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Rawkode Live is a live, hands-on, stream that aims to teach you how to use the latest, freshest, shiniest Cloud Native and Kubernetes tools.

This is an edited, sans live demo, version of this stream.

Sharing with you the thoughts and ideas of the best founders, maintainers, and contributors within the Cloud Native eco-system.
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DockerSlim is a tool for developers that provides a set of commands (build, xray, lint and others) to simplify and optimize your developer experience with containers. It makes your containers betters, smaller and more secure. Don't change anything in your Docker container image and minify it by up to 30x making it secure too! Optimizing images isn't the only thing it can do though. It can also help you understand and author better container images. Keep doing what you are doing. No need to change anything. Use the base image you want. Use the package manager you want. Don't worry about hand optimizing your Dockerfile. You shouldn't have to throw away your tools and your workflow to have small container images.
Acing the DevOps Interview

Acing the DevOps Interview


New to DevOps? Today is another day for you to get started.Meet Rohit Ghumare, Founder of Keep Up, a community providing free training, Live and Recorded webinars, and various other educational resources across platforms like LinkedIn, Job portals, e-learning platforms and Developer communities for encouraging learning among enthusiastic learners with financial difficulties. He is also the Developer Advocate at, a company delivering application networking software that simplifies and unifies the configuration, operation and visibility of the network traffic within distributed applications.In conversation with David, Rohit discusses his journey to DevOps after graduating with a degree in Computer Engineering. He reveals exploring data science, machine learning, and Java product development before bumping into Cloud and DevOps. Data Science, ML, and Java, though interesting areas, failed to interest him significantly.Then, Cloud and DevOps happened. Rohit recollects how he loved learning about the different cloud technologies – hybrid multi cloud, AWS and GCP cloud providers felt fun. Gradually, MLOps happened too.Rohit loves learning and research and continues making the best of his time teaching, learning, and creating. He’s worked with different companies, has a considerable follower base for his learning community, and has knowledge about many technologies - a feat he’s achieved in less than two years of his professional journey.Some things you’ll learn in this episode:● What is DevOps? How does it work? (You’ll have a comprehensive learning today)● How to use Coursera’s financial aid to get free course certifications?● The importance of industry knowledge for a computer engineer● Walkthrough of different software tools – Terraform, Pulumi, Docker, Kubernetes● What is a CI/CD pipeline?● How to land remote DevOps jobs as a fresher?● How important is knowing DSA (Data Structures and Algorithms) for a job interview?● MLOps for merging various machine learning models easily● Easy and accessible resources for help in your coding journeyResources and Useful links:● Rohit Ghumare on GitHub @● Rohit Ghumare on Twitter @● Find me on Twitter @ ★ Support this podcast ★
kpt is a package-centric toolchain that enables a WYSIWYG configuration authoring, automation, and delivery experience, which simplifies managing Kubernetes platforms and KRM-driven infrastructure at scale by manipulating declarative Configuration as Data, separated from the code that transforms it. ★ Support this podcast ★
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