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Welcome to the Designed for Greatness podcast, conversations with Candice to help you elevate your mind, body, and spirit and own your divine greatness.
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In this episode of the 'Designed for Greatness' podcast, Candice interviews Pam Schmidt, a retired teacher turned chemical minimalist, who shares her journey toward living a toxin-free life inspired by her husband's health challenges and her own desire to protect her family. Pam discusses the importance of reducing toxins in the home, food, and body and delves into the often overlooked issue of parasites impacting health. Pam offers practical advice on simple, over-the-counter remedies for parasite detox and emphasizes the role of living toxin and parasite-free in being able to more fully tune into one's mind, body, and spirit. The episode also touches on spiritual practices that enhance clarity and the ability to serve others effectively, along with a call to action for listeners to take control of their health to unlock their divine greatness.00:05 Welcome to Design for Greatness: Meet Chemical Minimalist Pam SchmidtHello and welcome to the design for greatness podcast conversations with Candice to help you elevate your mind, body, and spirit and own your divine greatness....01:23 Pam Schmidt's Journey to Chemical MinimalismI am so excited to talk to Pam today about her heartfelt journey and all of her insights about how to live toxin free....01:38 The Impact of Toxins and the Power of Living Toxin-FreeI, I resonate so much with your message of reaching out to the mind, body, and spirit....07:45 Diving Deep into Parasites: Understanding and TreatmentParasites are often tied to these things....21:36 Embracing Spiritual Guidance and Personal GreatnessSo I want to, I want to shift for a second and part of what I do in this podcast is I want to inspire people to step into their greatness and to use their greatness to do important, valuable things in this world that fulfill their missions and serve humanity....30:47 Turning Points and Embracing Health and WellnessSo, you know, I'm wondering if you had any moments that were real turning points for you or any moments that, that truly shifted and created a shift that, that you can look back and say, So grateful for that....37:16 Final Thoughts: Your Designed Greatness and Next StepsThank you for joining me today....*To get Pam’s Free E-book “Cleanse: Parasite Basics”:*To schedule your free call with Pam:*Pam’s website:*Follow Pam on FB:*Telegram Pam:*Pam on Truth Social:*To get Pam’s courses and quizzes:*Candice's Free Mini-Course to Become the Boss of your Brain:  5 Days of Focus  *Check out the Body Love Weight Release Program*Sign up for Candice’s Thankful Thursday email here*Sign up for a free game plan coaching session at:*Contact Candice Noss directly at: nosscandice@gmail.comFollow on FB: Candice Christiansen NossIG- Candice NossLinkedIn: Candice Noss
In this episode of the 'Designed for Greatness' podcast, host Candice interviews Stacy Harmer, a certified life and holistic health coach, author, speaker, and founder of Vibrant Living Wellness Academy. Stacy shares her personal journey of healing and transformation after the sudden loss of her daughter, which led her into a deep clinical depression. Through a powerful vision of a tree, she was inspired to focus on nourishing her body, heart, mind, and soul daily, which set her on a path of healing. Stacy emphasizes the importance of meditation, prayer, and personal development in overcoming grief and depression. She also discusses the critical role of words and thoughts in shaping our reality, introducing practical methods like affirmations to reclaim control over one's mind. Additionally, Stacy touches on the significance of her physical body's journey, expressing gratitude and the challenge of maintaining a healthy relationship with food and body image. The episode also highlights the upcoming Arise and Shine conference, designed to empower women to awaken to their divine greatness, aligning mind, body, and spirit to serve the world with their unique gifts.00:02 Welcome to the Design for Greatness PodcastHello and welcome to the design for greatness podcast conversations with Candice to help you elevate your mind, body, and spirit and own your divine greatness....01:08 Stacey Harmer's Journey to Healing and PurposeTo what you feel your mission is and what brought you there your journey....01:33 Transforming Grief into Growth: Stacey's Personal StoryI got there through a hard journey as I think most of us do right and That was the unexpected passing of my sweet little daughter Who had been sick for a short period of time and ended