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Author: Southside Animal Clinic

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Southside Animal Clinic Presents: Tech Talk: Small Animal Medicine for Pet ParentsPLEASE SEND ANY SUGGESTIONS OR FEEDING BACK OUR WAY THROUGH OUR FACEBOOK OR (attn: Jocelyn)
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The season will be soon upon us once again where we have to think about protecting our furry family members from the parasites outdoors. In this episode we are just going to cover a really quick recap about fleas, ticks and heartworm along with their implications. We will touch on testing and prevention as well, but it will be less in depth than our 2nd episode "Heartworm Season" where we cover everything in a lot more detail.PLEASE SEND ANY SUGGESTIONS OR FEEDING BACK OUR WAY THROUGH OUR FACEBOOK OR (attn: Jocelyn) 
Tune in to this episode to learn about techniques you can use at home to support the dental health of your dog and cat. We discuss everything from brushing teeth, to kibble, to treats and toys we recommend and discourage. LETS SEE YOUR PRETTY SMILE :)
Tech Talk: Winter Woes

Tech Talk: Winter Woes


Join us in this episode to learn about some hazards your furry family member may encounter in the cold winter months. Its a chilly one but we aim to keep everyone safe this season!
Christmas Special

Christmas Special


Join us to learn the hazards surrounding the holidays for our pets. We will guide you through safety during this busy time of year and touch a little on New Years too.We also provide some helpful resources!! We are just trying to help you enjoy your holidays outside of the vet clinicHappy Holidays!!
Join us in this episode for tricks to make your visit to the vet less stressful and tips to get your dog or cat there a little easier. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!
In this episode we touch on all the summer time fun and what precautions should be taken.  We also cover car safety and a little bit about heat stroke. Join us so you can be prepared for a safe and fun summer adventure!
Sam and Jocelyn talk about the ins and outs of heartworm season for dogs and cats. Also learn more about ticks and the diseases they carry.
Welcome to Tech Talk presented by Southside Animal Clinic. Here's a quick introduction to us and where we are from. Please join us on our podcast journey!
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