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Find camaraderie and understanding as Knit Picks employees confess to their own knitting triumphs and complete blunders. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, tune in weekly for the further adventures of the gang at Knit Picks and any other knitters we can round up.
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We're back. Winter is here and our Knit Picks Team is very busy working to bring you exciting new things in 2021. If you missed it in last episode, we said goodbye to our Knit Picks Host Hannah Maier as she embarks on new adventures. Behind the scenes we're working on our new podcast voice and style so stay tuned.  Last year Knit Picks and our sister brand WeCrochet ventured into the world of live streams. Today we're sharing with you an interview that WeCrochet did in the fall of 2020 with knit and crochet designer Tian Connaughton. Tian is a joy and we are very excited to share some of this interview with you. Sara, who has been on this podcast before, asks Tian about her crafting story and her inspiration and business. We'll have new things to share about Tian's work later this year but until then you can start to get to know her, if you don't already. So grab your knitting, settle in, and get ready to meet your new knitting friend.    Mentioned in this Episode: Last episode of the podcast Knit Picks Facebook Lives Knit Picks Facebook Lives on Youtube WeCrochet Facebook Lives WeCrochet Facebook Lives on Youtube WeCrochet Facebook Live with Tian WeCrochet Magazine: Issue 4 WeCrochet Magazine: Issue 5 Tian's Website Pattern Partnership Program Tian's Designs 32 Market Street Tee Obeah Hat  Wingdale Cowl Stroll Gradient Muse Tian's Instagram Account - TianConnaughton Tian's Instagram Account - KnitDesignsbyTian Real Talk With Tian Timestamps: 0:00 Welcome to the Knit Picks Podcast 1:18 Sara from WeCrochet interviews Tian Connaughton 10:32 "How do you start with a design" 14:29 Love women entrepreneurs helping women entrepreneurs 30:37 Credits
We're winding down our year, finishing off our holiday projects, and taking a short break to gear up for 2021. In this special episode of the Knit Picks Podcast we're taking some time to do our very favorite thing: answering your questions! Hannah, Stacey, Lee, and later Producer Sarah, come together remotely from our craftrooms, offices, bedrooms or living rooms scattered across Portland, OR to answer your knitting queries. From tips and tricks with colorwork to deciding what to make next, the Knit Picks Podcast team is here to help. We bring our wealth of knowledge and unique perspective to help guide you through whatever is upsetting your knitting. We had so much fun thinking of solutions or sharing our favorite ways to tackle problems that we'll definitely be doing this again. Stay tuned to hear our answers to questions about all sorts of knitting and fiber conundrums.  Mentioned in This Episode:Learn To Knit KP Learning Center Ball Winder  Swift  Ball Winder video  Scrap  Buy Nothing Project  Twill Calorimtry Headband  Norwegian Christmas Crackers  Top Down Christmas Stockings  Frost slippers  Jacquard Acid Dye Starter Set Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 2:04 Simpleliving246 on Instagram asks I’m having a hard time learning to knit during the pandemic - what are some good resources? 5:35 Khu_sh_bu on Instagram asks I bought your ball winder. I get tangled in the every cake. What am I doing wrong. Yes I am using the arrow.  10:16 Galswingirl on Instagram asks What to do when you only get one part of the gauge? ie, you match the row gauge but not the stitch gauge.  13:58 LivingBreathingLaughing on Instagram asks Help! I bought bad yarn and I don’t want to waste it or continue (with it).  17:28 Hitomebore2004 on Instagram asks I’m the worst at estimating yarn needed for a project - is there help for this? 19:37 Efdev35 on Instagram asks What is the best yarn weight for knitting a sweater? I’m new to sweaters.  23:00 Niko on Facebook asks I was wondering about how many yards or meters of yarn would one roughly use for a scarf for a male? 25:01 JaneMLockhark on Instagram asks What do I knit next?? 27:30 Voicemail from Trina from Pitsburg asking about Types of blocks that start in the middle and you work your way out - how do you scale up? 29:43 Bella_Mattson on Instagram asking How do I knit into a yarn over in the next row? 32:13 Voicemail from Claire from Texas asking Having trouble with stranded colorwork - whenever she does it her projects become puckered in some areas and too loose in others. Looking for tips and tricks for stranded colorwork.  Xxalirose on Instagram asks How much slack should floats have in a pair of socks? 38:01 Voicemail from Ashley from North Carolina ***She wants to know more about hand dying yarns. First question - do washing instructions change after doing hand dye? Are there items you suggest not using hand-dyed yarns for? 44:36 Producer Sarah’s rapid-fire questions 48:26 Goodbye Hannah 49:26 Credits