up we found her and she passed away in her sleep very unexpectedly Completely blind sided us in the situation....07:45 The Power of Positive Affirmations and Self-TalkTruly help my listeners understand how you became, I call it the boss of your brain....14:39 Divine Encounters and Spiritual AwakeningWhen I, when I went through my depression and my lowest of lows, I had an incredible experience actually with Christ and, and through prayer and it, it shocked me awake to what I was doing and how long, how wrong it was....20:20 Embracing Meditation and Daily Routines for Spiritual ConnectionAnd, and the things that I love to do during that time is one, a stillness meditation has been the most, there's so many powerful things, but I, I mean, I would say the most powerful thing for me to connect because....23:12 Discovering Spiritual Connection Through MeditationAnd I, I shared with her this little glimpse....23:45 Navigating Darkness and Finding LightAnd once again, even though I did later spiral into the bit, the depression, it was, it was, it's a little complicated, but you open the door of soul so much light, there's twins of the stick....24:21 Cleansing and Preparing for Divine ReceptionBut I also think there can be blocks like, you know, in those things, whether it be our thoughts or the foods we eat or whatever....25:26 Embracing Stillness and Overcoming Mental ClutterI, I was, I've heard this, um, thought I think it was Deepak Chopra that talked about like this, um, lake, imagine a lake or a body of water....26:46 Journaling: A Pathway to Clarity and ConnectionAnd that's what you're talking about when you were journaling in the morning....28:08 Healing and Connecting with Loved OnesI don't know if you're familiar with, um, the artist way, the book, the artist way by Julie Cameron, that same cause she calls it, um, morning notes, but....31:43 Body Love and Overcoming Emotional EatingWhat have you found that is the very best thing to give love to your body and how do you honor this beautiful gift that we've been given that houses our mind and spirit?...35:48 Arise and Shine: Empowering Women Through FaithI wanted to ask you about this beautiful, incredible conference that you're putting on that I'm so honored to be a part of....40:20 Closing Thoughts: The Power of Alignment and PurposeWow. What a gift to be enlightened and inspired by Stacy Harmer....To Purchase Tickets to Arise and Shine go to:www.vibrantlivingwellnessconference.comEnter Code: SHINE for 20% off*Stacy’s website:*To contact Stacy:*Link to Candice’s free Mini-Course “5 Days of Focus”:*Schedule a free clarity call with Candice:*Contact Candice Noss directly at:*Follow on FB: Candice Christiansen Noss*IG- Candice Noss*LinkedIn- Candice Noss*Sign up for Candice’s Thankful Thursday email here
 This episode of the 'Design for Greatness' podcast features an interview with Liz Watt, a driven and spiritually guided entrepreneur, author, speaker, and the founder of Be Healthy Utah, the largest natural health conference in Utah. Liz shares her personal journey, beginning with a profound spiritual prompting that led her and her husband, a chiropractor, to start a natural health conference despite having no prior experience. Despite initial challenges, including a significantly lower attendance than expected at their first conference in 2019 and subsequent cancellations due to COVID-19, Liz's determination and faith guided her through adversity. Liz also delves into her personal health journey, discovering natural remedies and emotional healing, and discusses the profound impact of addressing mind, body, and spirit in finding one's purpose and calling. Liz's background, growing up in a polygamous family, significantly shaped her resilience and perspective on life, leading her to empower others to embrace their greatness. The episode also previews Liz's upcoming book, 'Becoming Me, A Polygamous Girl's Journey,' highlighting her path to self-discovery, love, and forgiveness.00:04 Welcome to the Designed for Greatness PodcastHello and welcome to the design for greatness podcast conversations with Candice to help you elevate your mind, body, and spirit and own your divine greatness....00:14 Introducing Liz Watt: A Warrior Woman's JourneyToday, you have my interview with an amazing driven warrior woman....01:58 The Birth of Be Healthy Utah ConferenceWell, I think it starts back a long time ago, and you know, I was, I was given this dream that me and my husband, we put on a conference, a natural health conference, and I woke up in the morning....06:20 Overcoming Challenges and Embracing GrowthAnd you know, the day of the conference comes....10:24 Navigating the Pandemic: A Test of ResilienceAnd so we get to the six weeks before our