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Chloé Locatelli is a PhD candidate in the Digital Humanities department at King’s College London. She completed her Gender Studies' Masters with the Erasmus+ Programme at Universidad de Granada and University of Bologna. Her doctoral research looks at constructions of femininity in sextech and their posthuman potential. She is interested in sextech, ‘sex robots’, affinity with digital characters and other places where sex, intimacy and digital technologies meet – topics she also covers as a contributor to Chloé has also produced several academic publications. Her latest contribution for Springer’s Maschinenliebe (2021), co-authored with Dr Kate Devlin, explores the emphasis on intimacy in sex robot marketing.  In this episode we explore what we can learn about ourselves by looking at sextech and the way it is marketed. Dig into Locatelli's incredible research: “Digital Femininities and the Ethics of Sextech” ‘Sex Robots’: Gender, Desire, and Embodiment in Posthuman Sextech ‘Rethinking Sex Robots
In this compelling episode we welcome the insightful Dr. Jin Lee, a scholar whose research transcends boundaries, both geographically and academically. Dr. Lee, whose life weaves through South Korea, the United States, and Australia, along with a profound presence in online spaces, brings a unique perspective to our understanding of media and cultural dynamics. With a keen focus on marginalized communities, Dr. Lee's work sheds light on how women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals navigate and carve out spaces for themselves in the media landscape. Join us as we delve into Dr. Lee's explorations of media intimacies and the practices these communities engage in to foster connections and build lives within digital and cultural realms. In our conversation, Dr. Lee will reveal her findings on the YouTube comment sections, not just as casual conversation spots, but as fertile ground for learning and engagement. We'll also discuss her research on dating app Tinder through the lens of Reddit discussions, probing the critical question, "What is the dominant reading of Tinder?" and its implications for social minorities seeking connection. Moreover, we'll examine the intricate dance between social media and K-pop, as Dr. Lee unpacks the social media practices at the intersection of fandom and cultural expression. This episode is an invitation to look beyond the surface of our digital interactions and understand the deeper currents that influence them. Dr. Jin Lee's perspectives offer a nuanced look at how personal lives are constructed and understood in the age of media. Ready to learn more about Dr. Jin Lee and the research discussed in this conversation? Explore the scholars recommended by Dr. Lee for further consideration:      
In this riveting episode, we sit down with the co-host of the groundbreaking podcast, ‘Bot Love’ Anna Oakes. The show has taken the podcasting world by storm, delving deep into the intertwining realms of love, human relationships, and the influence of AI-driven chatbots. But what's the story behind 'Bot Love'? Our guest takes us on a journey back to the podcast's inception, sharing the unexpected twists and revelations they faced while hosting the show. The conversation takes a reflective turn as we discuss the nature of human-AI connection and the profound questions the show raises. Does AI companionship truly put us more in touch with our humanity? Or does it blur the lines of genuine human connection? Our guest opens up about the lingering questions they grappled with after their deep-dive research for the show. As a seasoned journalist, our guest sheds light on the future of AI in the media. Where should our collective curiosity about AI lead us? And what are the gaps and nuances in AI coverage that often go unnoticed? Tune in for an enlightening discussion that pushes the boundaries of technology, love, and self-reflection. Learn more about Bot Love: Learn more about our guest: Anna Oakes is an audio producer and journalist. She got her start in audio at Heritage Radio Network, producing English and Spanish stories on food politics, immigration, and labor in New York. Anna worked previously in Madrid, at Revista Contexto, La Marea, and the Association for the Recuperation of Historical Memory, where she reported on colonial legacies and the Franco dictatorship. She is a graduate of Wesleyan University and has an MPhil from the University of Cambridge in Spanish and Comparative Literature. She’s currently an associate editor at Hark Audio. You can find her on Twitter @a_lkoakes.  
