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Squeeze The Juice podcast is brought to you by Mick Sears, the founder of HGG Performance - a performance equipment company that is shaking up the health and fitness industry one epic innovation at a time. Mick and the crew at HGG absolutely love seeing people pivot their potential and really squeeze the juice out of life. In this podcast Mick chats to like minded legends with incredible goals and inspiring life stories, that are breaking through norms and pushing past boundaries in all things physical performance, business and everything in between, that will make you want to get up and get after it too! Strap in and enjoy the show! Lessssgo!
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Vanessa (better known as V) is a running coach and endurance athlete who loves pushing her mind and body to the limits!Since leaning into running only a couple of years ago, V has found a love for what it takes to persevere and overcome challenges, having tested herself on 42km, 60km and 100km ultra marathons.V ran a total of 465km for the month of April, and plans on topping that this month by running 25km a day for 25 days straight, a total of 625km.In this episode we talk about injury, strength and conditioning, community, and the winning mindset it takes to push your body to the limits and smile while doing it. Tune in and enjoy the show!Available on all major streaming platforms
We launched Squeeze The Juice Podcast in early October of this year and since then, we’ve hosted some of the most talented athletes and individuals in the world.With gold medals, world records, and a few downright crazy feats of strength, endurance and willpower, we’ve tapped into the mindset of some truly incredible humans who are really squeezing the juice out of life!In this episode we cover all the exciting things that 2022 brought to HGG and STJ, then touch on the importance of reflecting on the year that has been, and tips for goal setting for the New Year.Available on all major streaming platforms.Tune in and enjoy the show!
Brandon 'Loupy' Loupos is a professional BMX rider based on the Gold Coast, Australia. He is widely regarded as one of the best freestyle BMX riders in the world, with a long list of medals, trophies and titles to back his talent including;2019 UCI World ChampionX Games Gold medalist - BMX Dirt (2018)X Games silver - BMX Dirt (2019)5 x UCI World Cup GoldAustralian representative and Nitro Circus riderAustralian ChampionIn this episode we talk about the journey to the top, starting as an 11yo kid with a BMX who sucked at riding, yet, through hard work, determination, and a strong vision, has anchored his position as a world class professional athlete.We chat about the setbacks, injuries, and the winning mindset necessary to continue moving forward through difficult times, and what it takes to make it to the top.Tune in and enjoy the show!
As part of our Movember campaign we wanted to wrap up the month with a chat about all things regarding mental wellbeing.Casey Lyons is the founder of LIVIN - an organization that promotes positive mental health for people through education and awareness programs.Casey, a former chippy by trade, founded the company after losing his best mate to suicide.In this episode we cover everything from mental health and wellbeing, things to look out for in your mates and loved ones, what covid revealed about our mental state as well as how to listen and offer support to those who may be going through a hard time.The statistics around mental illness and suicide are very high, so understanding and having awareness around this topic may help to support yourself or a loved one who is struggling.Tune in now - available on all major streaming platforms. Link in bio
Sean Bell is an ultra runner who has completed approximately 100 marathons, 2x 24 hour runs, won the Bali Hope 84km Ultra and this year ran 4000km’s from Cairns to Melbourne in 60 days! (60-80km per day)He’s taken the knowledge accumulated from these massive efforts and harnessed it to co-found a run coaching platform called First42k, where he is passionate about helping others to reach their running potential.In this episode we talk about about the mindset, discipline and strategy behind planning a huge event such as the “Cairns to Melbourne 4000km’s” and what it takes to complete such a run.We also cover topics on running for beginners, techniques that help with long distance and the crucial role strength and conditioning plays in running. Sean is an expert in the running space with so much knowledge and wisdom to share - tune in and enjoy!
Jansen Andre is a plant based personal chef, social media influencer and ultra endurance athlete.HGG first got in touch with Jans last year after catching wind that he and Jordan Chenery (a previous podcast guest) were going to run 100 miles to raise money for charity, and we got involved by setting up aid stations along the way.This year, Jans took to Griffith University Athletics track and ran 625 laps, for a total of 250km in 31.5 hours, on 10 minutes sleep! A truly superhuman effort.In this episode of Squeeze The Juice we dive in and cover everything from plant based nutrition, cooking and social media, then into the conversation around mindset and what it takes to test your body to the limits for 31.5 hours with no rest.Undoubtedly, you will meet very few people in your life that have the mental and physical ability to take on a 250km run, so tune in and see what it takes to endure a challenge like this!Available for streaming on all major platforms.