next conference....11:59 A Leap of Faith: The Virtual Conference SuccessI had never put on a virtual conference before, but I was like, I'm going to do it....18:01 The Return to In-Person Events and Surpassing ExpectationsAnd, you know, it was now it's 2022 and it's the day of the conference and there was like some technical difficulties going on on the main stage....22:12 Liz's Personal Health Journey: A Story of HealingI had an experience where, you know, here I grew up in being married to my husband for a long time....27:03 A Journey into Fermentation and Natural HealingAnd all of a sudden my husband comes home....28:14 Transforming the Kitchen: A Shift to Natural IngredientsAnd then it, then it was like, you know, now you need to get in your pantry and get out all of the flour, sugar, the corn, the, you know, all of the gluten, the, the soy, like all of this stuff, you just need to strip down to where you are just having what comes from the earth....29:33 Discovering the Power of Aloe Vera and FermentationAnd then it was like, Oh, I remembered my husband's allergies, you know, Previous years before that, he had, he grew up with awful allergies and he heard somebody talk about that....30:41 The Healing Journey: From Physical to Emotional WellnessAfter it was like four or five months, all of a sudden, as I was going through getting sick, I started getting these numb spots all over my body....33:29 Embracing the Mind-Body-Spirit ConnectionAnd anyways, I just typed in natural healing into, into Google because I was like, okay, well, what else is there?...38:21 Finding Strength in Spirituality and PurposeSo anyways, I started then to incorporate these emotional aspects with helping my clients....45:23 Overcoming Personal Challenges: A Story of ResilienceYou know, Candace, I kind of talked about this in the, as I was going through some of this stuff and, and I know that we're probably running a little bit short on time, so I'll be brief, but, you know, I grew up in the, in a, And a family that is not, uh, you know, people would be acceptable....51:45 Empowering Others: The Mission of Sharing KnowledgeTo Purchase Tickets for the Be Healthy Utah Expo: go to, use code Candice40 for 40% off.Liz’ Website: www.elizabethannwatt.comContact Liz:, behealthyutah@gmail.comSM: @be_healthy_utah*Schedule a free clarity call with Candice:*Contact Candice Noss directly at:*Follow on FB: Candice Christiansen Noss*IG- Candice Noss*LinkedIn- Candice Noss*Sign up for Candice’s Thankful Thursday email here
Dr. Wiss is an expert in all things nutrition and mental health. In this episode he shares his wealth of knowledge about the nuances of healthy weight release. We speak to food addiction, disordered eating, food plans, intuitive eating, intermittent fasting, how nutrition and mental health correlate, and so much more. Dr. Wiss is truly living into his greatness to shape the field of nutrition in order to help us all live healthier lives.*To download the Wise Mind Nutrition App on all platforms:*Dr. David Wiss’ Website:*Follow Dr. David Wiss on Instagram: @wisemindnutrition*Candice Noss’ Website:*Link to Body Love Weight Release Program:*Contact Candice Noss directly at:*Follow on FB: Candice Christiansen Noss*IG- Candice Noss*LinkedIn- Candice Noss*Sign up for Candice’s Thankful Thursday email here
David Muiru is a Kenyan businessman who has dedicated his life to service.  I worked with David for almost a year planning the humanitarian trip our Youthlinc team took this past summer. David’s passion for charity, and his sacrifice of so much of his time and resources to helping others, truly left an impression on me.  David has served for almost 40 years in the Rotary Club working on hundreds of projects.  He has given 22 years of service to the Youthlinc teams he’s coordinated with as a vital asset for so many phenomenal projects, and will continue in his position as in country coordinator for many years to come.  He currently is working with cardiac surgeons to give heart surgeries to babies in Nairobi.  He has organized for eye clinics, and countless other organizations coordinating meaningful projects.  For David, it all started as a young boy when he received a sponsorship from a generous soul from Sweden and then New Zealand, so he could get an education. This kindness extended to David empowered him.  He received an education and further dedicated his life to go on to help others. Oh, how powerful our little acts of kindness actually are.  They create ripples, which often turn into tidal waves of goodness spreading throughout the world.   In this episode David shares his witness of the power of charity and service.  That every act no matter how small will be returned to the giver 100 fold.  May we all strive to follow David’s motto, “Service above self”.  As he shows us in this episode, may we endeavor to give hope, and to cherish our families. I am so grateful for David, who is such a shining example of what it truly looks like to use our greatness to bless others.  Together we rise!!*Link to my free video “Self-Talk: Go from Crappy to Happy with 1 Simple Brain Hack”:*Link to schedule a free game plan call:*Contact Candice Noss directly at:*Follow on FB: Candice Christiansen Noss*IG- Candice Noss*LinkedIn- Candice Noss*Sign up for Candice’s Thankful Thursday email here*Link to humanitarian group:*David’s business:
