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A former Division 1 athlete, Academic All-American, serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, high-performance coach, business broker and M&A Advisor for Website Closers, and Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer for Idle Smart, the incredible Ryan Bennett joins me today. Ryan is the founder of The Intentional Day, which is a movement to equip people to be more intentional in their lives, businesses, and teams. Through the methods and practices that Ryan teaches, professionals in any discipline and at any stage can unlock the keys and practices to achieve sustainable, lasting success in their lives - and today, he shares some of these nuggets of wisdom. Those that are serious about maintaining balance in their lives will visit and look into the links below.The Intentional Day website: Intentional Day book:'s LinkedIn:
Founder and CEO of Bon Vivant Real Estate Investments, adjunct assistant professor at University of Rochester Medical Center, founder and CEO of fitness/wellness consulting firm Fit2bWell, president of WithHealth Medical Group, co-founder of UpAerial Fitness studio, licensed medical acupuncturist, yoga instructor, and last but certainly not least, Doctor of Medicine, Dr. Joanne Wu joins me today. As part of this incredibly impressive portfolio of experience, Joanne specializes in corporate health program design, preventative medicine initiatives, and mind/body empowerment projects. Joanne is a shining example of a leader who has enough on her plate to be overwhelmed, and yet she has mastered the art of maintaining balance in her life. LinkedIn: Medical Group:
Long-time serial entrepreneur with repeated success in the corporate world, as well as the co-founder and CEO of Social Hustle, Chris Parrett joins me today. As a full-scale digital marketing agency, Social Hustle is one of the fastest-growing TikTok agencies (among other avenues/platforms) in the country right now. On top of being an incredible person and an old friend of mine, Chris shares some of the most boiled-down, priceless wisdom with us on how to gain the trust of the people around you. The insights Chris shares will enable any leader to not only build loyalty, but empower the people around them to be their best selves.Social Hustle:
Graduate of the Milton Hershey School and lover of all things chocolate, former CEO of inConcert Web solutions, esteemed public speaker dubbed THE Breakthrough Champion, author of the High 5 Effect, host of The Mass Business Podcast, and known as "sexy beast" by anybody who has met him, Matt Ward joins me today. On top of having an incredible sense of humor, Matt has LOADS of powerful advice to share with us today about how we can achieve more freedom and enable those around us to empower themselves. The stories and leadership tips that Matt shares are applicable to all, regardless of their background.The High-Five Effect: Champion:'s YouTube channel: Business Podcast:
A Challenge For You

A Challenge For You


Indulge me for a minute. I have been doing a lot of introspection and reflection on all of the guests we have had on the show now. At this point, though they aren't all published yet, I have interviewed dozens of people and learned an INSANE amount. But there is more to be gained from all of this - and I want your input. Give it a listen, let's see where this goes.With gratitude,Conrad
Director of Disability Dream and Do (D3 Day), business partner with Dave Clark, 2-time author (recently-released Pulling Each Other Along and children's book A Pound of Kindness), and founder of the Pulling Each Other Along Mastermind, Doug Cornfield joins me today. Doug is an accomplished businessman and athlete who partnered with former Indianapolis Clowns pitcher, Dave Clark (who pitched from crutches), to start the D3 Day camp and the Pulling Each Other Along mastermind. Doug shares incredible and inspirational stories with us today that listeners can use to apply timeless principles of selflessness and success. Successful entrepreneurs (especially professional sports fans) - STOP and read this! Doug is also the founder of a prestigious mastermind called Pulling Each Other Along. This mastermind is a 3 day/2 night event in sunny southwest Florida where exceptionally successful entrepreneurs and professional athletes can bond and "pull each other along" to the next level of success! Those interested in the mastermind can contact Doug via email at, via the website, or via his LinkedIn profile (linked below).Pulling Each Other Along Mastermind: Day: link: Pulling Each Other AlongBook link: A Pound of KindnessLinkedIn:
Founder and CEO of Focusloop, marketing guru, and experienced businessman Brad Austin joins me today. From a young age, Brad learned that through trial and error, we can grow to a level of success that we never imagined possible. He helps us understand the secrets of developing grit, and using that to get on top of the masses. On top of all of this, he knows that at the end of the day, the people ARE the business. Brad's years of experience are evident as he shares his wisdom with us today.Focusloop website: app: nonprofits:
Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind group facilitator, professional life and business coach, trusted advisor, man of great faith in Jesus Christ, and exemplary husband and father Aaron "Big A" Walker joins me today. From the time he was 18 years old, Big A has been honing his entrepreneurial and leadership skills, and we have the distinct privilege of being his students in today's episode. Aaron discusses the incomparable power of "collective wisdom" and making the right connections. He distills wisdom in each of the things that will bring TRUE joy and success - faith, family, and career. For the first time in 4 years, the Iron Sharpens Iron Masterminds are starting new groups. These masterminds are not for the faint of heart. Through connection, mentoring, and coaching, members of the mastermind will find their business endeavors taken to an incredible new level -- one that many thought previously impossible. Those who are serious about success and ready to put their hand to the plow can apply at the link below. Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind, View from the Top: Mastermind Playbook:
Former corporate executive, entrepreneur and founder of Roundpeg, podcaster, coach, and digital marketing guru Lorraine Ball joins me today. With extensive experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, Lorraine's focus today is on helping small businesses achieve sustainable success. In this episode, Lorraine gives particularly valuable advice to those that are in the corporate space and may be looking to build their network within and without the company. She also shares wisdom in regards to becoming comfortable with failure, embracing our mistakes, and leveraging them to become greater. Podcasts: "More than a Few Words"Digital Toolbox:
Former US Marine Infantryman, Lieutenant in the Fire Service, serial entrepreneur and author Zach Green joins me today. Zach's focus is on using the "warrior's traits and tactics" to help small business owners, executives, and people in general who want to achieve their goals. He identifies numerous pieces of wisdom to help aspiring leaders push through hard times and failures.Book: Warrior EntrepreneurPodcasts: "Warrior's Voice", and "Warrior's Voice Video"Website:
Serial entrepreneur, executive coach, licensed mental health therapist, founder of AtEaseUSA, and creator of Burnout Breakthrough, Scott Anderson joins me today to discuss a hot topic - protecting your mental health. Nobody is more qualified than Scott to discuss what you need to be doing NOW to avoid burnout as an entrepreneur and a leader, as well as applying these principles to the benefit of those you lead.To contact or find more about Scott, listeners can visit:Military Families PTSD Recovery website: www.AtEaseUSA.orgBusiness Coaching: scott@doubledareyou.usBook: Playing Big
President of AmSpirit Business Connections, master networker, author, and podcaster Frank Agin joins me today to discuss what you can do today to make and nurture powerful business relationships. As one of the greatest networkers in the world, Frank’s insights will help you become the magnetic leader that people are drawn to through the power of example and selflessness.  To contact or find more about Frank, listeners can visit:Profile website: website: Foundational Networking: Creating Know, Like & Trust For a Lifetime of Extraordinary SuccessPodcast: “Networking Rx”, and “Networking Rx Minute”
LinkedIn expert, best-selling author, entrepreneur and podcaster Scott Aaron joins me today to share his journey of leadership and the principles underlying his success. Scott exemplifies the fact that difficult circumstances in life don't have to be a permanent hinderance - they can be converted into incredible success. To contact or find more about Scott, listeners can visit:Website: www.scottaaron.netLinkedIn: The LinkedIn Book For Network Marketing
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