Dr Blodgett is a senior researcher in the Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics in AI (FATE) group at Microsoft Research Montréal. She's broadly interested in examining the social and ethical implications of natural language processing technologies; she developed approaches for anticipating, measuring, and mitigating harms arising from language technologies, focusing on the complexities of language and language technologies in their social contexts, and on supporting NLP practitioners in their ethical work. Dr. Blodgett has also worked on using NLP approaches to examine language variation and change (computational sociolinguistics), for example developing models to identify language variation on social media. Dr. Blodgett completed a Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst working in the Statistical Social Language Analysis Lab under the guidance of Brendan O’Connor, where they were also supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Dr. Blodgett received a B.A. in mathematics from Wellesley College. She interned at Microsoft Research New York in summer 2019, where she had the fortune of working with Solon Barocas, Hal Daumé III, and Hanna Wallach. Ready to explore the research we discuss on this week's episode? ------------------------------------------------------- Join Kathleen and Tricia at CEESA's conference in Malta this March Learn more: ---------------------------------------------------------- For a transcript of this episode head to  
Nicole Pacent is an actress and producer, known for Westworld (2016), Criminal Minds (2005) and Call Me Kat (2021). Nicole was also on the award winning series Anyone But Me, and has been a long time advocate for the LGBTQ+ community through the podcast series The Coming Out Pod. Fellow fans of Nicole's work can catch her soon  in Los Angeles in a new production called Castle in the Sky which is set in Prohibition Era LA, and taking place in the actual Art Deco penthouse of the late fashion connoisseur James Oviatt, on whom the show is based. Ready to learn more? In this episode we talk about Nicole's journey as an actor on Westworld, how her thinking about AI and the arts is evolving as well as what it means to be a very public figure in today's very online culture. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the top of the episode we shared news about an amazing opportunity for educators To register, you can visit the conference website at 
Arjun Subramonian is a Computer Science PhD student at UCLA with Prof. Yizhou Sun and Prof. Kai-Wei Chang. My research focuses on inclusive graph machine learning and natural language processing, including fairness, justice, and ethics. Ready to learn more about them? Check out more links about Arjun's work Twitter: @arjunsubgraph  Queer in AI paper  Queer in AI National AI Advisory Committee briefing Also mentioned at the beginning of the episode learn more about AIELOC's upcoming event:  
Welcome to Season Two of the Unhinged Collaboration Podcast, where we dive deep into the intersection of technology, feminism, and meaningful scholarship. In this episode, your co-hosts Tricia and Kathleen sit down with a visionary thinker and trailblazer, Dr. Ketchum, Director of The Just Feminist Tech and Scholarship Lab. In this captivating conversation, we explore how Dr. Ketchum's perspective on designing spaces and shaping communication as we ask: Has her expertise in virtual collaboration also prompted her to rethink the dynamics of in-person engagement? Dr. Ketchum's thinking explores diverse mediums for research communication and the role of injecting an element of fun.  Ready to learn more about Dr. Ketchum? Toolkits for Engaging in Public Scholarship | Dr Alex Ketchum For a transcript of this conversation:
On this final episode of season one we grapple with an AMAZING question from a listener: "How do we lead up?" Resources discussed in the episode: Persuasion: Part 1 an episode of the Hidden Brain Podcast The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker The Wisdom of Your Body Holding Change Join us for a summer of play with Replika, learn more about it here. Watch our for Season 2 starting this coming September
On this episode of the podcast Deb Mashek, PhD and Kathleen discuss some of this insight inside Dr. Mashek's book:  Collabor(h)ate: How to build incredible collaborative relationships at work (even if you’d rather work alone)  Also discussed in this episode is the Mashek Matrix which can be found here. To learn more about Dr. Mashek, please check out or connect with her on LInkedIN
Ready to bring a critical lens to your concept of 'niceness'? "In The Price of Nice, scholars explore Niceness in educational spaces to highlight how this seemingly benign quality reinforces structural inequalities. The chapters show that Niceness functions both as a shield to save educators from having to do the hard work of dismantling inequity and as a disciplining agent for those who attempt or even consider disrupting structures of dominance." On this episode we sit down with the editor of that collection: Dr. Angelina E. Castagno to discuss some of the learning in The Price of Nice Ready to learn more about our guest and their work? Just Perspective, LLC:   Educated in Whiteness (first book):   Special Issue (opportunity for you and others to publish on this topic!): 
On this episode of the podcast we explore the interconnectedness of SEL and DEI with Tamisha Williams. We get a special behind-the-scenes understanding of the work Tamish does, and how her modeling hopes to inspire fellow educators to find sparks of joy throughout their day. Ready to learn more about our special guest? Explore resources from Tamisha Williams here. As mentioned explore her 'Start From Within' series. Get your copy of her workbook by clicking here. Please consider signing and sharing the petition referenced at the top of the episode. Click here to learn more. Would you like to share your response to our conversation? Click here and send us your voice memo.
