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Author: Ben Edmunds, Matt Trask

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PHP Town Hall is a podcast from Ben Edmunds and Matt Trask that raises questions about current events (or upcoming things) in the PHP community, with different guests each episode.
82 Episodes
Matt and Ben are joined by Colin O'Dell, staff engineer at Wayfair and supporter of the twitter dividing Dynamic Properties RFC to discuss what this RFC really means for PHP going forward and if its really a good idea. They also talk to Colin about what its like to change jobs after a long tenure (13 years) at his previous job, what he likes and doesn't like about using a Mac for a daily work computer and also managing one of the biggest OSS libraries for PHP: CommonMark.Show Notes:Deprecate Dynamic Properties RFCColin on TwitterColin's blogReference to the good dogs big
Ben and Matt catch up since its been a minute since it's just the two of them have talked. They talk all kinds of things about life, conferences, getting hit by a car and how to best impersonate Chuck Norris style rolls.
Ben and Matt are joined by Ben Ramsey to talk about what it like being in charge of PHP 8.1, his new gig at Skillshare and we ponder the question: do all good uuids go to heaven? Links: Ben Ramsey on Twitter Ben’s UUID Library PHP Release Process Ben’s PHP Library starter kit Rand’s Leadership Slack
Matt and Ben are joined by PsalmPHP author and maintainer Matthew Brown to talk about static analysis, open source maintanence, how he and Ondrej Mirtes made a nice contribution to the PHP Coore and how to get Matthew out to more conferences so people can buy him the beers he so rightfully deserves. Show Notes: Psalm Matthew on Twitter
Matt and Ben are joined by the founder of Larabelles community Zuzana Kunckova to talk about why communities are so crucial to developer growth, what it takes to start a comnmunity and why Zuzana started Larabelles. We then dive into how she got her start as a developer, where her career has taken her and what is gonna happen with conferences after this whole covid thing is over. Show Notes: LarabellesPHP Zuzana on Twitter
Ben and Matt sit down to talk to Phil Sturgeon… yes that Phil Sturgeon for their once every 2 year check in with the former host of this very podcast. They talk about what it’s like to bikepack across Europe during working hours, how Phil knew what issues needed to be addressed immediately and which he could push off to later and then they talk about his current project which involves APIs and trees. Links: - Trees foundation Phil is involved with - Phil’s place on the internet - Phil and Matt’s other project
Matt and Ben are joined by Chris Fidao (who watched with horror as Matt butchered his last name). The conversation takes a deep dive into how Chris and Dave Hemphill built ChipperCI include the why, the how and what were some of the fun challenges to building a CI service. We talked briefly about how Chris found good use cases for Golang, but Chris still loves PHP. Links: - Chris Fidao on Twitter - David Hemphill on Twitter
Matt and Ben are joined by the League of Extraordinary Packages chief benevolent dictator for life Frank De Jonge (@frankdejonge. Its pronounced “de-yong”, not like how Matt pronounced it. He is sorry). We talk about Frank’s contributions to the League, and how it makes him feel to have a package download count in the 8 digits. Frank also talks about his work on Eventsauce ( an event driven framework that integrates well into most PHP projects.
The Twilio crew, bored because they can’t go to conferences to show people the cool shit you can build with their APIs, take over the podcast to talk about life as a grounded devrel. Matt is joined by Margaret Staples (@dead_lugosi), Gary Hockin (@geeh) and back to back guest Marcus Battle (@themarcusbattle). We discuss the Twilio Quest project and how Twilio is leveraging new ways for their dev rels to get their brand out there. We also talk about what we miss most about not being able to go to conferences and drink with friends. It got a little dark there. Sorry. Enjoy!
Matt and Ben are joined by Marcus Battle to talk about his career path from being a data nerd at WebDev Studios to being a content creator and curator at Twilio. We talk about how much work is involved being a total grammar junky, and does Marcus get early access to things like the supposed Twilio Pigeon API. We also talk about the coveted Twilio swag from back in the days where we were allowed to go to conferences. Then we nerd out about music for a minute. Show Notes: Twilio PHP SDK
Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds are joined by Jordi Bggiano and Nils Adermann to celebrate Composer finally figuring out how to self invoke its own composer self-upgrade command. We discuss the origins of the project, how they deal with the fame they have found, how they run their business and OSS project and how people who like the project can help give back! Show Notes: Packagist/Composer Blog
Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds are joined by Woody Gilk. We talk about what its like to birth a framework, and then mercilessly kill it. We also talk about how Woody got involved with the League of Extraordinary Packages and how someone can get involved with the PHP FIG.
Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds sit down for a general catch up episode discussing what’s new with them in the past year or so. Jobs, moves, relationships, and Matt’s developing delusion that he actually enjoys impossible burgers.
Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds are joined by James Brooks to discuss what it’s like working for Laravel, his new podcast HappyDev, and mental health for software developers. Links Laravel Forge HappyDev
Matt Trask is joined by Dries Vints to talk about being employed by Laravel, organizing a conference, why the Last Jedi is absolute garbage, and how Dries manages to do so much (spoiler: don’t have a significant other). Links Laravel FullStackEu Eventy Dries’ Blog
Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds are joined by Taylor Otwell to discuss what’s new with Laravel, the business side of things, and what it’s like organizing a huge conference. Links Laravel Forge Vapor Ignition
Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds are joined by Adam Culp to discuss the recent changes with Zend (the company), Zend (the framework), and the transition from Zend Framework to Laminas Framework. Links Laminas Nexmo Releated Stuff Beachcasts Video on Hypermedia Video on automating Hypermedia
Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds are joined by Joe Watkins to discuss what’s new with PHP 7.4 and PHP 8.0.
Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds are joined by a panel of speakers from Longhorn PHP to discuss the conference, PHP internals, and questions from the attendees. Our amazing panel guests this episode are: Alena Holligan Sammy K Powers Taylor Barnett Margaret Staples Chris Holland Kat Zień
Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds are joined by Jason McCreary to discuss further discuss investing and trading. This episode gets a bit more in the weeds on investing and trading for those interested, discussing everything from 401k to index funds to speculation. We also briefly cover Financial Independence / Retire Early (FIRE) and how developers are well positioned to work towards financial independence. Links RobinHood FireCalc MrMoneyMustache FIRE Math
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