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Codename Chewy by EC

Author: Éphémère Creative

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A podcast about web and mobile app development tools, frameworks, and more by the folks at Éphémère Creative.

It all ties into this neat framework we're building, codenamed the "Chewy Stack."
5 Episodes
A Chewy Stack Update

A Chewy Stack Update


A little update on the Chewy Stack. I'm just going to explain a bit about where we're at, what we're doing and going over what the stack is again. The main thing is that the development is well underway and we're close to having a functional development environment. Woo! ★ Support this podcast ★
Let's talk about mission and vision. This episode will explain a bit more about what we're building: the Chewy Stack. In this episode we'll go over the vision and mission behind the Chewy Stack, a web development framework that makes building and deploying complex web applications faster, easier, and more accessible. Join us to explore how the Chewy Stack's guiding principles align with evolving developer and user needs, freeing up time for innovation and creativity. ★ Support this podcast ★
The Frontend

The Frontend


Ok, so we've talked about how the browser talks to the server, but when we get something back from the server... what is it? How do things actually show up in your browser window? How do we make a page colourful, or show images, or make things interactive? That's the domain of frontend languages, which is what we'll go over in this episode.
Éva and Raph explore what happens when you visit a url. In broad strokes, what's the magic behind the scenes to get those web pages loaded up in your browser? ★ Support this podcast ★
Let's set some context. Who we are, what this is, and who it's for. ★ Support this podcast ★