Join us to talk about all sorts of crafty goodness. To start, Lee and Hannah sit down to discuss the idea of Process vs. Product knitting. While this spectrum of approaches is true for almost all crafting, they do a deep dive into their experiences wrestling with this concept from the perspective of their own knitting queues. Stay tuned to find out whether you tend toward Process or Product or, as they've each discovered in themselves, somewhere in between.  Next, Stacey and Hillary pop in to share some of our most popular patterns. Did you know that for the past 9 years or so Knit Picks has worked hard to bring you roughly two new pattern collections every six weeks?! That's SO MANY patterns you can't find anywhere else and we love talking about our favorites. Listen along to discover a new pattern or, if you're a super fan, we suggest you jot down a quick list of YOUR favorite patterns to see how many are on our list as well! Mentioned in This Episode:Baby Leggings by Allison Griffith Hawthorne  Independent Designer Patterns  Oak Forest Shawl by Ksenia Naidyon Cinna Top by Ksenia Naidyon Lindy Chain  Serendipity  Teasel Shrug  Paragon  Diamond Rain Shawl  Cindersmoke Blanket Shawl  Isn't It Midnight Throw Protea Sweater Pathways Textured Knits Collections Eldfell Pullover Sorrel Aloft Kaliya Wrap Adira Stroll Mini Pack Gloss Timestamps:0:00 Hannah's welcome 1:08 Hannah and Lee 17:23 Stacey and Hillary 29:22 The Credits
Today, we're dedicating an entire episode to the subject of sock knitting! Whether you're a seasoned pro and socks are your very favorite thing, or a new knitter contemplating casting on for your very first pair, this episode is for you!  Lee and Hannah spend time talking about all of the sock yarns they've developed over the years. Colorful, hardwearing and in a range of lovely fibers, sock yarn is one of our very favorite things to develop behind the scenes. Listen along as they compare and contrast soft Stroll lines with Hawthorne's rugged and complex colorways. You might even discover a new-to-you skein to try! Stacey invites Rosalyn Keys (you may know her as Rozknitz on Instagram) on to the podcast to talk about her PASSION for sock knitting. We met Roz at a knitting trade show years ago and love seeing what she comes up with next. She's one of our favorite super fans and is always the first to snag a skein of new sock yarn to use on her sock knitting machine. Don't know what that is? Stay tuned to find out! Also, Roz was part of the design team that developed the last round of striped Felici colors too! As always, happy knitting! Mentioned in This Episode: Stroll Hawthorne Felici Static Capretta Gloss Fingering Muse Bare Eco Superwash Alpaca Lee's socks in two colorways of Felici held together  Lee's socks in Felici & Stroll held together  Lee's sweater in Stroll held triple  Helpful tutorial for triple-stranding from one yarn ball  Sweater Lee knit in Hawthorne held together with Aloft  Sweater Lee knit in Hawthorne speckle held double  Hat Lee knit in Felici held double and striped between two colorways  Cowl Lee knit with Hawthorne held triple striped with Capretta held triple  Sock Yarn Celebration Sock Knitting Machine Roz on Ravelry Roz on Instagram Timestamps: 0:00 Welcome with Hannah 1:32 Hannah and Lee talk sock yarn 23:30 Stacey talks to Roz 36:07 Credits
Every day, the Knit Picks team comes together to dig deep into our craft and celebrate our favorite materials. From yarn to needles, we choose everything with care and work to bring our very favorite things right to your door. Today, we're taking a new look at yarn from some different angles. Join Lee and Hannah as they talk about their experience making their own yarn. Whether you're interested in spinning skeins from fleece or making your yarn from recycled materials like t-shirts, they touch on a variety of techniques and share some of their hard earned tips and tricks for getting fantastic results.  Next up, you'll also hear some new voices. Courtney and Kate join Hannah from Kelbourne Woolen's to share some of their favorite things about running a yarn business. You can find their lovely, classic wool Germantown yarn on the Knit Picks website and today you'll get a little behind the scenes interview with these fantastic crafters. Make sure to stay tuned to get a sneak peek at what Kelbourne has coming up in 2021 too! Mentioned In This Episode:KP Wood Yarn Spindle  Wool of the Andes Roving  Bare Stroll Roving KP Spinning Wheel  Fantasia Beginner Spinning Kit  Lee's recycled yarn ebook  Steeking Scissors  Niddy Noddy  Kromski Niddy Noddy  Wool Wash  Meta Tee pattern  Kelbourne Woolens Kelbourne Woolens (official site) Kelbourne Germantown Fleisher Kelbourne Woolens Year of Hats kits Knit Picks A Year of Hats   Timestamps:0:00 Introduction with Hannah 1:10 Hannah and Lee talk about making yarn 16:58 Want to learn to knit socks? 17:59 Hannah talks to Kate and Courtney from Kelbourne Woolens 39:59 Credits
