DiscoverChasing Her BHAG: BIG Hairy Audacious Goals
Chasing Her BHAG: BIG Hairy Audacious Goals
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Chasing Her BHAG: BIG Hairy Audacious Goals

Author: Sanina Ellison Jones

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The Purpose: A series of stories told by entreprnuers who have had the audacity to chase their BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and the challenges they faced along their jouney to success. The Mission: To awaken the sleeping giant inside each one of us and encourage us to go after our dreams inspite of the odds using storytelling.
7 Episodes
Comedians aren’t just entertainers. They are healers. In this episode, International Actress, Comedian, Director, Correy Bell shares with us how she found her calling and her why.Comedy not only heals others it’s also quite therapeutic for the comic.Correy shares the challenges of being a Black female comic in predominantly male space.Correy shares how she began working with Mo’Nique and what’s next for her Tune In to learn more about the Incomparable Correy Bell.Let’s get to know Correy Bell...
Maria Jeanette is a realtor, author, and digital marketer who is determined to be above average.In addition to her work as a Real Estate Professional, Maria is also a new author, releasing her first book, “7 Deadly Sins of Real Estate” in 2023. Her first book is a romantic novel; Think “Wolf of Wall Street” meets “Fifty Shades of Grey”----- Maria Jeanette does not miss a beat with her descriptive and vivid accounts of what it really means to allow your sinful nature to guide your busine...
Superwoman Syndrome

Superwoman Syndrome


Sandi Robinson is a woman who creates amazing and memorable experiences in the hospitality industry for others. In this podcast episode, she shares her journey into hospitality, which began 25 years ago when she was 16 years old. Sandi currently serves as Director of Sales & Marketing for Oxford Hotels & Resorts, overseeing the sales and marketing teams and day-to-day operations at The Godfrey Hotel Chicago.We discuss ‘the Superwoman Syndrome’, making an impact in your local community...
Financial Insecurities

Financial Insecurities


Today we are joined by the audacious entrepreneur, Carmen Hornberger. She is the owner of Benefits To Go, a tax-free retirement strategist company that helps black women create wealth and become masters of their own money. She started the company when she realized that the age group of 41 to 55 for women is 8 to 12 years behind on their retirement goals.Tune in as we explore the value of life insurance for generational wealth, her money mindset from having been brought up by a single self-emp...
Hey audacious listeners, in this episode, I interview Shawneequa Badger. We discuss everything from being a champion for black wealth to commercial lending to access to capital to Manifesting Your Destiny. She drops the following gems:a) Be mindful of your moneyb) Operate from a place of Gracec) Be coachableShawneequa Badger is the Team Lead of The Badger Real Estate Group, Top 25% among all Large Teams within the Corcoran Global Living nationwide network of Teams and Agents. Her team is in O...
In this Episode, I introduce ReCHRG University. The first mini-course in ReCHRG University is Mindset Matters: The Shift to Abundance. Before one can transition to accomplishing a new goal there is a shift that must occur especially when the goal is a HUGE one.In this episode, guest co-host, The Mortgage Mom, Cecelia Marlow, journeys with me as discuss our money mindset and how it has evolved over the years. We share candid experiences and traumas that have shaped our relationship with ...
In this episode, Courtney Jones, Co - Owner of Re-CHRG, Inc., Exec. Director of The Black Coalition for Housing, Receiver, Developer and Commercial Broker shares his journey from Corporate America into entreprenuership. We discuss success, accomplishments, who helped him along the way, the most valuable commodity of time and how crazy and courageous aren't always that different.Chasing Her BHAG