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This week, the NCASA Advocacy Team goes over key take-aways from the 2022 mid-term elections and predicts what effect these results will have on public education in North Carolina.
This week, the NCASA Advocacy Team speaks with Ken Derksen, President of the NC School Public Relations Association (NCSPRA), an NCASA affiliate organization, on how NC public schools not only “talk the talk” but also “walk the walk.”
This week, the NCASA Advocacy Team speaks about the upcoming mid-term elections and what the results could mean for education in North Carolina. In addition, read the recent article from EdNC, entitled “The Politics of North Carolina’s School Boards," which discusses the impact this election will have on school boards throughout our state. Join us in a few weeks for our episode covering key election results too! 
This week, the NCASA Advocacy Team speaks with Marlon Watson, Transportation Director for Johnston County Public Schools and President of the NC Pupil Transportation Association (NCPTA); and Brian McClung, Transportation Director of Rutherford County Schools; about challenges school districts are facing in securing and retaining enough bus drivers, mechanics, and other personnel in this new school year.
This week, the NCASA Advocacy Team speaks with Dr. Patrick Greene,  2022 Wells Fargo NC Principal of the Year, and Mr. Tabari Wallace, 2018 Principal of the Year and State Superintendent’s Special Advisor for Principal Engagement, about recent concerns on a scheduled pay cut for some principals in NC, solutions approved by the State Board of Education, and additional salary schedule changes needed to recruit and retain NC’s best school leaders.
This week, the NCASA Advocacy Team speaks with Mr. Jack Hoke, Executive Director of the NC School Superintendents’ Association (NCSSA), on the new school year, school administrator turnover, and the importance of strong school leadership.
This week the NCASA Advocacy Team speaks with Dr. Patrick Miller, Chairman of NC’s Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission (PEPSC), and 2020 NC Teacher of the Year Maureen Stover about the proposed “Pathways to Excellence For Teaching Professionals” model that PEPSC is now developing. The model, if ultimately adopted, could hold major reforms for teacher compensation and licensure.There is still time to have your concerns addressed about this valuable model. Email your feedback to: 
State lawmakers have reached an agreement on a state budget package for 2022-2023. Join the NCASA Advocacy Team for highlights of what it holds for public schools and their personnel. Click below for references to this podcast: NC House Bill 103 NCASA 2022 State Budget Summary 
This week the NCASA Advocacy Team speaks with Dr. Shirley Prince, Executive Director of the North Carolina Principals and Assistant Principals’ Association (NCPAPA), about principals’ reflections on the school year that just ended and priorities they have for 2022-23. 
This week the NCASA Advocacy Team speaks with North Carolina State Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt on the school year that just ended, lessons learned, and what’s next for public education in North Carolina. 
Legislation rolled out the week of June 6th proposes new parameters for virtual academies operated by NC school districts and also addresses remote instruction days in the school calendar and other K-12 policy topics. Join NCASA’s Advocacy Team for a closer look at these bills and their next steps.References:NC House Bill 79NC House Bill 159NC Senate Bill 671
State lawmakers are already busy drafting a state budget proposal for 2022-2023. Join NCASA’s Advocacy Team for a look at the likely path for this spending bill and the key funding priorities they are hoping the General Assembly will include in it for public schools.
This week, the NCASA Advocacy Team discusses House Bill 755: Parents’ Bill of Rights, which was introduced in the state legislature last week and passed in the Senate this week. Make sure to hit subscribe to stay in the loop!
This week Katherine and Elizabeth look at North Carolina's recent primary elections and the impact they already hold for determining control of the 2023 General Assembly. 
This initial podcast introduces you to our hosts, NCASA’s Executive Director Katherine Joyce and Elizabeth Yelverton, NCASA Legal Affairs & Policy Manager. Together, they make up NCASA's Advocacy Team and will update you on current education legislation and policy actions in North Carolina. We hope you will tune in weekly as they share timely information on Public School Matters. 
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