As the weather gets cozier our stashes seem to get more colorful. This week we're dipping into the wide world of multi colored knitting. From epic Fair Isle to simply soothing marled effects, we're sharing all our knitting know-how in this episode! First up, Stacey and Lee discuss some popular techniques for getting maximum color in every square inch. Stay tuned to learn the similarities and differences between techniques like Fair Isle, Mosaic, Intarsia, and marls. Next, Sara joins Hannah from our sister company WeCrochet to tackle some common considerations when choosing colors. They cover some color theory basics that work for every project and also share our favorite ways of choosing specific Knit Picks and WeCrochet brand colors from our websites when you can't just order them ALL to see in person!  Also, we wanted to let everyone know that our Twelve Weeks of Gifting series of free patterns is happening right now on both and! Each week we're releasing a free pattern to get you excited about holiday knitting. The closer to the end of the year we get, the easier the patterns get, perfect for last minute gifting for anyone left on your list. Or! Simply treat yourself. Check out the Twelve weeks of gifting or sign up for our emails to be the first to know when there's a new release. Mentioned in This Episode: Mosaic Medley book  Spectrum book  Lee's sweater with stripes + short rows  A sweater Lee knit will all different colors of Muse yarn  Lee's patterns (many of which are multi-colored)  Designer MK Nance  Mosaic & Lace book by Barbara Benson  Collection by Lee with stranded mitts/cowl/legwarmers  KP Learning Center colorwork guides  Spilly Jane's patterns Nonna's Gardens Color Theory Basics Palette color card Color Grid Tool Color Booklet and Wheel Timestamps:0:00 Introduction with Hannah 1:26 Stacey and Lee talk about colorwork 22:20 Want to Learn to Knit A Blanket? 23:02 Hannah and Sara talk about choosing colors 37:06 The Credits
Our offices are located in the Pacific NorthWest where we're all starting to see the subtle signs of fall. This means colder months are on their way and it's time to get going on gifts knits for the holiday season. We know it might feel early, but if you're a gift knitter, you know that it's time. In this episode you'll hear Erica and Hannah talk tips, tricks and strategies to keep the stress at a minimum while making sure you've got everyone on your list covered. They share some of our favorite patterns to get you inspired to start making your lists and casting on this weekend.  Stacey and Hillary also introduce our annual Twelve Weeks of Gifting! Free patterns await patient listeners so stay tuned. If and when you need inspiration for any of those last-minute gifts. Settle in for this week's episode to start slowly getting into the holiday spirit. In the meantime, as always... happy knitting Mentioned in this Episode:Alpaca Cloud DK, Fingering Lace Andean Treasure Capretta Paragon Galileo Gloss Wonderfluff City Tweed DK, HW Provincial Tweed Muse Continuation Blanket in Mighty Stitch worsted held triple Chill Chaser Cup Cozy in Stroll Cabled Cozies in City Tweed HW Chunky Slippers in Muse Gradual Rib Hat in Hawthorne Beinn Hat in WOTA Gradual Watch Cap in Chroma Twist Dishcloths! Ornaments! 12 Weeks of Gifting   Timestamp: 0:00 The Introduction 0:52 Hannah and Erica talk about knit gifts 24:27 Together We Knit Facebook Group 24:48 Want to know how to knit in the round? 25:39 Stacey and Hillary 29:58 Credits    
Recently, during a meeting at the office the Knit Picks team realized that each and every one of us at, one moment or another has had an "AH HAH!" moment when we realized we were doing something wrong! A defining moment in every knitter's craft, there comes a time when you embrace a craft quirk that's special to you, or learn another way of doing something.  Stay tuned to hear about Twisted stitches, struggling to join in the round or swapping garter stitch for stockinette in a project. Also, we talk about whether we change how we're doing something or just roll with it and call it a "design feature" rather than a flaw!  We love these little moments and would love to hear some of yours! If you've got a good "ah hah!" moment from your crafty past that you'd like to share, give us a call and leave a voicemail at 360-334-4847. We'll be checking our voicemail often and might be using your messages in future podcast episodes! You can also record a Voice Memo on your phone and send that audio file to  In the meantime, as always... happy knitting. Timestamps:0:00 Introduction 1:24 Stacey and Morgan 7:42 SIMS! 8:11 Hannah, Gerda and Hillary 14:57 Want to knit a scarf? 15:35 Lee and Erica 25:47 Credits