Alice’s story of resilience and courage to overcome the patriarchal energy and barriers in her African culture, in order to make sure no other woman goes through what she experienced around menstruation is compelling!!  I met Alice in Nakuru, Kenya. My Youthlinc Humanitarian Team hired her through the “Days for Girls” program, to teach about feminine hygiene.  We provided the girls at the Muriundu school with feminine hygiene kits we purchased through Alice’s organization.  Alice and her story left a powerful impact on me and I can’t wait for you to be inspired by her.  Alice is on a quest to end period shaming and the  ignorance and abuse of women.   She is championing and empowering women and girls to become self-reliant and to embrace their femininity.  Alice is making a huge difference and the effects are rippling in so many incredible ways.  She is also teaching men and boys about menstruation- making them allies for stopping the abuse. Alice has now taught and helped over 82,000 girls and women.  She is absolutely phenomenal. What a shining example of  what it looks like to live into your divine power and purpose.  Friends— may we all strive to follow Alice’s example, using the light within us to help others rise.  May we, like Alice, own our divine greatness to serve and bless this world.*Link to donate to Alice’s organization in Kenya:*Link to the book Alice is featured in: The Power of Days: A Story of Resilience, Dignity, and the Fight for Women's Equity*Link to humanitarian group:*Link to my free video “Self-Talk: Go from Crappy to Happy with 1 Simple Brain Hack”:
Get inspired as Jason Hewlett, world-renowned entertainer and Hall of Fame Speaker, shares with us stories and insights into how to live “the Promise”-  which means owning our divine greatness and using it to serve others. Jason’s website: www.jasonhewlett.comLink to Jason’s book, “The Promise to the One”: to my free video “Self-Talk: Go from Crappy to Happy with 1 Simple Brain Hack”:
Join me as I dive into Bronwen Oehlschlager’s journey.  She is a tremendous example of a warrior woman owning her divine greatness and stepping up to her mission of helping others get their messages out into the world.  Link to Bronwen’s “Rejuvenate You” event: to Bronwen’s “Streamline Your Sales Process Checklist”: to my free video “Self-Talk: Go from Crappy to Happy with 1 Simple Brain Hack”:
Have you tried getting healthy, but seem to always fall short of your goals?  Are you sick of feeling uncomfortable in social situations and long to feel good in your own skin? If you stay the course with your current habits, how will your body be in 5 years?  Friends- If you are ready to nail your health goals once and for all, you MUST understand the pitfalls that so often trip people up.  This episode is from a webinar I did, exposing the snares of our lower brain.  I give you tools to overcome 3 of these common ruts and empower you to take back your power over your brain.  Living with a mind firmly aligned is critical to growth and absolutely necessary for owning our divine greatness!!  Join me. :)Get your free pdf:  10 things to NEVER do to raise confident daughter with healthy self-image
Click the link to get your free guide- “10 things to NEVER do if you want to raise a Confident Daughter with a Healthy Body Image”.Join me in this insightful conversation with ShaNell Turner. She truly has figured out how to live into her divine greatness as a mother by supporting her kids in their sports endeavors. It can be tricky navigating the high emotions and intense circumstances incumbent with comp and High School sports. As parents, it is up to us to figure out the best way to support our kids and help them get the most out of their sports experiences. ShaNell has some wisdom that is golden!!! In this episode she is able to provide some mentorship to parents and help us move in a positive direction as we strive to show up for our kids. Listen in for some great advice from a seasoned mother about how to help our kids get the most out of their sports experiences in a way that empowers them to truly step in to their divine greatness.
