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Welcome to the NIL Spot Podcast. A place for parents, student-athletes, and coaches to understand the concept of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) in the high school and college sports worlds. Your host, Dr. JAM, launched this show to highlight the need for athletes - both professionals and amateurs to build their brands based on their talent and personality. Every month, she will discuss a new topic/aspect of NIL that caters to the lives and sacrifices student-athletes across all sports go through. Tune in to become educated on NIL updates.
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In the world of college sports and beyond, a revolutionary shift is happening, and it's known as the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) era. Join us on "The NIL Gold Rush" as we embark on a journey to explore the exciting landscape of NIL opportunities. Hear how Jayden Smith was able to receive a five-figure deal with Mathnasium. In this podcast, we: ⛏️Dive deep into the groundbreaking deal 🗣️Explain how lucrative NIL deals and non-DI Student Athletes can connect 🌐 Explain how an ecosystem is necessary for developing and cultivating NIL deals. "The NIL Gold Rush" episode offers a real life opportunity to hear how Jayden Smith, a Xavier University- New Orleans baseball player, Kimberly Smith, a Mathenasium owner, and David Dirks, the Chief Operating Office of The Icon 1901 Collective created the Mathenasium partnership that is reshaping the sports industry, and discover the entrepreneurial spirit driving a generation of young athletes. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, an aspiring athlete, a business professional, or simply curious about the evolving landscape of college sports and marketing, this episode is your go-to source for understanding the NIL revolution and how it's changing the game for everyone involved. Tune in to "The NIL Gold Rush" and join us as we uncover the gold mine of opportunities and challenges in the Name, Image, and Likeness era.
In this dynamic episode of The NIL Spot, we shine a spotlight on the remarkable journeys of Black women athletes who are rewriting the playbook. With NIL opening doors to unprecedented opportunities, these athletes are seizing the moment, building their brands, and carving out their own paths to success. We explore the broader implications of NIL for Black women athletes, shedding light on how this groundbreaking development is reshaping the landscape of college sports. Our guest, Ajhanai (AJ Newton) Keaton, Ph.D. and Professor Briana DuBose are sharing insights into the challenges Black women athletes are facing, including navigating the complexities of contracts, endorsements, and managing an increasing growing social media presence. Join Dr. JAM and she chats with guests Ajhanai (AJ Newton) Keaton, Ph.D. and Professor Briana DuBose and hear how they are helping to make sure Black women athletes are not just seen, but also heard in the NIL space.
In this thrilling episode of The NIL Spot Podcast, we're diving deep into the dynamic world of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Our guest today is none other than the esteemed Athletic Director of Langston University, Donnita Drain-Rodgers. Langston University, a distinguished HBCU, has a rich history of nurturing exceptional athletes and providing top-tier education. Now, with NIL rights opening new doors for student-athletes, we sit down with Athletic Director Drain-Rodgers to explore the unlimited possibilities this revolution brings to HBCUs. In this episode, we uncover: 1. The HBCU Advantage: Athletic Director Drain-Rodgers shares insights into why HBCUs like Langston University are uniquely positioned to thrive in the NIL era. Discover how these institutions can leverage their rich traditions and close-knit communities to empower student-athletes. 2. Success Stories: Hear how Langston University athletes are harnessing NIL rights to build their personal brands and secure endorsement deals. These stories prove that talent knows no bounds, and opportunities are boundless. 3. Empowering Athletes: Learn how Langston University and other HBCUs are providing the tools and support necessary for student-athletes to navigate the NIL landscape successfully. From educational programs to mentorship, discover the holistic approach to athlete development. 4. The Future of HBCU Athletics: Athletic Director Drain-Rodgers offers a glimpse into the future of HBCU athletics. How will NIL rights impact recruitment, competitiveness, and the overall experience of student-athletes?  Join us for this captivating conversation, where we unravel the untapped potential of Name, Image, and Likeness rights at Langston University and HBCUs nationwide. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, an advocate for education, or simply curious about the transformative power of NIL, this episode promises to leave you inspired and informed.
In this episode, Professor DuBose and I are delving into the complex world of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) and Affirmative Action in the realm of sports. In this podcast, we explore the critical issues, controversies, and potential solutions surrounding these two significant aspects of the sports industry. In recent years, the landscape of college athletics and professional sports has seen a seismic shift with the introduction of NIL rights for student-athletes. We take an in-depth look at how NIL impacts student-athletes, universities, sponsors, and the overall sports ecosystem. With expert interviews, we uncover how NIL is reshaping the traditional dynamics of college sports and the broader implications it has for athlete endorsements, branding, and commercial opportunities. Furthermore, we venture into the sensitive topic of Affirmative Action in sports, examining how policies aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion have shaped the composition of sports teams at various levels. We explore the historical context, the intentions behind these policies, and the impact they have had on both underrepresented and overrepresented groups. Through engaging discussions, we shed light on the complexities of Affirmative Action and its ongoing relevance in the pursuit of equal representation in sports. As we navigate these intricate subjects, we also address the potential conflicts that may arise when NIL intersects with Affirmative Action. What challenges do these policies present when they overlap, and how can they be effectively managed to ensure fairness and equality? Whether you're an avid sports fan, an athlete, a policymaker, or simply curious about the evolving landscape of sports and societal dynamics, this episode will provide valuable insights, thoughtful discussions, and a deeper understanding of the impact of NIL and Affirmative Action in the world of sports.
As with anything that has to do with NIL and the NCAA, the last two years have been a ride thus far, and it's not slowing down anytime soon. According to The Athletic, major changes are coming to the National Letter of Intent (NIL) program in college athletics, and those changes are not far behind, they are starting in 2024.  With these changes to the transfer portal and the intent letter coming up. In this episode Dr. JAM will talk about: the transfer portal NIL deals how NIL and the transfer intersect to bring about maximum benefits for student-athletes to capitalize on.
In today's digital age, social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and conduct business. For student-athletes, social media branding is a powerful tool that can make a significant impact on their career and earning potential. By leveraging social media platforms, student-athletes can create a strong personal brand that resonates with their audience, leading to lucrative sponsorships and endorsement deals. In this rapidly evolving landscape, student-athletes must understand the importance of social media branding and how it can be leveraged to drive success both on and off the field. Joy Harris shares from her wealth of knowledge, her insights into scaling, branding, and funding as it relates to student-athletes. In this episode, we discuss the following: The influence of scaling in the business aspect of athletics. Some tips on how to build your brand as an athlete on social media. Utilizing affiliate marketing to get your first brand view. Funding avenues for student-athletes.
This podcast episode will revolve around how having your mental health awareness in check is just as good and just as needed as having your physical health in check. In this episode, Dr. JAM will speak to mental health advocate, Brian Dinapoli about: The role of societal pressures, such as social media, in affecting mental well-being. His personal story about overcoming substance abuse How sports bullying can affect athletes
NIL and Media

