DiscoverFighting for Connection - Finding Each Other Through Conflict in Marriage
Fighting for Connection - Finding Each Other Through Conflict in Marriage
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Fighting for Connection - Finding Each Other Through Conflict in Marriage

Author: Brett

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This podcast is for you. The one who knows that there are so many great things about your relationship, BUT... it just feels like something is missing. You love and care about each other so much, but there are moments that feel so painful. Listen in. Here you will learn new ways of creating change. You will learn to understand the beast that is conflict and you will learn how to tame it. You will learn to create the connection you want and the partnership that is possible. You listen, you learn, you apply, you both change. 

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Today we talk about practical tools and ways to create a relationship that is open and how to reveal what is possible in our relationship. Aimée Gianni, MS, is a Marriage & Family Therapist and a Master Coach Instructor specializing in Love Relationships. She teaches her clients The Art of Intimate Connection and helps them create strong, loving, joyful relationships and meaningful lives that they love, full of authenticity, connection, passion, fulfillment, and physical well-being. It’s her favorite thing to do! As a Master Coach Instructor she trains relationship coaches how to do this important work with their clients. Listen in as she shares her skills and knowledge with you. If you want to learn more about Aimee, check her out with the links below! Newsletter



With Thanksgiving on our minds lets talk about how powerful thanksgiving can be in our relationships. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and that your holiday season is filled with growth, connection, and peace.
Today I replay a conversation I had with a Connected Couples Campus Member all about the conflict cycle and how it has created change for her and her relationship. She has her own podcast and this episode is a replay of an episode from Monica's podcast! You can check out her work below!Download the FREE Conflict Cycle WorksheetGet 20% off first 3 months Connected Couples Campus with code HEALWebsite: Choosing To Heal Community: @monicaleighblogChoosing To Heal Instagram @choosing2heal Facebook Page: Monica Leigh Blog (@monicaleighblog)Choosing To Heal Facebook Page: Choosing To Heal (@choosingtoheal)
The Little Boy

The Little Boy


On today's episode I introduce you to a little boy that I know. I wonder if you know a little one like him?
Today I talked with Pam Howard who is a LSW and certified life coach from the life coach school. We talked about managing your emotions as a parent! You can find here at Podcast Social Book
When hurt occurs in a relationship it can leave us feeling distant and confused. The question is how to we work through it in a way that allows us to move through it and back to each other.
How to Stop The Cycle

How to Stop The Cycle


We have talked a lot about what the conflict cycle is, now we talk about how to stop it. Learning how to stop it is a skill that you can learn so you can keep, regain, and develop the connection that you want in your relationship. Listen in, apply, and keep learning. and submit a contact form with the subject "Conflict Cycle Worksheet"Today we look at a girls trip that Kelsey went on and why it caused so much pain for us in our relationship.
Sign up for our virtual couples retreat! you know your relationship conflict cycle? It is one of the most powerful things to understand if your relationship is struggling to feel close and connected. 
Attachment within relationships causes so much pain and worry in relationships. Finding a secure bond can bring peace and safety. However so often in relationships we experience a worry or anxiety. When we have this kind of an experience we move to our learned coping mechanisms. This creates our attachment style. Learning how your learned attachment style is impacting your relationship allows you to move out of unconscious response and into conscious response. This more intentional behavior can help us keep the confusion out of our relationships the keep those who are important close.
Discount code for virtual retreat FFC20Today we talk about consistency and how important it is to apply to personal and relationship growth. We want fast results but the way to a secure bond the way to more stability is through a constant ongoing reassuring relationship. You can do the work to do your part in this and to create an environment for a secure bond to flourish.



This episode is all about happiness. The best topic. How can you not listen?Sign up for our virtual connected couples retreat below! I chat with my sister Jenae. She shares about her life traveling the United States by RV, the challenges that come with that, and the changes she has experienced in her relationship with her new life! Follow her on their family blog at
Today we address 5 ways that I have found to improve communication in my own marriage. These 5 ways have been tannates that I have learn found useful and have helped others implement in their relationship with successful results. Try them out and see the difference you can make.
Today Sarina and I chat about the challenges we have faced through our various entrepreneurship endeavors and how we have navigated through them. You can find Sarina at @sarinasiljander often end up in behaving in ways we wish we wouldn't in our relationship. Today we discuss this and what to do to show up in a way that supports you and your relationships.
Today we talked to Austin and Adam Wick about the impacts of pornography and substance addictions and how to seek support and support a loved one who is experiencing these challenges. Listen in to hear the importance of support and connection to overcome these difficult things.Find Austin and Adam below!
If you aren't committed what are you? Today's episode looks at the foundational importance of a committed marriage and even why it might be that so many relationships today are struggling. 
Today I share some thoughts about reflective listening and the power that it has on helping others ( your spouse included!) feel more connected and cared for by you. Its not a guarantee, just a good skill to have. Who doesn't want a good listener in their life?
I had an amazing conversation with Dara Denton who is trained in polyvagal therapy. We discussed the importance of this method and how it helps individuals process through events in their life that have left them experiencing symptoms long into the future. Listen in to see the power of individual work on our relationships around us.You can find Dara here! @daradentontherapy
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