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Author: Benay Dyor

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Coach Pep Talk is the podcast specifically for life and business coaches. Pick up new skills, ideas and inspiration for your own coaching business.
41 Episodes
Learn the 5-steps to easily create a 90-day content plan for your coaching business with marketing consultant, Michelle Adams, the founder of Marvel Marketing House Gold Coast, Australia. This 90-day planning process covers all the content you'll need to organically build your tribe online. Grab Michelle's 90-Day Content Plan Template here: Listen my first interview with Michelle - Simple Marketing Strategy for Any Coach, here:
Melanie Spears, creator of the bestseller, the Gratitude Diary, talks to us about why New Years Resolutions don't work and what we should be doing instead. References: Grab a Gratitude Diary for yourself! The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life's Perfection by Michael A. Singer Melanie's Free 4-Day Masterclass Series
Cindy Turner, of Evolving Women, is fascinated by the differences between the male and female brain. In her research she discovered that (generally speaking) men and women are gifted with different special skills. Unfortunately, Western society typically tends to favor masculine skills. But what would happen if We honoured the masculine and feminine? In this interview Cindy and I explore the power of the feminine and how aligning with our unique gender qualities could ultimately create heaven on earth. Links: FREE Ebook - Why Women Make Better Bosses Book - Unleash the Power of the Female Brain, Daniel Amen Evolving Women on Linkedin Evolving Women - the online community that passionately enables women to live their best life Discover your highest purpose with Passion Mapping Book - A Return to Love, Marianne Williamson Book - The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle
Simone Leslie is among many things a Neuro Strategist, Author and Presenter. In her private coaching, she is known for ability to facilitate massive Breakthroughs. I first saw Simone on stage and was instantly blown away by her SHINE! Straight away I knew, this woman has major gifts to share with us! So, I got up the courage and asked her if she would share her journey of how she got to be the coach she is today. It turns out that Simone was not born knowing her calling, in fact, far from it! She has a beautiful hero’s journey about how she found it. She’s written a book about her journey, which documents the series of Revelations she had on her path of self discovery and ultimately self love titled, “ It’s OK to be Beautiful, Heavenly Whispers to a Broken Heart”. It is my sincere hope that this interview will find the coaches who are feeling lost and are on the verge of giving up. May you find wisdom and inspiration to stay on your quest and to awaken to your true calling. Links: Get a copy of Simone's Book of Revelations, It’s OK to be Beautiful, Heavenly Whispers to a Broken Heart Visit Simone's website Learn more about the Host, Benay Dyor
Marlon Marescia is a digital marketing strategist with a specialization in Facebook Advertising. I have shared the online stage with Marlon in more than a dozen trainings and have also hired him to help me in my business. Basically - I vouch for him - he's AMAZING! In this EPIC interview Marlon gives you the low down on Sales Funnels. We know this can be overwhelming when all you want to do is coach so we've done our best to strip away the noise and the BS and give it to you as straight as we currently know how to. Here's what you'll learn: - What a sales funnel is - Why you need at least on as a coach - How you go about setting up a sales funnel - When's the best time - Can you outsource - and WAY MORE! Enjoy! Learn more about Marlon @ Learn more about Benay @
Michelle Adams, a leading digital marketing strategist, teaches her winning 8-step, Marketing Strategy formula. Learn the full 8 steps in this incredible interview and become a magnet to your ideal clients. Michelle is the CEO and founder of Marvel Marketing and Clockwork Content. Show Sponsor - Life Coach Office Let us do the tech for you - easy to use online coaching client management platform Download Michelle's FREE 8-Step Content Marketing Strategy!
Dr Aikyna Finch is a walking encyclopedia on all things social media. She's a Podcaster, Social Media Coach, Speaker, and Author who's also a contributor for Huffington Post, Goalcast, Forbes and Thrive Global. I first discovered Dr Aikyna Finch through her AWESOME the Social Power Summit, which she founded for Women in STEM and People of Color in Social Media to have a platform where they can shine. I've been following some of the stars from last year's summit and WOW - they are doing it differently and shining bright! So, although there are many topics I could interview Aikyna on - we settled on a nice practical one for starters - How to showcase your coaching business on Linkedin. My favourite part of the interview is when Aikyna tells us EXACTLY what to do in 20-30 minutes a day to best capitalize on the amazing Linkedin platform to gain coaching clients. Enjoy the show! Show Sponsor - Life Coach Office Let us do the tech for you - easy to use online coaching client management platform Learn more about Dr Aikyna Finch
Kurek and Erin Ashley are an AWESOME team. When it comes to transforming lives this dynamic duo delivers with power and grace. In EPISODE 34, I talk with Kurek Ashely, one of the world's top success coaches AND Erin Ashely, premier Mindfulness Coach, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, about their recipe for being an unstoppable coach. Show Sponsor Start Kurek's Free 10-day Course - Get Out of Your Bad Mood
Jana O is a Content Manager and Pinterest Strategist who certainly walks her talk. In fact, it's because of her own exceptional Facebook posting that we met in the first place. The high quality of her posts and the value she consistently shares about the power of Pinterest to generate leads really got me curious. I wanted to learn even more about how the platform could be used to help coaches organically grow their client lists. In this interview Jana demystifies Pinterest and shares the three most important success factors for using Pinterest strategically to grow our coaching businesses. Enjoy! Show Sponsor Get your FREE DIY Pinterest Checklist
