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Brought to you by IT Audit Labs. Trusted cyber security experts and their guests discuss common security threats, threat actor techniques and other industry topics.

IT Audit Labs provides your organization with the leverage of a network of partners and specialists suited for your needs.

We are experts at assessing security risk and compliance, while providing administrative and technical controls to improve our clients’ data security. Our threat assessments find the soft spots before the bad guys do, identifying likelihood and impact, while our security control assessments rank the level of maturity relative to the size of your organization.

26 Episodes
The Audit - Episode 26 - Ready to decode the future of data storage technology? We guarantee that you'll be fascinated by our in-depth exploration into this rapidly evolving landscape. Together with our esteemed guest, Bill Harris, we probe into the intricacies of current storage mediums, such as hard disk drives, flash drives, and magnetic tapes, while also introducing you to emerging technologies like 5D, DNA, and molecular memory. How are companies managing their data storage amidst ever-shrinking IT budgets? How are advancements like heat-assisted magnetic recording and microwave magnetic recording redefining hard drive technology? Brace yourself, as we take you on a journey to decipher these challenges and discoveries, along with Harris, a pioneer in the field. The conversation gets even more exciting as we delve into futuristic concepts like holographic and DNA storage, both promising yet fraught with challenges worth discussing. But we don't stop there. As we dig deeper into the impact of increasing storage capacities, it's evident that a revolution in the way we use and perceive data is imminent. From holographic and 5D crystal storage to DNA storage, we ponder the implications and potential of these advancements on the future of technology. Tune in, let's explore this fascinating world of storage technology together!
In Part 2 of the Tech Lessons Series by Bill Harris, get ready to unravel the mystery of quantum computing? Brace yourselves as we, your hosts, and our esteemed guest, Bill Harris, take you on a whirlwind tour of this fascinating technology that's set to redefine the future. Possessing the potential to disrupt major industries and even cryptography, quantum computing is a topic you certainly can't afford to miss. Imagine a computer that can process information at superluminal speeds. That's the magic of quantum computing! From its application in fields as diverse as healthcare and AI to the challenges it poses, we've got it all covered in this episode. But it doesn't stop there. We discuss the potential threat quantum computers pose to current encryption technologies and the prodigious task of developing quantum-safe encryption techniques. Finally, we examine the present landscape of quantum computing, key players in the field, and IBM's quantum roadmap. Are you curious about how a linguist might relate to all this tech talk? Listen in as Alan, an IT professional, ties it all together with his son's choice of major. We wrap up with a hilarious segment discussing our favorite physicists and resources, where you may just find your next good read! Get ready for a deep dive into a future shaped by quantum computing!
The Audit - Episode 24In Part 1 of the Tech Lessons Series by Bill Harris, prepare to be transported into the future of computing resources, with our fascinating guest, Bill Harris from IT Audit Labs. We're opening up the world of processor design and specialized workloads, discussing the intricacies of chip fabrication, the genius behind improving processor speeds, and the art of creating modern processors. Get ready to discover a realm of substrates, lithographies, and elements that form the backbone of future processors.Ever wondered about the application of Moore's Law in real life, or what really behind processor clock speeds? This episode answers all that and more, bringing in exciting insights into the clever tactics used to amplify modern computation. Dive into the mechanics of how assembly is utilized to build processors and learn about the advanced technologies such as 3D NAND, chiplets, and SSL acceleration that are revolutionizing the field.As we look forward to the future of computing and the exciting investment opportunities it presents, we delve into the potential of semiconductors, the massive CERN particle collider and the intricate challenges of breaking into the semiconductor industry. Don't miss out on our spirited conversation on the potential of DNA and crystalline molecular storage, and the role of quantum computing in enhancing processor speeds. And remember, amidst all this tech talk, the importance of security, risk and compliance controls to safeguard our clients’ data remains paramount. So, buckle up and come along on this exhilarating journey into the future of computing!