We're back from our short hiatus in August with some fresh crafting conversations for you! With the warm weather winding down and holiday season quickly approaching, we're shifting gears at Knit Picks. This week, we're covering modular projects like blankets and afghans and the easy care yarns that are our go-to choices for long lasting machine washable projects.  Perfect for cool weather, modular blankets are our favorite things to knit for ourselves or gift during the holidays. These projects will grow and change with every row you knit and they're one of the most mesmerizing knits that we come back to time and time again. Stacey and Lee talk about our new Modular Blanket collection and Stacey shares her favorite way to pick up stitches for perfectly joined pieces.  Next, Erica and Hannah talk through the wonderful category of washable yarns! Also called "easy care" these fibers are fun to knit and can be safely washed in your home machine. They both love to use yarns in this genre for gift knits because it takes the mystery and worry out of caring for those precious projects. Stay tuned to discover a new-to-you yarn and hear tips and tricks for choosing and caring for these fibers.    Mentioned in this Episode:Hue Shift Blanket Pattern  Cloudy Day Throw Pattern  Outline Throw Pattern  Buffalo Throw Pattern  Rainflake Throw Pattern  Traditions Afghan Pattern  Joinery Blanket  Flash Forward Blanket  Squared Blanket  Block Party print book  Block Party eBook  A couple of patterns by Lee which are modular with no picked up stitches and no seaming: Vanguard hat and Triyang Collection Shawls  Learn To Knit Kit Learn to Knit Brava (Sport, Worsted, Bulky) Billow Snuggle Puff Dishie CotLin Shine Stroll Hawthorne Muse Swish Chroma Chroma Twist Wota Twill Mighty Stitch Comfy Timestamps:0:00 Introduction 1:22 Lee and Stacy talk modular knits 17:20 Knit Picks Learn to Knit Box Subscriptions 18:25 Hannah and Erica talk about easy-care yarns 38:48 Credits    
Today, we're taking a short break from all things knitting and sharing some of the OTHER crafts we've been experimenting with lately. At Knit Picks, we are knitters too and we also do other things. First up, Hillary and Hannah talk about what it's like to learn a new craft from scratch. Hillary has been exploring the wide world of ceramics at home and Hannah has been dipping a tentative toe into punch needle! Everyone's process of learning something new is different. They give some examples of things that have been helpful in their new craft explorations.  Next, Stacey and Lee describe their recent forays into sewing. Both of them have been sewing for years but recently it's grown into a full time interest. The common theme for both Stacey and Lee was discovering the perfect, challenging project that meant they reached a new experience level. These themes and milestones apply to knitting and many crafts. Also, stay tuned for some great audiobook and podcast recommendations to keep you entertained while you craft!  As always... happy crafting! Mentioned in this Episode: Lisa Congdon Instagram Stone and Wave Pottery Ceramics Monthly Ball Winder Swift Arounna Instagram Double M Pottery Instagram Modern Punch Needle Punched: Techniques and Projects for Modern Punch Needle Art Lee's sewing pinterest boards Love to Sew podcast LB Pullover pattern Fen Dress pattern Yanta Overalls pattern Lee's portfolio top Lee's Yanta Overalls Lee's first (of many) LB Pullover In the Folds Sew House Seven Helen's Closet Cashmerette Eloquent Rage Lies My Teacher Told Me Something That May Shock and Discredit You How to be an Antiracist Such a Fun Age His Dark Materials series Six of Crows Duology I'm Judging You The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell OverDrive and Libby (both free with library card) Scribd audible Rabbit Hole Dolly Parton's America It's Been a Minute Code Switch Pop Culture Happy Hour Who Shot Ya? Stop Podcasting Yourself Consider ThisThe Daily The Benjamin Dixon Show On the Media Throwing Shade Reply All 1619 This Had Oscar Buzz NPR podcasts Maximum Fun network podcasts Extra Hot Great The Great American Pop Culture Quiz Show Keep It (and Crooked Media) BingeMode (and Ringer network) It's The Pictures That Got Small You Must Remember This The Storm I Don't Even Own A Television Casefile Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction with Hannah 1:03 Hannah and Hillary talk about learning new crafts 21:13 Lee and Stacy talk about their love of sewing 49:55 Credits
