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Author: Lauren Wild MSc.

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Join me, Lauren Wild MSc. Dip. Hyp. on a journey to find your bespoke journey to wellbeing. I am a wellbeing psychologist, therapist and HSP specialist coach with 20 years of experience working with individuals and groups to help them flourish. I have a special interest in working with highly sensitive individuals, introverts, empaths and creatives and will be inviting experts from around to world to discuss the specific practices that support wellbeing as we navigate a world that is often too loud, too overwhelming and unrelenting. Come with me on a journey to find the special blend that supports your path to wellbeing.
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How often to you forego your own self-care to help those around you? Are you feeling depleted, run down, exhausted? Do you currently do anything to ensure your foundations of wellbeing stay strong? Are you overwhelmed by all the current information out there and wondering how to fit all of this into your already busy day? Then listen to today's podcast-I'll be talking about why we need daily, weekly and annual wellbeing rituals and habits to support our wellbeing, how we can change the perspective or intention behind some of our current activities to transform them into wellbeing rituals and how we can take tiny steps to up spiral our journey to flourishing. I'll talk about how you can minimise negative habits and increase the likelihood of you sustaining a wellbeing activity by changing the activation energy required. So sit back, relax and have a deep dive into your wellbeing practices, grab a pen and your journal if you prefer or just listen with a cuppa and take some time out for you, right now.  This applies to everyone but also supports those who are highly sensitive, creative and empathic people. I've drawn on my own experience as a busy, entrepreneurial mum in this episode but it can apply to everyone who's wellbeing is lower down the list of priorities compared to those around them. For more info I recommend "The Happiness Advantage" book by Shaun Anchor, check out @the_journaling_queen on insta and to connect we me or find out more about Positive psychology, how to support your wellbeing, or for more info on the trait of high sensitivity, please find me @laurenwildwellbeing
What do you currently do to support your wellbeing? Do you know what your non-negotiables are? Do you ever find yourself stretched too thin and on the verge of burnout or fatigue? Is your body already saying no? Do you live in alignment with your strengths and values? Are you aware that wellbeing isn't a 'one-size-fits-all' practice and you need to adapt your wellbeing practices to suit your particular needs? I hope you enjoy listening to this episode of the Lauren Wild Podcast- today I've spoken about the fundamentals that underpin wellbeing for highly sensitive people although this advice would also apply to most introverts, empaths and creatives out there. Often we go through life focussing on the daily practices we're told support our wellbeing and those are useful but if you are building them onto rocky foundations, you won't experience the full benefit. In this episode, I discuss the findings from my research into the flourishing essentials used by highly sensitive women. If you want to test to see your personal values, click here to take the free test: you want to see what your strengths are, click here to fill out the questionnaire: To connect with me, please find and follow me on instagram @laurenwildwellbeing 
Do you find yourself saying negative things such as 'I'm broken" , "I could never do that." "I don't deserve to be happy" etc? Then listen to this week's episode on the power you give to your own story and inner dialogue. Also find ways to start changing your story in ways that will enable you to move form languishing into fully flourishing. ** Trigger warning** I have mentioned difficult subjects such as parent loss and miscarriage in this episode. If you feel triggered, please contact your health professional for support or get in touch with me via instagram @laurenwildwellbeing and we can discuss things 1:1.This episode is about the power of our narrative, the stories we tell ourselves about us and our past. It examines how you can have the same events but the way you choose to discuss them and view them can lead to very different feelings and outcomes. You'll be hearing my personal story and how I came to work as a specialist wellbeing psychologist for highly sensitive women who want to flourish. This episode is not just for highly sensitive folks though-everyone can benefit from becoming aware of their internal dialogue and seeing if improvements can be made that lift you up rather than hold you back.Keywords: HSP, Wellbeing, Narrative therapy, flourishing, positive reframe, journaling, Positive psychology.
Welcome to this HSP special episode of The Lauren Wild Podcast. I have created a quick snapshot into what it means to be Highly Sensitive or a highly sensitive person (HSP), a bit about the biology and research into how our bodies react to stress. I've shared findings from the key research into the area which began with Elaine Aron back in the 1990s. If you're heard the term and don't know what it means or if you are highly sensitive, please have a listen. Alternatively, it's also worth checking this out if you know someone who is sensitive and hopefully it'll give you a bit of insight into their view of the world. This will be the first in a series of podcasts I will do about High sensitivity as it's my specialist subject and I'm hoping to collide the worlds of high sensitivity and positive psychology so you can really learn how to work with this heritable temperament trait in order to thrive. For more information or to connect with me, find me on insta @laurenwildwellbeing
This episode discussed the importance of small daily actions and thoughts that can lead to big upward spirals to support your wellbeing. I discuss how important it is to try out different tweaks to see what works for you and what is sustainable. I take you on a whistle stop tour of wellbeing from a Positive Psychology, evidence-based point of view to see what are the essential ingredients for moving from languishing to flourishing and why that is important in terms of protecting our mental health and preventing mental illness. Special guest- squeaks from Miku, my new kitten ;)To connect with me, please head to instagram and follow me @laurenwildwellbeing or head over to my website to find out more about the work I do.
Start Here :) Hi, My name is Lauren Wild and this is my introduction session, welcoming you to my show and telling you a little bit about my background. I'll be giving you an insight into how I came to be a Wellbeing Psychologist, my background in human communication and then hypnotherapy. I also tell you a little about my research into the field of high sensitivity and flourishing. Mostly this is just a trailer for my listeners to show you the direction of the podcast and to hopefully make you feel right at home. Please follow me @laurenwildwellbeing or find me at if you want to connect with me or find out more about the work I do. 
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