Do you ever overlook your successes and focus on your imperfections? Do you ever expect the impossible of yourself and then beat yourself up for not being able to do it?  Does trying to be perfect and worrying about what others will think of you if you are not motivate you?  Perfectionism is rampant in our society and if you are engaging in a perfectionist mentality, it is totally understandable, but absolutely unnecessary!!  In this podcast I outline the components of a perfectionist mentality and give strategies and tools to annihilate it from your thought process once and for all.  As we practice connection and eliminate perfectionism, we are much more effective at owning our divine greatness!!  Join me. :)Get your free tutorial- 3 secrets you wish you knew 15 years ago.
Join me in this powerful conversation with Coach Sterling Mack.  He truly has figured out how to live into his divine greatness and how to use his life experiences and gifts to step up to his purpose in serving this world.  Coach Mack went from being homeless, nameless, fatherless, with a mother he couldn't count on because of  drugs and alcohol, living with his grandma in a 3 bedroom home with 20 other people, and not being able to read until College… to where he is now!!  Happily married, 2 incredible boys with a precious baby girl on the way, arguably the most liked teacher at the middle school, MHS girls basketball head coach with 1 state title under His belt and more to come…  He: got out of the hood; broke the cycle of poverty, drugs, and addiction; and is now showing up every day influencing lives and touching hearts.  I am passionate about what he shared today, among other things: the importance of “just liking yourself”; of never quitting- “don’t stop”, just keep going; being ok not being perfect; and just being kind.  Love for God, self and others, that’s what it’s all about!!  I hope are inspired today, as I have been, to be like Coach Sterling Mack, and step in to your divine greatness!! Get your free video by clicking on the link: "3 Brain Traps That Will Keep You Stuck"
Get your free video by clicking on the link: "3 Brain Traps That Will Keep You Stuck" Do you ever want to see results faster? Have you ever quit something because it took too long to work? Do you find yourself in a rush, wondering why it’s taking so much time? We set goals, we ask for blessings, we work towards desired results, and then— if you are like me, we go “ALL IN” … what do you do when it’s not happening fast enough?  It is so easy to be in a hurry and then wonder WHY the thing we’ve worked so hard for, isn’t happening.  How do we access the grit and perseverance necessary to stay committed to our goals, even when they are taking FOR-EV-ER?  How can we cultivate the virtue of patience gracefully without all the resistance, discouragement and frustration?  How can we consistently and persistently show up “ALL IN” as we pursue our ambitions… despite delayed or non-existent outcomes? The truth is, “It takes as long as it takes” AND  It truly IS possible to find Joy in the Journey, regardless of delays, detours, and speed bumps. Join me as I explore the law of gestation, the law of the harvest and the intricacies of this truth, “It takes as long as it takes”. I challenge you to turn finish lines into mile-markers and drop the frenetic pace that leads to burnout and quitting.  Take a breath and get really present- allowing yourself to celebrate wins and enjoy the journey. SEE, SAY and FEEL in high frequency.  Understand the law of the harvest and the law of gestation. Release every smidgen of: force energy, controlling timetables; and pushing agendas. Surrender to God’s divine and perfect timing. Realize this life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.  We can generate how it will feel there, right now, while we are here.  We must cultivate self-belief first, before the evidence will follow. A rigid, results based, fixed mindset rushes.  A flexible, process driven, character focused mindset, founded in trust and love waits.  The question is, will we keep a good attitude when there is no progress?  Will we continue to show up in alignment and do the work required if the reaping is not forthcoming?  Have faith, cultivate patience, trust the process.  What is meant for us is coming to us. Have faith, God isn’t finished yet. He is setting the stage.  He is orchestrating all of the moving parts and His timing is perfect.  You are stepping IN to your divine greatness and… It takes as long as it takes.