Wouldn't it be great if you could navigate the treacherous landscape of software vulnerabilities like a pro? That's exactly what we're serving up in our latest podcast episode. Together with our dedicated team, we dissect the upsurge of these vulnerabilities, the recent discovery of a toolkit targeting Apple, Mac OS, and stolen chat GPT credentials. We even do a deep dive into the complex CVE system. Our insightful discussion sheds light on how these vulnerabilities have grown over time, largely due to the evolution of software development.Are you constantly second-guessing whether to update your software due to the fear of breaking things? You're far from alone. Hang out with us as we share our personal anecdotes dealing with software updates, security patches and the puzzling catch-22 situation that arises. In an alarming revelation, we also walk you through the recent compromise of over 101,000 OpenAI chat GPT account credentials. If you’re a user, this is an episode you can't afford to miss. Imagine living in a world where data breaches are the new golden age. That's the reality we're grappling with, and there's no denying the risks associated with storing data on an internet-connected database. From discussing malicious targeted ad campaigns to delving into the dangers of certain browsers, this episode is a rollercoaster of cybersecurity insight. We round off by examining how data breaches have shaped cybersecurity history. Tune in and arm yourself with the knowledge to combat the rapidly evolving world of software vulnerabilities and cybersecurity.
The Audit - Episode 22Want to understand the dark underbelly of cyberspace? Join us as we take a deep dive into recent data breaches at T-Mobile, discussing why fewer customers were impacted this time around compared to the January API attack. Get insights on how negligence in security could lead to government oversight and understand the power consumers can wield by voting with their feet. Learn how the fines collected from such breaches could fund cybersecurity improvements in vulnerable entities such as school districts.Curious about the consequences of data breaches? We shed light on the implications of the cover-up by Uber's former CSO, who narrowly escaped jail time, and the devastating impact of the Next Gen Healthcare breach affecting a million individuals. We also explore the rise of bug bounties as a popular tool among companies and stress the importance of credibility in the realm of ethical hacking. Ever wondered about the value of your personal information to hackers? We break down how hackers can misuse social security numbers, addresses, and names, and discuss the increasingly specialized roles within a cyber attack. Discover the sinister world of data brokers, who split and resell your personal information, and the challenges of resetting social security numbers. We also delve into how medical records can be weaponized and highlight the need for cybersecurity audits to safeguard data. Listen in, as we offer a compelling analysis of the attacker's viewpoint, the significance of logging activities, and why some attackers end up dwelling within systems for long periods. We also discuss the security maturity needed to protect a company from future breaches once they've been hit. If you're at all concerned about the safety of your personal data, you won't want to miss this deep dive into the murky world of data breaches and cybersecurity.
For this episdoe we are joined by Eric Pesik, the Deputy General Counsel at Seagate Technology. Eric, walks us through how he has been using generative AI tools, including ChatGPT, AI image generators and AI voice overs to speed up his workflow when creating presentations for his colleagues. The crew also discusses how AI will broadly impact other sectors.  
A conversation between Nick Mellem, Eric Palms, and Matt Starland about the future of passwords through the lens of IT. The team notes a general lag time behind current threats and the technology already available to upgrade security protocols and the lack of large-scale adoption and upgrades. Passwords may eventually have to be left behind for new technologies such as biometrics. It is largely agreed that there needs to be a change to a password-less approach to mitigate end-user security risks. Join us for this stimulating and timely discussion. Help us spread this important info by liking, downloading, subscribing and inviting your friends to listen to The Audit. Video version now available on our YouTube channel.
Certified Vulnerable

