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In our last Times Up episode of the season, Gavin and B Black talk about the ever elusive, Race Card. 
S02E11 - Half of Chonilla

S02E11 - Half of Chonilla


This week we welcome a very special guest, Clove Roy from the Chonilla Podcast. We talk about podcasting. The 60 scoop and Sarah Huckabee Sanders getting the boot from that resturant. 
This week Gavin and B Black rail against centerists. Also we have some serious Luke Cage Season 2 Love.
We welcome King Kimbit to our show, and she drops some knowledge about Doug Ford, the importance of healing oneself and Facebook drama.
This week the guys talk some critical race theory, while trying to explain the difference between white fragility, white narcissism and interest convergence, and why understanding these theories are important. 
This week Gavin and B black wade into the NFL's new fines for players protesting. They ask the question "Why do white people deny white privalge"? Then they soak up some white tears because Tammy Lumpystain was invited to the White House because someone threw water on her.
We're not talking Roseanne, or Drake or even Samantha Bee. No this week the guys are risking low numbers buy talking about the tragedy that's Puerto Rico
This week the Fabulous Kenny Robinson joins us (CBC, JFL, CTV) as we talk about Childish Gambinos' This is America and the horrible remake for white ladies. 
On this bonus episode Gavin and B Black discuss the Munk Debates, particularly the exchange between Michael Eric Dyson and Jordan Peterson. 
This week Gavin and B Black take a long hard look at white feminism. 
Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! This weeks bonus episode is all about the Cosby verdict. 
This week comedian Sam Norton joins us to talk about white guys. Also try as they might, white supremacists can't seem to escape their red neck roots
Gavin and B Black are joined by Sandra Battaglini (JFL, CASA founder)  to talk about a show that has recenlty caused a lot of contraversy in the Toronto Comedy scene. An all white guy show called White Guys Matter.    Please sign to the petition to get stand up comedy recognized as an art form in Canada. Link is here
This week Comedian Nick Durie joins Gaivn and B Black to talk about the normalization of white supremecy, how you can be a good ally and finally, our white tears segment. 
We have 25 minutes to debate the state of racisim in my town. Good 'ol #2 on the Canada's hate crimes list Hamilton, Ontario. 
This week Gavin and B Black try to figure out how to become black conservative pundits. We need a technical school for this growing industry. 
This week on Times Up, Gavin & B Black need a vacation from racism. 
S02E03 - The CASC Episode

S02E03 - The CASC Episode


This week Gavin talks to Sandra Battaglini about the CASC (Canadian Association for Stand-up Comedians) Also this week Gavin & B -Black sit down and talk about Monique's Netflix special boycott and the suspected police bias with serial killer Bruce McArthur. You can sign the petition to make Stand up comedy an art form here 
We're doing a new thing here at MRD. Every other week we'll be releasing a mini episode where Gavin & B Black will discuss one topic within 20 mins... sort of. 
This week on the MRD we welcome Morgan Smith (Mista Mo) from Comedy Network's The Buzz. We talk about what it would be like to live in an openly racist society. 
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These two guys are clueless.

May 29th
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