As Movember rolls on, we believe it’s important to use this time to open up conversations around men’s work, mental health, and how we can best serve and support one another in our communities.It was a pleasure to chat with speaker, coach, instrumentalist and transformational breathwork facilitator Lino Hola on all things related to growth and transformation.Lino is the founder and leading coach of @mensmedicine, a movement that hosts mens, womens, and couples workshops aimed at teaching, healing and empowering people to take control of their lives and live to their fullest expression.In this episode we cover everything from healing and breathwork to relationships and family. We go into the importance of authentic expression, and then dive deep into some tough topics that are very rarely spoken about - the miscarriage of unborn children and how it can affect relationships.The point of this episode and going deep into the theme of Movember, is so we can begin to normalize tough conversations and support the people we love. Whether you’re familiar with the world of personal development or new to the space, there is guaranteed to be some take home nuggets in this one!
Anthony Bartolo, also known as “Barts” is a strength and conditioning coach who owns one of the most successful boutique fitness studios on the Gold Coast - ACTV Strength Co.Barts has always had an “all in” attitude, and, outside of this mindset almost killing him during a double marathon, he’s managed to harness this energy and channel it into building multiple successful businesses.A testament to his ambitious nature, Barts opened a cafe and bar during the middle of COVID, and has managed to turn these into thriving venues.He has now begun franchising ACTV gyms with multiple locations being set up across the Gold Coast and surrounds. In this podcast we talk about everything from business and money, to mindset, attitude, hard work and family life.We are now into the month of Movember and as a huge advocate for mental health, Barts dives into topics around personal development and how to show up as the best version for yourself, your mates and your family.
A professional Ironwoman at just seventeen, Bonnie Hancock has competed in 9 Nutri-Grain Ironwoman Series, represented Australia, completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics and has now shifted her focus to surf ski paddling, coaching and mentoring.Bonnie recently paddled 12,700km around Australia on a surf ski, breaking four world records in the process, including the fastest and youngest person to circumnavigate Australia by paddle. During her journey around Australia she beat the record for the most distance paddled in 24 hours by a woman, and then a week after returning to mainland, she went back out to sea to break the men's world record too!She tells us of her experience with the constant dangers of the ocean, hypothermia, crippled hands and sea sickness plus close encounters with sharks, and crocodiles that followed her through the night.Bonnie did all of this to raise money for a charity close to her heart, the not-for-profit mental fitness foundation Gotcha4Life.Bonnie is an incredible human and this is likely one of the most fascinating and thrilling stories you will ever hear.Please share this episode with your friends and family so Bonnie and Gotcha4Life get the attention they deserve!
Jordan Chenery is an ultra marathon runner and businessman and is one of the most disciplined and focused people you’ll ever meet.He’s spent many years stacking habits that have allowed him to build a lifestyle where he can work and train hard, while also placing a huge emphasis on rest and recovery too.Jords has taken on some huge challenges in his time, one of his most recent - 33 marathons in 33 days.In this episode we talk about all things from diet, discipline, recovery and longevity, and how he manages his huge training loads while being involved with multiple businesses.This is an epic episode, so strap in and enjoy the show!Lesssgoooooo...
Chris Lynn is an all time legend of a cricket player and is one of the most exciting batsmen to come out of Australia.Based out of Brisbane, Chris is known for his explosive swing, capable of consistently hitting big sixes!Spending lot’s of time playing at home for Brisbane Heat, his incredible skills have also seen him travel the world playing for India, North America, Europe, and Pakistan.In this episode we chat about everything from the tough times, to strength and conditioning, injury, recovery, travelling and his new business connecting players and coaches all over Australia.Tune in for this epic conversation!Lessgoooo..To follow Chris Lynn's journey, head over to his instagram: @lynny_50
What is Squeeze The Juice?!

What is Squeeze The Juice?!


In this episode we sit down with Squeeze The Juice host Mick Sears, to discover his story and how Squeeze The Juice Podcast came about.Mick is the Founder and Director of HGG Performance,  an innovative company that manufactures strength and rehabilitation equipment that has largely disrupted and influenced a whole industry by creating products that have never been seen.Mick talks about his humble beginnings, how he begun his company  out of his garage at home and what his plans are for growing his business and this podcast.Strap in and enjoy the show!Lessgoooooo.
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