience. Podcast Guests:Michael Dennin, Vice Provost and Dean, Office of the ...
On this episode, Tom talks with Dr. Michael Pfeffer, Chief Information Officer and Associate Dean for Stanford Health Care and Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Pfeffer is unique as a CIO because he is also a clinical professor and actively practicing Hospitalist Physician. Together they discuss Dr. Pfeffer’s unique role, the increasing reliance and incorporation of technology in healthcare, and the possibilities of what technology can offer to healthcare providers, as tools to...
The 2030 University

The 2030 University


In this episode, Tom talks to New York Times bestselling author, Jeff Selingo. Jeff has written about higher education for more than two decades and his latest book, Who Gets In & Why: A Year Inside College Admissions, was named among the 100 Notable Books of the year by the New York Times. Together they discuss how education is evolving in the wake of the pandemic, what it means to create lifelong relationships with students, and why investing in continued education for higher ed em...
In this episode, Tom speaks with Soul Machines CEO and Co-Founder, Greg Cross. Together they discuss the Metaverse, Covid’s impact on digital transformation and how digital people can help shape the future of our increasingly digital and transactional world.
On this episode of Digital Squared: From the Archives, Tom revisits his 2020 conversation with Abby Sears, President and CEO of OCHIN, a non-profit organization nationally recognized for their work in health equity and a leader in demonstrating how data and technology can make a big difference in closing the equity gaps. Together they discuss data-driven insights around healthcare inequities, what it’s like being a female CEO of a tech company, and Abby’s take on what we can all do to close t...