Let's take a look at lace knitting. Now, lace is a polarizing topic in our offices here at Knit Picks and we're betting that it's the same way in the broader knitting world. Either you love it, hate it or just haven't taken the plunge and started your first project. If you're lukewarm about lace or a newbie, this episode is for you! We've just released a new collection of heavier weight lace patterns that are a great way to get started. Stacey talks with Kalurah Hudson, one of our designer extraordinaires and a contributor to this collection about lace. Starting with fingering, worsted or even bulky weight lace projects means you can get comfortable with charts and lace basics without committing to a lace project that never seems to end! The epitome of quick and cozy, Sway is a great collection for experienced lace lovers as well.  Next, Lee and Hannah talk about their favorite tools to make knitting lace a breeze. With the right tools, yarn and techniques, lace becomes one of the easiest techniques to master. After this episode, you'll have perfect projects, crisp stitches and zero fears when it comes to lace knitting. Lastly, stay tuned for a call we received on our phone line! A super fan from Canada called to share their favorite yarns and we were so delighted. We had to include the voicemail here and really, we couldn't have said it better ourselves.    Featured image includes: Sagebrush Shawl Paragon Sport Yarn Mentioned in this Episode: Kalurah Hudson Knit Picks Designs Sway (Collection) Seashore Shawl: Heavy Seashore Shawl: Light Andrea Mowry on Ravelry Premium Knitting Chart Keeper Basic Chart Keeper - Silver Quick Locking Stitch Markers Set Lace Blocking Wires Eucalan Woolwash 16.9 oz Premium Knitting Blocking Mats T Pins 40 Pack Blocking Pins (U shaped ones) Fixed Circular Needles Interchangeable Needles Shimmer Lace Yarn Luminance Lace Yarn Luminance Hand Painted Alpaca Cloud Lace Yarn Gloss Lace Yarn Aloft Yarn Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction with Hannah 1:26 Stacy interviews Kalurah 10:34 Lee and Hannah talk about their favorite tools for lace 37:57 Listener voicemail 42:53 Credits
Today we're talking about HOW things are made but, it's a twist! Instead of the act of knitting or projects, we're going to be sharing how patterns are designed and how our sister company, WeCrochet was born.  Stacey and Lee have spent years designing patterns and working with designers on the behind-the-scenes process of pattern creation. Whether you're interested in dipping your toe into the design world or want to gain new insight and appreciation for the complex and beautiful work that goes into pattern creation, this segment is a must listen.  We invite Sara Dudek, the brand manager from WeCrochet on to our podcast to talk about our brand new sister brand. Knit Picks has long been a home for knitters and we wanted to grow to include a home JUST for crocheters. Learn about what's new in crochet (spoiler alert, SO MANY THINGS!) and get inspired to pick up your hooks and explore As always... happy crafting! Have a question? Want to talk about something you’re working on? Make sure to call in, ask, and just say hi! Drop us a line at 360-334-4847 and record your message, we’ll be checking our voicemail often and might be using your messages in future podcast episodes. We really love hearing from you. You can also record a Voice Memo on your phone and send that audio file to    Mentioned in this Episode: Designer page, includes links to IDP and to current calls for submissions Knit Picks Exclusive Books Knit Picks Exclusive eBooks Knit Picks Exclusive Patterns Design with us! page Indy Pattern Designers' Resources ravelry group Lee's knitting patterns WeCrochet!   Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction with Hannah 1:09 Stacy and Lee talk about the process of knitting patterns from idea through to publishing 22:54 Hannah talks to Sara about the new brand for crocheters, WeCrochet 38:07 Credits with Hannah
Knitting tiny things like stuffies and baby sweaters has always been a favorite way to fill our knitting queue. Lately the knitters here at Knit Picks have cast on for small, quick projects as we find ourselves with more opportunities to dive into our stashes at home. It's the perfect time to reach for instant gratification knits. First up, Hillary and Morgan share their recent experiences knitting for babies. Tiny sweaters, hats and the cutest baby socks are fun to whip up and gift right away or store for future babies. They share tips and tricks for knitting baby gear as well as some pattern recommendations! Next, Stacey and Hannah do a deep dive into knitting toys. They both LOVE to make stuffies and have found things that they both look for in a good toy pattern. Learn about yarns and techniques we recommend for 3D toy knitting as well as their favorite patterns! As always... happy knitting! Mentioned in this episode: The Otterferry Cardi by Rainer and Bear Swish DK Flax by tincanknits Brava Worsted Yarn Snuggle Puff CotLin Yarn Simply Cotton Organic Sport Yarn Bumpy Bear Hat Pumpkin Patch Beanie Bunny Ears Hat Sheep Hat Narwhal Dishie Double Pointed Needles Safety Eyes Locking Stitch Markers Rachel Borello Carroll (Narwhal, Unicorn, Manatee, Fox) Mochimochi (tiny unicorn, tons of tiny projects on Rav, Stacey's favorite Grass guy) Rebecca Danger (monsters, did our A Very Danger Christmas) Emily Kintigh (Little Mishka, new handpuppets, Monster rattles) Cinthia Vallet   Cute, Cuter, Cutest Knit Toys in 3 sizes  WeCrochet | crochet.comWool of the Andes Swish Hawthorne Stroll Biggo Brava Sport Mighty Stitch Fable Fur Comfy Cotlin Reflections Shine Timestamps: 0:00 Hannah's introduction 1:02 Morgan and Hillary talk about knitting for babies 10:01 Hannah and Stacy deep dive into knitting toys 35:57 Credits