Get your free tutorial by clicking on the link: "3 Brain Traps That Will Keep You Stuck" Do you base your success or failure on the amount and quality of validation you get from others?  Have you ever shut yourself down from sharing or putting yourself out there because you are concerned about what people might think about you if you do?How important is it to you that others approve of you? In this episode I will take you on a deep dive into these questions.  As a recovering people pleaser, I know all too well the hazards of buying into other’s opinions about me and my work.  The problem is, when we let praise inflate our ego and use the compliments of others to prove we are a good person and doing ok… the natural consequence is that the opposite happens with criticism—  criticism then leads to insecurity where we feel vulnerable, insignificant and small.  Everyone WANTS to be liked and appreciated, it feels amazing!!  But, if we NEED external approval and validation to allow us to feel ok about ourselves it becomes a huge problem.  When we use extrinsic factors such as praise, rewards, prizes, titles, other’s approval… when we choose to make this external validation mean we are good and valuable, then, when we don’t receive the external affirmations we easily fall into the trap of questioning our value.  Furthermore, when we only get disapproval and criticism from another, it can devastate our self-esteem and crush our self-belief. As I will endeavor to show you, when it comes to external validation, a desired result, praise, the approval or acceptance of others, “You can WANT it, but you can’t NEED it.” If we are to let go of needing outside validation, we must work to develop a beautiful relationship with ourself.  This is your business!!  You are the one you will spend every moment of every day with- Choose LOVE!! As Byron Katie says, “You don’t have to like me, that’s my job”. My job, is taking credit for every one of my thoughts, feelings and actions.  Loving myself means “owning my truth”- having my own back, being on my own side, it means being the “Juciest peach I can possibly be”.  It means being the Candiciest Candice I can be.  As we fly our freak flag, the people who are truly "our people" will be able to find us.  You are not for everyone and that is exactly as it is supposed to be.  My opinion of myself is absolutely 100% my business and I’ve decided— I LOVE ME!  I challenge you to make this courageous decision for yourself.   “What do you NEED in order to feel good about you?”  Take a look at your past and what motivates you.  Are you addicted to the drug of approval? Does criticism rock you?… The question again— “What do you need to feel good about you?” This is a decision you can intentionally make and deciding that “You can want it but you don’t need it” will have a powerful stabilizing impact on your self-belief, confidence and emotional health. So… When it comes to your kids, spouse, parents, siblings, friends, acquaintances, strangers, neighbors, co-workers, boyfriend, clients, customers…. You can want external validation and approval, but you can’t need it… and… you won’t need it as you genuinely believe and always remember, despite any other opinions, that… You are designed for greatness.
