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The American Military Brit

Author: Christopher Clark

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Real talk about real life in the United States military.
14 Episodes
This podcast features various outtakes from previous episodes. This outtake episode includes: Aaron talking about people with swimming issues and disabilities in naval basic training, Lucretia discussing the stork nesting program, Tamia on her assignments, Lucretia again discussing the difference between the Air Force Guard and Reserves, Shaun on deployments and Korea, Erik on whether he would return to Active Duty, and Tamia again discussing being a chaplain and helping each other out.
This podcast features various outtakes from previous episodes. This outtake episode includes: Aaron discussing how his life prior to the military prepared him for military service and after military service, Lucretia discussing entering the Air Force as Open General, Tamia talking further about ROTC, Shaun telling a hilarious tech school story, Erik telling us about the dangers of deployments, Shaun again this time talking about our adventures at Whiteman Air Force Base, Moses discussing choices to stay in the Air Force for 20 years, and Josh explaining his plans after the military.
This podcast features various outtakes from previous episodes. This outtake episode includes: Tamia talking about why she thinks she joined the Army, Shaun discussing a funny story from when he was on EC duty, Moses discussing basic and tech school and losing contact with people, Erik on assignments being what you make of them, Joshua going into what embassy duty was like when deployed, Ross discussing the Haiti mission he was a part of, Aaron talking about what Navy deployments were like and the officer enlisted friendship, and Lucretia going further into the capitol mission.
This podcast features various outtakes from previous episodes. This outtake episode includes: myself talking about basic training and tech school, Shaun talking about why he joined the Air Force, Erik talking about a football story which led to him joining the Air Force, Aaron discussing who did and did not prepare for basic training, Joshua talking about female and male separation in marine basic training, Moses on the supervisor and airmen bond, Grant discussing his adventures in England, Ross explaining his most recent career path, and Tamia on the UNLV veterans community.
In this episode, Lucretia joins the show to talk about her unique experience of being Active, Guard, and Reserve in the Air Force.
In this episode, Tamia joins the show to talk about her experience in the Army from joining in ROTC and becoming military police, to separating and continuing life as a police officer and chaplain.
In this episode Erik Lovingood joins the show to talk about his Air Force career from being Active Duty to transitioning to the Reserves.
In this episode, Aaron talks about his experience in the Navy of living on an aircraft carrier and his life and future goals since leaving the Navy.
In this episode Shaun Pechin talks about his 18 year experience in the Air Force up to this point. He also goes in depth about his time in basic training and viewpoints on what it was like being stationed in Missouri.
In this episode Ross Bryant talks about how the Army operated from when he joined in the late 1970s and onwards until his retirement.
In this episode, Joshua Chavez talks about his unique experiences serving in the Marines from when he started in 2010 up until his separation in 2016.
In this episode Air Force Staff Sergeant Moses Walters talks about his experiences in the Air Force culminating in why he wants to stay in for 20 years.
In this episode current Air Force Technical Sergeant Grant Hursin discusses his experiences throughout his 18 year journey in the Air Force.
In our first episode, we meet our host United States Air Force Staff Sergeant Christopher Clark. We hear his journey from enlisting to separation into the Air Force Reserve.
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