Here in the Pacific Northwest we've had our first burst of warm weather and we've decided it's high time we talk about warm weather knitting. Whether you're thinking of garments to WEAR or projects to MAKE during our upcoming heatwaves, we've got you covered. Listen along as we talk about the ins and outs of our favorite knitting season: SUMMER! First up, Stacey and Hannah share their favorite projects. We'll get you thinking about your own knitting queue and wardrobe. And if you're wondering if summer is blanket-knitting season, the answer is YES! Modular blankets are easy to knit in small sections while sitting in the sun, and then pieced together in the cool evenings. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks. Next, Lee and Erica do a deep dive on plant fiber yarns. From cotton to linen and everything in between, you'll learn about the ins and outs of each fiber and their blends. If you've never dipped into the world of plant fibers, this episode is for you! Mentioned in this Episode: Hawthorne yarn Sock Yarn Shawls Collection eBook Stratosphere Everyday Wraps eBook: Colorful Knitted Shawls Hue Shift Afghan Pattern Cotlin yarn Equinox Collection Cascades Tee Cotlin Reflections Comfy Lunch Bag Pattern Market Bag Pattern Dishie Yarn Stroll Sock Lab – Aquarium Edition Hawthorne Sock Lab - Scoops Edition Dishie Twist Yarn Curio #10 Shine Yarn Simply Cotton Organic Sport Yarn Snuggle Puff Yarn Billow Yarn Lindy Chain Orchid Blossom Stole Timestamps: 0:00 The Introduction with Hannah 1:07 Hannah and Stacy chat warm weather knits 18:02 Erica and Lee chat plant-fiber yarns 37:17 Credits
We're recording these episodes from our homes scattered across Portland, Oregon. We may be apart but our enthusiasm for all things yarn and crafting bring us together! Today, we're taking a small departure from knitting or crochet to talk about dyeing yarns. No matter what craft you're passionate about, being able to make your unique, custom colorway is an exciting and fun project that you can do at home with things you probably already have around the house! First up, Regan and Hannah chat about natural dyes. You can get stunning washes of color from tree bark, spices, and common vegetables with just a little bit of time and effort. Regan shares his experiments with our Earthues dye kit and Hannah touches on some of her experience dyeing with flowers and other plants grown in the garden.  Next, Stacey and Lee chat about other dye techniques. From speckles to using kool aid to dye yarns, you'll learn about what fun effects we're seeing in yarns these days! As always, if you have a question or want to talk about something you're working on you can call in! Drop us a line at 360-334-4847and record your message, we'll be checking our voicemail often and might be using your messages in future podcast episodes. We really love hearing from you. You can also record a Voice Memo on your phone and send that audio file to  In the meantime, as always... happy knitting. Mentioned in this episode: Botanical Yarn Dyeing Journey Earthues Botanical Dye Kit Bare Yarns Indigo Cotton Dye Kit Indie Dyer Showcase The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes Jacquard Dye Kit Jacquard Acid Yarn Dyes - 27 Colors Greener Shades Acid Dye Kit Dye Bare Yarn with Kool-Aid! blog post Dyeing Yarn in a Crock Pot Dyeing Self-Striping Yarn From Another Place Crop Top Lee's tutorial Cotton Dye Kit Timestamps: 0:00 Hannah's Introduction 1:38 Hannah and Regan talk natural dyes 13:48 Listener Voicemail and follow up 15:44 Lee and Stacy talk acid-based dyes 37:11 Credits
You may have noticed that we took a short break between episodes while we figured out how to record from home. We miss our tiny recording studio but we're also so excited to be able to record new episodes for you to knit along to.   Many of us are finding more time to do our favorite crafts during the day... it's a time to rest and find comfort in our projects. Even though we're spending more time crafting, it doesn't necessarily mean that all of that time is spent in one go over  the course of a leisurely crafternoon! Instead, kiddos, pets, work or chores punctuate our days. Everyone on the Knit Picks team has found ways to make our precious knitting and crochet time productive and simple so that we can get right back to it when we're ready and able.  