Get your free tutorial by clicking on the link: "3 Brain Traps That Will Keep You Stuck" Do you ever want to control the outcome of certain events? Have you ever been suffering and wished you could force a miracle to happen?Have you ever felt complete confidence in how you think a situation should play out and then felt disappointed when your expectation wasn’t realized?Do you expect superhuman results in every role you play and end up feeling like a failure when you can’t “do it all”? In this episode I share what I have learned about the issues inherent with expectations, and the power of genuine surrender. My hope is that this podcast will touch your heart and inspire you to uplevel the way you see and think about God, yourself and your life.  Ultimately, I hope to inspire you to live with 100% commitment and 0 expectation.  There truly is opposition in all things.  Where God uses Faith, Satan’s counterfeit is expectation.  As we become aware of the difference, it’s like GI Joe says, “Knowing is half the battle”.   Analyze your life- What expectations do you have? Are they serving you? How can you lean into being 100% committed instead? Examine your definition of success and Faith to help you let go of the expectation. Have hope, have vision, have faith, have goals, have charity, and strive to eliminate expectation. Watch out for when expectations land you in force energy.  When you feel urgency to control something, it is time to re-evaluate.  When you notice the tendency to demand something from God or yourself, you can know with 100% certainty, it is not healthy or in alignment.  God is all about free agency.  God will never force or control us.  He will give us a 50/50 life experience, where there is opposition in all things, but what we decide to think, how we decide to feel, and the actions we choose to take are always up to our agency- God will never make us think, feel or do anything against our will.  That was Satan’s plan.  Satan loves expectations. Satan’s counterfeit to pure faith is expectation.  Satan is all about controlling, manipulating, forcing and demanding.  God desires a willing, trusting heart… and although God won’t always deliver us from the trials, he will help us endure them AND he will use them to refine us into better upon better versions of ourself.  When we don’t get what we expected, and in this life it is inevitable- we will experience all sorts of blows to what we think should happen- if we aren’t willing to relinquish our expectations and surrender, then these blows will shake and destabilize our faith.  The tighter the grip on our expectations about our life, the more catastrophic the hit to our relationship with God, and ourself.   I hope you will join me in striving to live with 100% commitment and 0 expectation.  Through it all, always remember— YOU ARE DESIGNED FOR GREATNESS!!
Get your free tutorial by clicking on the link: "3 Brain Traps That Will Keep You Stuck" Have you ever felt guilty for wanting more out of life? Do you desire something different, better, or yearn for a change? Has there been a time in your life where something that used to light you up, now seems mundane and you long for more? If you‘ve ever felt unsatisfied and a longing for something more or different or better…, congratulations!!!  This is the best news ever because it means you are in tune with your spirit!  These nudges of discontent don’t have anything to do with being ungrateful or selfish… they don’t mean you aren’t good enough or that you are messing up in some way… these dissatisfied feelings we experience are simply: little pushes from our spirit; and invitations from God to become more! When we start to get too comfortable, too indulgent, too content, God and our divine spirit will plant in our hearts the desire for something more. We will experience divine discontent.  The secret is to recognize the truth behind the restlessness we feel— it is an invitation to grow!!  AND, the way we use the divine discontent to grow and create the life of our dreams is to do as Helen Keller says, “Be happy with what you have while working for what you want!!” Problems arise when discontent is misunderstood. Often, when our brains are running on default with the lower brain driving, we fall into the messed-up mentality where we make the discontent mean: we are messed up; or we are messing up our life. The restlessness that comes up as we get bored with our circumstances…, or too comfortable in our job… or unsatisfied with our life… is misinterpreted as evidence that we are failing or not enough.  Without awareness and intention, most well-meaning humans use this relestness to unwittingly create feelings of discouragement.  If we aren’t deliberate about head hygiene and being the boss of our brain, it is easy to slip into the snare of making  “wanting something more” mean we aren’t good enough or that we are selfish and ungrateful— which are lies Satan feeds us to shut us down and keep us stagnant in our cave. There is a powerful strategy to keep you on the path of using the discontent that arises to serve you. There is a secret weapon for keeping your discontent positive.  The magical recipe for creating more growth, connection, and contribution from our dissatisfaction is to “Be happy with what you have while working for what you want!”  It’s all about gratitude and faith. Where in your life do you feel dissatisfied? What exactly do you want?  Accept your dissatisfaction as an invitation to grow.  Set some goals and take the uncomfortable but necessary steps to develop skill sets and enhance your gifts so that you can more fully engage in your internal journey to know yourself and your external journey in service to others.  Analyze the emotions you feel in your body and think about the thoughts that are in your head.  Pray for discernment, gratitude, faith and courage.  Do not fall for Satan’s snare of letting dissatisfaction lead to discouragement.  Decide to see discontent as a wink from heaven, leading you into more connection, contribution and growth.  As we let the dissatisfaction about where we are currently, drive us toward growth, the secret is to put the powerful formula that Helen Keller is known for to work!  Be happy for what you have while working for what you want.   Friends- You are meant for great things!! Thank you for listening— You are designed for greatness!!!