Certified Vulnerable


A discussion with ITAL members Eric Brown and Scott Rysdahl with Micah Kryzer. Micah is a pentester by day but also works alongside the ITAL team. In this episode the crew overviews certificates, a big topic that transcends any one vendor or environment. Certificates are like an electronic passport meant to uniquely identify a person, computer or application on a network. This specific family of vulnerabilities discussed affects the Microsoft Active Directory certificate services, which is Microsoft’s own built-in PKI or public key infrastructure included with Window’s servers and domains. Micah walks us through a pentest demo illustrating the ways this system can be exploited as well as providing tips on how to protect business networks from this attack. 
An in-depth conversation with former CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) of the Minnesota Judicial and Metropolitan Council, Gretchen White. ITAL’s own Eric Brown and Gretchen discuss topics including the day-to-day grind of advocating for funding and implementing security protocols, how to prioritize security needs and access risk on a budget, reporting structure, and how to effectively impact change within an organization. Chalk full of tips, Gretchen, has expertise in communicating organizational needs to decision makers and has some priceless nuggets to share with up-and-coming CISO’s and those who work under their guidance.  #cybersecurity #CISO #chiefinformationsecurityofficer #careeradvice #organizational #leadership #communication #security #influence #metropolitancouncil #minnesotajudicial #pointofrisk 
Hardware Hobbies

Hardware Hobbies


This week, we are speaking with Dennis Pelton about his expertise in hardware. He makes badges for all the major security conferences and loves to share his knowledge in this space. #security #hacking #wifi #rubberducky #hardware #defcon #schmoo #defcon #bsides
Continue the conversation with guest, Matt Starland, as we dive further into security in the news. How do these breaches happen and how can they be prevented? Find out today on The Audit. #Breaches #ThreatActors #CyberSecurity #TheAudit 
Cyber Safe Travel

Cyber Safe Travel


Traveling for Spring Break, vacation, or work? Join The Audit and guest ethical hacker, Matthew Wold, to hear best practices for keeping your journey cyber-secure. 
In this episode, The Audit discusses day-to-day operations in the industry with cybersecurity expert, Nate Ristine. From creating and hunting down phishing emails, to the emotional aspect of social engineering, find out what tools Nate uses to make it all happen. 
What is the Dark Web?

What is the Dark Web?


We have all heard about it, but do you really understand what the Dark Web is? On this episode of The Audit, Bill Harris presents on all things Dark Web, including the content available, the intension of the dark net, and a brief tour of what the dark web looks like. 
Security in the News

Security in the News


In this week's episode of The Audit, we will be talking about up-to-date security in the news stories, with cyber security expert and guest, Matt Starland. Tune in to hear about security breaches, hacking tactics, and all things cybersecurity. #cybersecurity #theaudit #itauditlabs 
Join the IT Audit Labs crew to talk about Pwnagotchi’s! We will review how a pwnagotchi collects keys/wpa/wpa2 information from 4-way wifi handshakes, and how to crack those keys/how the key exchange functions. It’s a pwnagotchi party!  
Did you know that your Wi-fi is even vulnerable to attacks? Tune in to hear our guest, Dennis, talk about kill chain, DOS attacks, Wi-Fi reconnaissance, and more. For more information about relevant attacks and ways to protect your network, listen to The Audit today! #wifi #cybersecurity #itauditlabs #theaudit Follow our guest Dennis Pelton on Twitter @c0ldbru  
Breaches, phishing, attacker programming, and more, in this week of The Audit. Tales from the Trenches will talk about several scenarios our hosts have experienced with fraudulent situations, as well as ways these hackers implement their tactics. Tune in to The Audit today to hear more! #cybersecurity #protection #itauditlabs #theaudit 
Vishing is happening constantly. Understanding what vishing is and being able to spot these tactics will help protect your information. The Audit presents three guests that won the DEFCON30 Vishing black badge. These guests are here to discuss their experience at DEFCON, as well as their knowledge on vishing. Join us to learn more. #itauditlabs #vishing #scam #security  Special Thank you to the DC30 Vishing Competition Black Badge Winners Team Spilt Beans @_jacoff, @bngrsec, @_seahop Shout outs to the entire Defcon community with special mentions @SEC_Defcon@twitter, @JC_SoCal, @_snoww, @_corge 
In this podcast, there are several common tactics hackers use in order to gain your personal information. These hackers will phish and smish through different texts, emails, or even items you are buying on eBay. Knowing how to spot these hacking tactics will prevent you from clicking on the links or putting your personal information on the line.
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