First, Lee and Erica give some tips and tricks for keeping track of where you are in your project! Using lifelines in lace or locking stitch markers can make it so much easier to come back to a project you've set down hours (or weeks!) before.  Next, Stacey and Hannah share their favorite patterns that are easy to pick up and work on without having to rely on tons of notes or complicated stitches. Spoiler alert: garter stitch comes up more than once! FYI Knitting is not canceled! We may be spending more time apart  these days but we're finding new, exciting ways to connect and share our love of craft with each other. Looking for a community of excited, dedicated crafters? Join our new Together We Knit Facebook group! With over 1,500 members there's never ending inspiration to look forward to.  Want to craft for charity? Knit Picks has teamed up with Warm Up America to knit or crochet blocks for blankets. Read more about Warm Up America on our blog. There's never been a better way to spread love, try a new technique and bust your stash at the same time! Have a question? Want to talk about something you're working on? Make sure to call in, ask, and just say hi! Drop us a line at 360-334-4847 and record your message, we'll be checking our voicemail often and might be using your messages in future podcast episodes. We really love hearing from you. You can also record a Voice Memo on your phone and send that audio file to  In the meantime, as always... happy knitting.... Mentioned in this episode: Knit Picks Podcast Episode 311 Row Counter Finger Row Counter Knit Picks Notebooks Project Bag How to Use a Lifeline for Lace Knitting Interchangeable Needles Stitch Markers Colorful Garter Cowl Midwinter Shawl Electric Alpaca Cowl Eponine Shawlette Vesna Infinity Scarf Impressionist Afghan Easy Stripes Blanket Hue Shift Delaunay Pillow Beinn Dreamy Waves Scarf Rock and roll socks Vinca Socks Cozy Couch Socks On the Grid Socks Garter Ridge Hat Resa Hats Ebullience Hats   Timestamps: 0:00 Welcome by Hannah 1:53 Lee and Erica check in and talk about tricks to help you stop and start projects 20:50 Knit Picks is here for you! 21:44 Hannah and Stacy talk about their favorite Go-to projects 32:22 Credits
Today we take a trip behind the scenes at Knit Picks to talk about two of our popular programs. We're busy adding to and refining our subscription boxes and eco yarn offerings throughout the year and wanted to share some of the stories and highlights from both.  First up, Alison and Hannah talk about their history of developing new eco yarns. From past favorites like Full Circle to our recent Upcycled yarn launch, we're proud of what we've been able to source and are always looking for new yarns to add to our collections. Next, Erica and Kate share some insights into our subscription box program. Carefully curated boxes arrive at your door every month, full of lovely yarns and favorite patterns. We've recently relaunched our program with new boxes and are always working on new ways to surprise and delight our super fans. Find out who is on Team Hawthorne and who is on Team Stroll.  If you are someone who gets a subscription box, use the hashtag #KPSubscriptionsuperstar  #KPHandpicked and share your experience. Mentioned in this episode:  Upcycled Reserve Yarn Line  Full Circle  Upcycle Reserve 100% Wool Worsted  Upcycle Reserve 100% Wool Bulky  Upcycle Reserve Alpaca Blend  Diadem Yarn Simply Alpaca Aran  Simply Wool Worsted  Simply Cotton Organic Worsted Yarn  Simply Cotton Organic Fingering Yarn  Simply Cotton Organic Sport Yarn  Bare Yarns  Greener Shades Acid Dye Kit Earthues Botanical Dye Kit  Warm Up Together Knit A Long Warm Up Together Knit A Long Pattern Ideas Subscription boxes  Subscription box: Cotton Club  Subscription box: Sock Yarn Celebration Subscription box: A Year of Hats  Payne Hat  As always, happy knitting Timestamps: 00:00 Hannah's introduction 0:58 Alison and Hannah talk eco yarns and dyes 10:48 Stacy introduces the Warm Up Together Knit A Long 11:39 Erica and Kate talk about Knit Picks subscription boxes 19:57 Credits 
Knits are meant to be loved and used which means that a knitter's work is never truly done. Whether there are holes to be mended or you want to add some fiber flair to your project, Stacey, Lee, Alison and Hannah share some of their favorite ways to mend and embellish knits.  First up, wool moths and kiddos mean our stacks of knits have some holes to be patched. Alison and Hannah discuss the different ways they mend well loved knits. Listen in to learn about needle felting, darning eggs and the ongoing debate about visible versus invisible mending. Next, Stacey and Lee come together to share their favorite ways to add embellishments to finished projects. Adding duplicate stitch or a crochet edging can bring new life to a second hand garment or spice up an otherwise plain piece with bold motifs. Want to add pockets? We talk about that too! As always, happy knitting!   