Click on "Is Your Brain Keeping You Fat? 3 Brain Shenanigans to Watch for and Reject in Order to Reach Your Goals" and begin discovering the secrets to the power of your mind. Has anyone ever tried to shame you into changing your behavior? Have you ever used shame as a strategy on yourself to elicit a change? Can you think of a time you were shamed? Did it work? What were the consequences of the shaming? In this episode I will dive into these questions and present you with the powerful, dare I say MAGICAL alternative to shame for motivating ourself and others to change— AMAZING GRACE!!! The success of using shame to elicit a change, comes at a cost… every time. The cost of using shame to motivate is destroyed relationships. You can NEVER hate yourself into any change! The truth is, you can only white-knuckle it so long. Gritting your teeth in order to attain self-discipline isn’t sustainable. Beating yourself into submission will never give you the long-term motivation necessary for impactful lifestyle changes and genuine transformation. The reality is, ripping yourself apart, in order to change, destroys your most important human relationship, your relationship with yourself. It nurtures the belief that you are flawed - that you are unworthy of love and belonging unless you achieve a certain result. Once your self-belief and confidence is in the toilet, this negative self-concept colors the way you see everything in your life. Not only does shame destroy your relationship with you, but every other relationship in your life suffers as well. Engaging in negative self-talk results in Shame, and shame is NOT the answer. Grace, AMAZING GRACE, is the magical ingredient to genuine, transformative change in behavior. Grace is not something we qualify for or achieve. It is something we receive from God or others. It is something we can give to ourselves, despite evidence to the contrary. GRACE generously gives what is NEEDED, not what is deserved. AND, what is needed is always some act of unconditional LOVE. Grace looks upon the heart, and sees the divine potential despite what reality looks like at the moment. Grace understands that LOVE wins… every time- Charity never fails. When long-term changes in habits are required to achieve a goal, transformation is only available if one can learn to utilize grace- AMAZING GRACE!! If you’d like more help in utilizing grace to achieve your goals, come work with me. My Body Love program is a 3 month deep dive into becoming the boss of your brain so that you might operate every day from a place where your mind is firmly aligned, your body is purposefully loved and your spirit is powerfully accessed. I teach and show my clients how to utilize Grace, then assist them in the process of ditching shame for amazing Grace. I give my clients proven strategies and powerful tools that result in their landing consistently in Grace, and this is one of the main reasons why my programs are so transformative. Check it out at Amazing Grace- is for everyone.  We are all designed for greatness.
Welcome to the Designed for greatness Podcast- Conversations with Candice to help you: Elevate your Mind, Body and Spirit; and own your DIVINE GREATNESS!!  Today you have episode 1- my WHY. In this episode I explore my reasons for starting this podcast and explain my mission to this world.  I hope you will gain a sense of your own infinite worth and feel inspired as to your missions as you listen.   My goal is to share messages to enlighten, liberate and empower you to live with a mind firmly aligned, a body purposefully loved and a spirit powerfully accessed, ultimately activating your divine greatness.  It is my hope that together we might navigate this journey, dedicated to whole-heartely loving God, ourselves, and others.  My genuine desire is to awaken, enlighten, inspire and empower you to own your greatness by stepping IN to who you really are; and stepping up to your unique missions to this world.   I am ALL IN for spreading light, truth and love.  I am so grateful to be a ripple starter in the tidal wave of light that is washing across the world.  Thank you for joining me as we strive to be warriors- You are designed for greatness and Together We RISE! Get your free video by clicking on the link: "3 Brain Traps That Will Keep You Stuck"