NIL and Media


In this episode, we'll be discussing the impact of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) on the world of high school and college sports and media. With student athletes now able to profit from their name, image, and likeness, we're entering a new era of college sports where the power dynamic is shifting. How will this impact the media landscape, and what does it mean for student athletes? Join Dr. JAM as she speaks with indie filmmaker, Chandonae Baskin. During this episode we will also discuss her new sports-based Short Film, Blitz.
Empowering Women in Sports Historically, women have faced significant obstacles when it comes to competing in sports. They were often excluded from participating in many sports, and even when they were allowed to participate, they faced discrimination and bias from coaches, officials, and even other athletes. Despite the challenges, women athletes have persevered and made significant strides in the world of sports.  In this episode former athletic administrator and leadership strategist, Monique AJ Smith, shares her insights on the representation and celebration of women in sports, particularly in athletic administration.  In this episode we discuss the following:  Representation of women in sports Challenges faced by women in the sports industry Importance of creating opportunities for women in sports. Need for education and specialized knowledge to solve problems Navigating ageism and gender discrimination in professional settings,  The importance of having sponsors and advocates who support and uplift women Maximizing NIL for female student athletes and personal branding. About the Guest Monique A. J. Smith is a leadership strategist for athletics departments and sports organizations, offering university workshops and virtual masterminds through her company, AdvanceAcademy. She hosts the popular podcast, A Chat in the Garden with Monique A. J. Smith, featuring African American Women Athletic Administrators. She is also an adjunct sports management faculty member. Monique is a respected leader in the athletics and sports business industry. Guest contact
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Sports have always played a significant role in American society. From basketball to football, baseball to soccer, sports have brought people together, created communities, and inspired countless athletes to pursue their dreams. However, the history of sports is also intertwined with the history of racism and discrimination, particularly for Black athletes who have had to overcome significant obstacles to succeed. In this episode, Dr. JAM delves in the following conversations: Black resistance in sports history and its impact on diversity and inclusion. Importance of diversity, equality and inclusion among coaching staff and athletic administrators for athlete success. Racial disparities in NCAA's name, image, and likeness policy. Breaking the bias in High school sports. Stay tuned and enjoy.
Personal branding for college athletes is becoming increasingly important as the NCAA allows them to monetize their name, image, and likeness (NIL). In this episode, we explore the subject of personal branding and how it can impact NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) deals. Our guest, Carrie Klewin Lawrence, a stage director, author, and personal branding coach based in the United States, shares her insights on the following: Similarities between artists and athletes as entrepreneurs, and how they can both benefit from taking control of their own narrative and using it to their advantage. The importance of having a strong personal brand, and how to build one. Strategies for leveraging your personal brand to secure NIL deals, Tips for effectively branding yourself with content to increase your visibility and reach without going overboard. Whether you're an artist, an athlete, or just looking to build your personal brand, this episode has valuable information for anyone looking to make a name for themselves in their field. Listen in and join in the conversation. Guest contact info
Myths on NIL

Myths on NIL


College sports as we know it is amid changes not seen in a generation. With the laws that differ in each state and the NCAA interim rules, varying degrees of protection and ways to make money from the name, image, and likeness of players are different. Although it's been over a year since the laws were passed, the NCAA had tried to hinder these laws simply because of their benefits. The podcast today, breaks down the myths surrounding the workings and opportunities of NIL and pushes back on some of the hard lies thrown at it. In this podcast, we'd question: ● The decisions of brands wanting to work with athletes ● The power schools and athletes that would be targeted ● The place of social media influencers in all of these ● Why the big market schools should have an advantage
In this episode of The NIL Spot Podcast, Dr. JAM will be breaking down and exploring the concept of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL), its meaning, positives, negatives, and some catches to this new rule.
Learn from Dr. Jamira Mitchell what Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) is and the opportunities NIL can bring to student-athletes.
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