Mentioned in this Episode: Hawthorne Sock Darning with Duplicate stitch Wool Roving Felting Needle Darning Needle Set Darning Egg Bent Tip Tapestry Needles Embroidery Hoop Crochet Hooks All things Crochet Pallet Yarn Pom Pom Maker Duplicate Stitch project in-progress Lee's thrifted cardigan with knitted-on elements Crochet chain into eyelet holes How to add crochet edging to not-knit fabric, by Cal Patch Some beautiful embroidery on a sweater (with moth holes) on Pantsville Press Some embroidery Lee did onto sweater fabric Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction with Hannah 1:03 Hannah and Alison discuss mending 13:07 Lee and Stacy talk embellishing 29:57 credits
The first step in every knitter's journey is conquering the basics: knitting, purling, casting on and binding off. The next step, of course, is finding ways to make your knits do exactly what you want! That feeling when everything comes together in a project that fits perfectly, and looks just as you'd imagined is every knitter's dream.  In this episode Lee and Hannah answer the Knit Picks Podcast's very first message from the new podcast voicemail. Our caller wanted to know how to customize a hat to fit her perfectly and we were so excited to answer her question. Listen in as we dig deep into what makes knitted hats the best place to learn and refine your skills as well as some tips and tricks for getting that perfect fit. Next, Stacey and Erica come together together to share how we choose patterns for our printed collections. We print about 18 books a year which means we've got a lot of moving parts happening behind the scenes. Whether you're a designer or someone who really loves a good pattern, we share some great insights into the process in this segment.  Have a question? Want us to answer your question on the podcast? Make sure to call in and ask! To leave a voicemail call 360-334-4847 and record your message. THIS NUMBER IS NOT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. You can also record a voice memo on your phone and email us that audio file at As always, happy knitting. Mentioned in this Episode: Wool of the Andes Turn a Square Hat by Jared Flood Knits For Everybody Top Down Hats Hannah's Sister’s Hat Pinhole Cast On Tutorial Lee's Hat Designs Free top-down any-gauge hat patterns by Lee: Scant and Buttonhead Jeny's Stretchy Bind Off Casting On for Knitting in the Round (on Circulars) Double Pointed Needles Interchangeable Needles Single Pack 16" Green Cables (for short tips) Better Together Marled Collection Entwined: Celtic Cables Collection Sojourn: A Knit Lace Collection Design with us Call for Submissions Timestamps: 0:00 - Introduction with Hannah 1:11 - Hannah and Lee say hi 1:43 - Ashley's Voicemail 2:32 - Hannah and Lee answer the voicemail's question 21:22 - Special offer for Podcast Listeners 21:50 - Erica and Stacy give the Behind-the-scenes of designs 37:47 - Credits Visit the Knit Picks Blog for more information about this episode:
Each project has a beginning. Sometimes inspiration starts with a new pattern, but our favorite knits always begin with a surprise "I have GOT to have that!" skein. Today's episode includes our favorite ways to pick patterns when you're starting from your stash. First, Erica and Hannah discuss all the information on yarn labels! Each label has everything you need to know about a yarn if you know how to parse the mysterious lingo. (We've included a label on our blog so you can follow along as we go through each section.)  Next, Stacey and Lee share some hot tips and special considerations when you're searching for the perfect project for a specific yarn. Whether you have a single mystery skein or a sweater quantity of yarn, we've got you covered.  Mentioned in This Episode:Comfy Stroll Craft Yarn Council Twill Aloft Knit Picks Customer Service Team Yarn Substitution Ravelry Lee's Projects and designs Hawthorne Holding yarn triple Cadence Collection Alpaca Cloud Comfy Color Mist Felici Busting the Stash Episode Timestamps:0:00 - Introduction with Hannah 0:53 - How to read a yarn label with Hannah and Erica 17:27 - How to decided what to do with yarn with Stacy and Lee 34:08 - Credits As always, happy crafting!
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Lana C

do you guys think that a Lulu doll is a good beginner project?

Sep 27th

Daniel Lopez

Love the podcast. what I need to hear. just started listening. I love the million color ways that wool comes in. they make me want to knit something beautiful. my problem is, I can only afford acrylic yarn. so when I start to make anything I get turned off from the project because of the plain style of the yarn. I was wondering if there is any one else who feels the same. and what can remedy my problem? danny

Sep 30th
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