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Breaking Down Barriers

Author: Walt Walters, Earl White

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Every 2nd Sunday of the Month, Walt Walters and Earl White from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department discuss local Las Vegas community issues and outreach programs.
6 Episodes
Join hosts Walt and Earl as they sit down with Erin Ben-Samokin, Corporate Manager and General Manager of Sportsman's Royal Manor and Manor Suites. Explore the journey of Sportsman's Royal Manor from a troubled property to a shining example of community transformation. Dive into discussions about crime-free housing initiatives, improvements to the property's safety and curb appeal, and the dedication to creating a safe and welcoming environment for residents. Discover how partnerships with law enforcement, community organizations, and long-term residents contribute to the positive changes in the area and beyond.
Join hosts Walt and Earl as they engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson. Explore the innovative approaches taken by the DA's office to address public safety, including smart reform initiatives like conviction review units and pre-charge diversion programs. Discover how the Hope for Prisoners program and insights on handling challenges in the justice system are shaping the path towards a more compassionate and effective criminal justice system.
Join hosts Walt Walters and Earl White as they engage in a thought-provoking discussion with Cheryl Wright and Ilya Sanchez from the Department of Juvenile Justice with Clark County, introducing the innovative program known as HARBOR. This episode dives into the origins of HARBOR, its mission to address low-level misdemeanors, and the holistic approach taken to support families and youth facing various challenges. The conversation sheds light on the impacts of COVID-19 on mental health and the importance of community partnerships in creating a comprehensive support system for vulnerable individuals.
Join hosts Walt Walters and Earl White in this insightful episode as they sit down with Sheriff Joe Lombardo. The conversation delves into critical issues facing Nevada, including the need for building trust between law enforcement and the community, the importance of diversifying the state's economy, and the impending challenges of water scarcity. Sheriff Lombardo's candid discussion offers a glimpse into his vision for Nevada's future and his plans for addressing these pressing concerns.
In this episode of Breaking Down Barriers, hosts Walt and Earl are joined by special guest Devin Harris from UNLV's Early Outreach program. They discuss the importance of building a college-going pipeline for elementary, middle, and high school students. Devin shares insights into the Early Outreach program's mission to support students academically and socially, as well as provide college readiness skills. The conversation also delves into the significance of parent involvement in education, encouraging parents to share their own educational journeys with their children. The episode highlights the positive impact of partnerships between educational institutions, law enforcement, and the community in fostering understanding, breaking down barriers, and providing opportunities for students to explore their potential.
Join hosts Walt Walters and Earl White in this insightful episode as they delve into the work of the LVMPD Foundation with their special guest, Tom Kovac, the executive director. Discover how the foundation plays a pivotal role in both fundraising for the police department and cultivating stronger relationships between law enforcement and the communities they serve. From supporting advanced training facilities for officers to fostering positive engagement through various programs, the discussion highlights the collaborative efforts needed to break down barriers and build mutual trust between law enforcement and the public.