Pol Cousineau is the charming, spiritual and humble President of a little American company called The Digital Navigator. Pol’s an expert in pretty much everything to do with selling your coaching online because he’s trained with the best online marketers. On top of that being a Canadian CPA Auditor licensed in Quebec, makes him a total wiz at interpreting the data and stats that sit beneath the surface of our business websites. He easily sees stories in your data that just look like a bunch of numbers to the average person. In this interview Pol and I were specifically looking for Pol to teach us Coaches how to get leads organically from Google. It’s something he helped me and my team with in 2018 and I was so impressed with the strategy (AND the fact that you can get more ongoing ‘FREE’ leads with not too much effort) that I thought it would be good to share the love. I can tell you that he delivered the goods and shared specific action items you can use to grow your coaching business – prepare to be inspired! Links: Show Sponsor – Life Coach Office Keyword tool Keyword difficulty rating tool This is the pillar content Pol created for his website that, at the time of this interview, is gets over 100 targeted visitors each month Free Sales Funnel Template Pack
Dr. Perkus is the creator of the The Aroma Freedom Technique. It is an entirely new approach to aromatherapy, one that uses the power of pure essential oils to instantly and irresistibly shift a person’s mental state, mood, and ability to take positive action. In this interview Dr Perkus introduces the process know if this is a tool you need in your coaching tool kit. Links: Show Sponsor – Life Coach Office Watch an Introductory video on Aroma Freedom for Coaches
Peter Wallman is a world leader in techniques to discover, ignite and direct passion in people and organisations. In this episode Peter and I discuss a powerful coaching process that he's invented called Passion Mapping. In our discussion you'll also learn from a master, new ways to think about life purpose, intention and mission. If you're looking for a new coaching tool in your tool kit to help take your clients to deeper levels, you'll love this one. Enjoy! Links: Show Sponsor – Life Coach Office Learn more about Passion Mapping. [FREE DOWNLOAD] 5 Steps Guide To Higher Purpose pdf [FREE DOWNLOAD] The Successful and Sustainable Coaching Business Checklist
Marlon Marescia is a consultant, trainer and speaker specialising in Facebook advertising. In this episode, he talks about why most people fail with FB ads and gives coaches 3 tips to get the most from your Facebook Ad spend . Links: Show Sponsor - Life Coach Office Get Marlon's free webinar with even more detail on Facebook Ads Get The Successful and Sustainable Coaching Business Checklist
Gordon Firemark is lawyer specialising in entertainment law and new media. In this episode, he gets us coaches up to speed with the new EU General Protection Regulations(GDPR). Learn what you need to do by May 25, 2018 to comply with the regs - even if your coaching business has little to do with the European Union! Links: Show Sponsor - Life Coach Office Watch Gordon's free online course - GDPR For Digital Entrepreneurs Join the Universal Coaching Systems Ecosystem
Jeremy S. DeMerchant, Sales Strategist, walks us through the Four E's of client enrolment and then takes us through his 7-step client enrolment call process. If you are ready to start client enrolment conversations in your coaching business, or if you've already started and want mastery tips, Episode 27 of Coach Pep Talk is for you! Links: Show Sponsor - Life Coach Office Grab a free copy of Jermey's, 5 C's of Successful Sales Conversations and Learn The Simple Strategy For Closing 5 Figure Client Contracts Join the Universal Coaching Systems Ecosystem
Ben Gioia teaches his secret sauce to elevator pitches. His technique helps us authentically connect with anyone in a networking situation, with a heart. Since you never know what opportunity the universe is going to hand next, you must proceed with grace and respect in each any every conversation you choose to engage in. Ben is the perfect role model. Links: Show Sponsor - Life Coach Office Learn more about Ben and his work Http:// Join the Universal Coaching Systems Ecosystem Http://
Reverend Karen MacDuff helps us rediscover the spiritual path of Christmas. Behind the stressful, over-commercialised holiday season is an ancient tradition of reflection and rebirth. Karen shares four beautiful, non-denominational spiritual practices that are a perfect way to close off the year. Links: Show Sponsor - Life Coach Office Http:// Centering prayer Ignatius of Loyola - Examen of Consciousness Connect with Reverend Karen MacDuff - The 40-Day Mystic
Michelle McGuire teaches practical tips on using Instagram to spread good karma and create BUZZ about your coaching business. Links: Show Sponsor - Life Coach Office, one stop shot for managing your coaching business online. Try it for 7-days for FREE. Http:// Interact with the most Fabulous Bossy Girls on the Planet at Bossy Girl Social Club.
Erin Ashley, mindfulness, yoga and meditation teacher, gifts you with 3 tried and tested ways to center and ground yourself before your next coaching session, so you bring your best self to your practice. Links: Show Sponsor - Online Coaching Software, Life Coach Office Learn more about Erin Ashley (and sign up for her amazing 5-day Meditation Challenge)
Megan Gill, modern glamour photographer, explains how she gets her business clients to step into their light and change the way they see their self. ​You'll discover pro tips and ideas to help you get a beautiful photograph of yourself that you love. Links: Show Sponsor - Life Coach Office Get more photo tips and check out Megan's beautiful portfolio
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