On this episode we learn all about the incredible work The Care We Dream of from Dr. Zena Sharman. Click here to learn more about our guest.   We discuss the values and the story of collaboration behind this text as well as ways to nurture our own imagination. Learn more about the reading guide that accompanies The Care We Dream of here. Learn more about Dr. Sharman's other work here.   Would you like to share your response to our conversation? Click here and send us your voice memo.
On this episode Kathleen and Tricia take a question from a listener: If trust is lost in a team, what can be done? Tricia and Kathleen talk about personal experience as well as recent research:  How Can It Be Made Right Again? A Review of Trust Repair Research (2022) click here for full article. Also discussed in this episode briefly is the book Big Feelings: How to be Ok When things are Not OK. Would you like to send in a question for discussion? Head to and send us a voice memo! Want to learn more about the May 4th Virtual PL opportunity with Tricia and Kathleen? Click here for Toolkit for More Authentic Teaming  
Our guest, Dr. Ruth Gotian talks about her research and many experiences working as a mentor with others. We explore what she's come to understand about building teams, finding our passions, and seeing our own value when approaching networking. Learn more about Dr. Gotain by clicking here. Dr. Ruth Gotian is the Chief Learning Officer and Assistant Professor of Education in Anesthesiology and former Assistant Dean of Mentoring and Executive Director of the Mentoring Academy at Weill Cornell Medicine. She has been hailed by the journal Nature and Columbia University as an expert in mentoring and leadership development and is currently a contributor to Forbes and Psychology Today where she writes about ‘optimizing success’. She also has a weekly show and podcast by the same name where she gathers high achievers to talk about their journey to success. In 2021, she was one of 30 people worldwide to be named to the Thinkers50 Radar List, dubbed the Oscars of management thinking and is a semi-finalist for the Forbes 50 Over 50 list. Reference in this episode: Dr. Gotian's LinkedIN Learning Course Available here Find Dr. Gotian's passion audit and other resources Available here ----------------- Learn more about the announcement from NEASC:
On this episode we learn from a panel of students who make up a Social Justice committee. This group share their insight, wisdom, and sound advice on ways to cultivate trust and think about change collectively. Click here to learn about their Black History Month celebrations and plan. Visit their website by clicking here. Explore their Zines here. To learn more about the Unhinged Collaboration podcast and to send us your thoughts on this conversation visit For a full transcript of our conversation click here.
On this episode we sit down and learn from Rebekah Macden as she talks about Maracujá, a character-driven SEL program. Rebekah also talks about the learning she's processed in her new chapter and the role uncertainty has played in finding her footing. This conversation hopes to help you think about the role 'self-knowing' can play in our collaborative teams. Learn more about ways to bring Rebekah Macden to your learning organization by clicking here. Connect with her on social media: LinkedIN Instagram Via her website Check out the free collection of Unhinged Collaboration conversation prompts here. Also mentioned on this episode "Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome" by Ruchika Tulshyan and Jodi-Ann Burey "The Nigerian AI artist reimagining a stylish old age" by Tarik Habte Connect with the hosts:
On this episode Kathleen and Tricia speak with Dr. Thomas Brothers, Professor of Music at Duke University and Author of the book "Help! The Beatles Duke Ellington and the Magic of Collaboration." You can explore that book here. Learn more about Dr. Brothers here. To explore the Unhinged Collaboration Toolkit with Kathleen and Tricia this Spring, sign up here.   Connect with us at
When we talk about collaboration with our peers, how is our concept of it steeped in shared stories, experiences, and perspectives? On this episode of the podcast, Kathleen and Tricia explore their ‘Unhinged Quarterly Review’ resource. This resource has been developed for teams to use in order to feed their curiosity about what collaboration is. Ready to explore this resource and share it with your team? Click here for more. Learn more about our show at  
On this episode, Kathleen and Tricia sit down to talk power, creativity, and emotional literacy with  Joel Jr Llaban, director of DEIJ at International School Services. Read Joel's poem:   Follow Joel online: For a transcript of this episode:  
On this episode we talk about the concept of vulnerability as it applies to collaboration. We problematize the way that concept has been presented in learning organizations. Our special guest for this episode is Ryan Persaud. Learn more about the resources mentioned on the episode at Follow Ryan on Social Media: Twitter LinkedIN
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